used picmonkey

Don’t you dare hurt my girl

“"Hab deinen arsch im blick, schwester”
  (I got your ass in my sight, sister)

Yes am definitely back after a long ass break, removing some artworks that were half ass done because I dont wanna show a incomplete artwork that has less effort on it anyways decided to do another of Jager and IQ’s. I wish there were more R6Siege models to come due to how lack of it.

Tools used: GIMP and Picmonkey
Small credit to Metropwn for le translation from english to german.


And here’s the batch of this year! Thanks to everyone who send in a request, this was really fun to do. 

*Feel free to send these around! There’s no need to credit me (though it is appreciated)

*I don’t own any of the artwork, but that’s pretty obvious. I used splash-art from the League website and used to edit them

*Have a good day, regardless of whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s! This is to all of you who never had a Valentine, or are spending this year alone and even those who don’t think Valentine’s to be special. This is me, wishing you, a very nice day and know that someone out there (and me!) loves you.

@ebeneekirkland ‘s bae 


(x) Used Google Images.

(x) Used Picmonkey.

(x) Hetalia By Himaruya Hidekaz.

(x) Respective art/ transparents by respective artists (includes transparent text, hearts, emoji and flowers). I just put them all together.

(x) Iceland and Hetalia are not mine.

(x) The respective artists have my gratitude. Sincere gratitude.

(x) I hope that this much shall suffice.

(x) This was copy pasted from my Seychelles collage/ edit.


Please don’t repost on any other site.

Thank you.


anonymous asked:

hey i love your moodboards!!! what app/program do you use to make them?

thanks! I use PicMonkey (it’s a free online website that allows you to edit and make collages) And I get the pictures from WeHeartIt 


Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate to say that for destruction ice is also great and would suffice.


So I had to “make” this photo myself (refering to pic 1). + some other moments that I love.

I really wanted to share these and idk inspire you guys to do something fun

I used, they have a simple polaroid frame edit tool. I’m planning on doing a collage of Life Is Strange so I’ll print these photos out. I’ve just started though and these are my first! :)

so i just saw @pcctamellark‘s post about messing around with the brightness and decided to do the same just to see if i would get the same results.

lol yup.

his head looks like it’s been pasted on.

i used picmonkey and just played with the brightness and contrast if you want to try it yourself.

If you had told me a few years ago that one day I’d have enough confidence to post a photo of myself that’d possibly be seen by thousands of people, I’d tell you that you were off your rocker. 

I was always the person who’s facebook picture was of her dog, or a picture that I blended in the background of. Pictures where my face was at least 50% hidden, because I was insecure of how I looked. How round my face was, how my teeth weren’t perfectly white or straight. How wide my nose was. Or the fact that I had no idea how to do hair and have always had it parted down the middle. 

But at 22, I’ve accepted myself. I don’t use “picmonkey” or sites alike, to use the “lose weight” feature so it made me appear to have a slimmer face. I don’t use animals as profile pictures anymore, and I’m okay with being seen. 

Because I know I’m enough, and that my unedited self doesn’t need to be kept in the dark. 

I strengthened the parts of me that weren’t visible in a mirror, so I could start to accept and love the parts that were. 

& I really truly hope that any of you that wake up having trouble accepting yourself realize that you are enough too. That you always have been. Just the way you are.

Story time, So I really wanted to do a black lip and dark eye with my blonde hair and when it came out and I actually liked it I was going to just take a selfie, so I went looking for something cute to throw on and saw this $6 coat I got from the thrift store and it completely changed my mind on the whole selfie idea, obviously lol. I grabbed the laptop and took this in my bathroom on nothing but photo booth and edited the background in and no I didn’t use photoshop lol I still use basic ole Picmonkey. So, That’s makeup by me, wig applied by me lol, styled by me, photo taken by me, and edited by me. Just trying to be a fashion/style icon lol, Yet y'all still gone sleep on me anyway…. 😴