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Musings on Madam Secretary 2.12

Did you hear that sound? Did you feel those gale force winds? That was the entire Madam Secretary fandom exhaling the breath we’ve been holding for months. “The Middle Way” was a welcome reprieve from Russia, spies and the Elizabeth/Henry angst. It felt like an old friend who came back from vacation. A cozy blanket after you’ve been soaked in frigid rain. Your childhood home on Christmas morning. Familiar. Comforting. This was a pure standalone episode. A palate cleanser. It referenced nothing that has happened over the last 11 episodes and didn’t offer any foreshadowing. Admittedly, I have slight whiplash from how fast the show’s tone changed and how we’ve virtually skipped over the effects from the first half of the season, but I’m choosing to ignore this and am enjoying the heck out of it. I saw more smiles in 3 minutes than I have in the last 3 episodes. I’ll take a little light and fluffy.

The State Department scenes exuded Season 1 vibes. Elizabeth’s team, minus an absent Jay, was back to solving the world’s problems, collaborating with their personal quirky offerings. Each assumed the role they masterfully play in the State Department orchestra. Although I appreciate every character, this week’s shining stars were Blake and Nadine. ABOUT TIME. I know parents aren’t supposed to have favorite children, but if I had to pick from the State Department kids, they’d be mine.

Son, dance troupe, law school. Nadine dropped 3 truth bombs in 3 seconds. Who is this woman? Witness Protection protégé? Little nuggets like this just feed my desire to learn more about her story. Also, more Bebe. Because Bebe. Nadine’s relationship with her son was heartbreaking, but ended on a hopeful note. I’d like to see him again, or at least see him have a relationship with Nadine. The woman deserves some happiness. I mean, she put up with that dog Marsh for how long? Glenn, go get your woman.

All those in favor of Elizabeth and Nadine grabbing drinks, say “aye.” AYE!! Tequila shots, a dive bar and stories. Make it happen. Both are peacekeepers by profession with slightly messy personal lives. Both have the same hopeful spirit, despite all they see, and remain optimistic for the future. They can bond as women, as mothers, as public servants. Just do it.

Blake was perfect just being Blake. His use of “boom” was as awkward as when old people dance at wedding receptions to songs like “Baby Got Back.” (You’re welcome for that visual.) Always the dutiful and committed servant, Blake played a fabulous wingman to Henry at brunch. Speaking of those two, Henry and Blake need more bro bonding. They’re so different, but have a strong common denominator: their love for Elizabeth. It’s like Amy and Tina. OK, it’s not at all like them, but Henry and Blake play off of each other very well.

As if the Blake and Nadine storylines couldn’t get any better, James Taylor was thrown in. Talk about a trifecta of awesome. Such a poignant scene, played so well by two acclaimed Broadway veterans. More, please.

Fed up, snarky, exasperated, sarcastic Elizabeth remains my favorite. She didn’t travel halfway around the world to deal with Ambassador Maxwell’s antics, as her beating on his jail cell proved. I love little moments like then when her humanity overshadows her diplomacy. “You think I haven’t taken a yoga class? I know you can hear me.” Sir, she has no time for you or your political stunting.

Myanmar did offer some sweet scenes between the Merry McCords. “You just want me to reach into my grab bag of religious quotes?” “Why not? You do it all the time. It’s adorable.” I melt. Damn you, writers. As if that didn’t get me, Elizabeth’s little air kiss after telling Henry she loved him before hanging up swooned my swooney self right off the ground. Again, I’m side-eyeing the fact that everything is just perfect and back to normal after 11 weeks of upset and angst, but I’m taking this episode for what it is: a standalone. An adorably sweet standalone.

Henry defending Elizabeth’s honor to anyone will never not be hot. He’s always believed in her career and her principles, and has never strayed far from that, even during the Russia situation, but it was still nice to see him say the words. Sorrynotsorry, Ted.

Speaking of Ted: “Mister McCord.” “Doctor. It’s Doctor McCord.” The ground shook when Elizabeth dropped that mic.

Despite my desire for more resolution, it was good to see the McCords back in action, working towards a common goal, united, conspiring and scheming together. At Henry’s suggestion, she even pulled a Russell and called up Conrad to get her way. The kisses. The nose boop. The genuine smiles. It was like someone opened the window on a spring day and let the fresh breeze in, washing out the winter air. I’m assuming the emotional turmoil will return next episode and the fallout from Henry’s year combined with his father’s death will weigh heavily on him and the entire family. For now, however, I’m taking the bait and am happily swimming in the sea of McCord tranquility.

Other things:

–The kids not flinching when Elizabeth left for Myanmar was such a real family moment. To the world, she’s Secretary of State. Inside that house, she’s just mom.

–I will never tire of hearing Elizabeth/Téa say “seriously.” No idea why I like it so much. I just do. I’d make it my text alert if I could. Seriously.

–“You’re a Buddhist.” “More like a suck-it-up-ist.” I don’t see many opportunities to use this phrase in my life, but I plan to find one.

–The Merry McCords is a sitcom I’d DVR, buy the DVD to, read fanfic about and blog on tumblr for.

–So. Does Henry play the guitar? I had to rewind when I spotted it sitting next to him on the bedroom floor. I’m a sucker for a guy who plays the guitar. SUCKER. Henry McCord playing John Mayer on a guitar would probably make me explode into a ball of hearts.

I’m so ready for Pittsburgh! Is that rude to say considering there’s a death? Either way, I’ve been dying (poor choice of words) to learn more about the extended family dynamic and see a few McCord-centric episodes.

Thoughts? I need to get better about responding to comments. I wish I could do it without re-blogging my entire post. BRING BACK COMMENTS, TUMBLR.

Why we shouldn't losing hope [Stydia shippers]

  It seems like some of us start to really be worried about season 4, Stalia, Stydia, etc. I was at the beginning but I realized a lot of reason why we should still believe in Stydia as endgame :

1. The way Stalia began

  Stiles is the second most important character of the series. Do you really think this is a normal way to start his “endgame” couple then? This is worst than the way Jeff starts Dennifer (I have so many hope! But they slept together like that, after exchange like 5 words because it’s too much akward between them, they had nothing to say to the other!).

  It was rushed, useless and unnatural. She just came of nowhere in Eicheen House for having only one duty : Have sex with Stiles. Wow. God job for the second epic love of the serie Jeff. No. Stiles is too important for not having something more, a better love story.

The thing is, I already explain why I don’t like the beginning of Stalia 


So, I won’t repeat myself more and we go next!

2. Stydia’s history

 He loves her since the freaking third grade. To everyone who say it’s creepy : He was just a kid. A kid who had a crush on a girl. He isn’t a freaking stalker like Matt who take a thousand pictures of her without her consent and photoshopped himself with her. No. Stiles know what he knows because he pays attention to her, he really cares. 

  Remember 1x07? When they were stuck in the high school? Lydia shows her intelligence by making a cocktail Molotov. Stiles notices that instead to the other. He doesn’t need to stalk her for knowing her, he just listens her.

So, like I said, the third grade. Now, they both grow up, are more mature, Lydia isn’t the bitch she was and Stiles isn’t the  the little boy he was. I understand why Lydia ignored him in season 1. I mean, how many boys was like that with her? Try to date her? Probably most of them was more interested by the fact she is beautiful, but in 1x11 she just realizes Stiles isn’t just that.

  And they start their friendship. She was ready to confess to him her trouble in season 2. Lydia isn’t this kind of person, but Stiles convinces her there is no shame about crying. And where is she go to find comfort now? Stiles. 2x12 and 3x24. +3x23 in fact because she could just cry on herself, go against the opposite wall but no. She cries on unconscient Stiles’ shoulder. I can’t ignore that fact.

  They start from a “You going to ignore him” to that. He is now her closest friend.Their relationship is the more developped of the series, always with romance mentions. The kiss by example, the way their hands touch during 3x15, they are always closer every season. They have a freaking beautiful story, who start a long time before the serie.

3. Stiles letting go his feeling… Hahahaha!

  Remember when Holland said there was a love triangle in season 3B between Aiden, Lydia & Stiles? Did it happens? Nope. Just Aiden who was little jealous(I’m going to come back about it later) and that’s it. Dylan said Stiles kinda of let go his feelings for her. Kinda. I think it’s just about a scene of him, just wanting to see someone else, having a girl for once, but Dylan doesn’t know how to say it, because if he did, he wouldn’t said “kinda”, he would confirm it.

  Once,Dylan O'brien said this :

He will always love Lydia, that’s not just a crush kind of thing. The way I look at that in the show is that this is the girl that he has had that in love with crush on since you were eight, but you know when your eight and you have that first crush, and then when your nine you have that next crush that new girl in the class, then as you get older your crushes last longer and longer kind of thing. I think he is one of those such hopeless romantic souls that he hasliterally set his sights on Lydia when he was eight years old and his love has only grown since. Like he is just head over heels, that is his girl. He even acknowledges the fact that she is bat sh** and even acknowledges that yeah she is horrible to me as well, but for some reason he just loves her.”

For explain that, it is impossible he didn’t talk with Jeff about it. His love will always stay, you can’t forget that kind of crush.

4. Not the first time Stiles was supposed having a girlfriend

  Erica and Cora were supposed being the one who date Stiles. Jeff give up Sterica for wich reason? Because he absolutely wanted to have the scene we get at 2x11. The look they shared. And he did ight because it was magic. Do you realize he just give up an entire arc just for a scene  of twenty seconds. And it was not for making Stiles realize he have to move on because there’s no hope. No. Stiles said his ten years (Fifteen now) plan to make Lydia falling in love with definitly still in motion. Yhe whole season 2 became the pre-friendship of Stydia instead of Batman and CatWomen.

  Then, Stora was supposed to happen. This one, Jeff didn’t have the time because Adeleine  get the lead character of Reign. Yeah, this time probably he didn’t change idea because Stiles needed to get his first relationship. For getting more maturity. Lydia couldn’t be his first girlfriend because he wasn’t ready for starting a relation with her and Jeff know that. So, because he missed of time, we just create Malia. It could have been any random girl. 

  Give time to Lydia & Stiles to figures out who they are now it’s better than pushing them in a relation with issue because they aren’t compatible at that moment.

5. Because of Stiles?

  I’m in love with this quote. I don’t thing he said that for no reason. I can’t believe it. We say jealous boyfriend imagine thing but that is in real life. In a tv show as Teen Wolf, when everybody die, putting a jealous touch on your character isn,t just for make it pretty. It’s because Aiden really see there is something between the two of them.

6. Season 4

  A lot of people losing hope during season 4. Something, I do too but then I realize something. Stiles & Lydia aren’t lovers, but they weren’t just friend. It more than since 3b. 

 4.01 : We get 5 minute of perfect Stydia and nothing after. But, just focus on the beginning. Jeff gives us our favorite duo laughing and smiling even if they were going directly in the house of Calaverras. They were just in perfect chemistry. They make eachother happy, no matter the situation.

 After, Stalia started to take more place, Stiles & Lydia friendship seems to disappear. Stiles & Lydia are so close to falling for eachother. Well, Stiles already did but they were close to be together for good. But Jeff can’t put them together. Stiles still need to learn. 

 The problem is their relation is too much developped for being a simple friendship. So, how are they supposed to act during their scene? If they still act like during 3x15, it would be disrespectful against Malia ( as Stiles’ girlfriend) because if my boyfriend was close to a girl like Stiles is with Lydia, I won’t be comfortable. I will question myself even if I’m not a jealous person at the beginnin.

 So Jeff have to write them less closer but that’s become out of character like we see. Stiles isn’t here to figures out that Sean’s family are killer, he didn’t even try to find a way to break the code… All those thing are what make Stiles awesome but Jeff needs this storyline for Lydia. So, Stiles is left to only focus on his relationship Malia. In less, he still having great scenes with Scott but  guess it’s because they doesn’t have the same problem then Stydia. If Stiles & Lydia get more scene alone, they just gong to be closer and it can happen for the moment.

7. (And I stop after!) Stalia is going to block Malia developpement.

 Yep. I know, I know! He is the one who’s teach her to be human, for the moment, their relation only helps her. But, I think she will become to much depend of him.

4.04 : Stiles gets a stupid plan, she agrees. Stiles won’t really do that, but Malia wouldn’t not problem to drop him in the lake. Coyote instinct, the same instinct who would have no regrets to leave Lydia for death.  Later, when Stiles tells Lydia to throw a party,he make a specific move, less than a second later, Malia do the same move, It would be easier to explain with gif but I suck and I can do it. I remember when I saw this I was really annoyed. During the 3 first episode I was “ Awnn! Malia is adorable! I can like her and not ship Stalia with no problem”. I don’t want my ship/OTP interferes with my love for character. It’s weird but this little move piss me off. It’s to hard to explain and out of context for my poor english.

  And the episode finish with Malia taking control. I still don’t know id her anchors is Stiles but I hope not!

Because for Malia, when you have a partner, who don’t change it. Animals and Human aren’t the same. Human will have a lot of relationships in his life, instead the animal, who just wants to find his life mate.Malia storyline is about becoming fully human, but for that, she needs to get throught her first heartbreak like everyone. You can’t not live that once in your life. And she going to have to experienced it. If she doesn’t she won’t be completely human. I don’t said people who doesn’t have a heartbreak yet aren’t human, I just mean, it have to happen soon or later.

She can’t pass the rest of her life being protected by Stiles. She will met new peoples for the first time one day and maybe will realized she doesn’t want to be with him forever. I think Malia still doesn’t find who she really is. After all, you can’t came back after 8 years as a coyote and doesn’t change at all. More she will learn about the society more she will change and that day, they could not being anymore compatible.

Okay, it’s gets a lot longer then I wanted at the beginning. I hope my opinion is clear, sorry if sometimes I repeat myself, I start this post a long time ago!

Stydia, Martinski, you don’t have to lose hope. Jeff Davis’ smile when someone asks him a question about Stydia.. It’s because he knows Stydia is his epic story. He didn’t waste 3 season of developpement for nothng! 

Yes, I trust Jeff Davis.

Creatures of the Night Con: Panel Discussions/Highlights

Hey guys! So here’s basically a detailed overview of most of what was spoken about at the panels yesterday. I tried to write as much down as i could for the sake of the fandom so forgive me if i forgot anything! (also quotes should be pretty accurate but not 100% word for word for all of them, but the general idea is there, so don’t quote me)


  • Ian originally auditioned for the role of Deaton
  • Sinqua was a fan of the show before he auditioned, he loved season 1
  • When Sinqua auditioned for the role of Boyd, he was one of two people left and he was told the only reason they were also considering this other guy was because he wore cut off shirts (at the arms) and they thought he wouldn’t be bulk enough. He was in the end and he’s worn cut off shirts ever since he says.
  • Sinqua called Sterek fanfic “intense” and laughed (it wasn’t in a negative way at all). He said he’s seen a few about Boyd and Erica that he likes, none of the “naughty” stuff though. “Hoechlin and Dylan usually get that most.” He really appreciates fanfiction and fanart and is so impressed by everyone. (just FYI, no one ever asked about Sterek, he just said that Dylan and Hoechlin get the more ‘intense’ fic and that was that)

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