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have fun stanning them bc you’ll have a constant headache and an inexplicable amount of love for these dorks 💖💖💖

Okay so meet: BTOB aka **snap** Born to Beat

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  • a 7 member group that debuted under Cube Ent. on 2012 w/ their hecka catchy and upbeat track, ‘Insane’
  • they have many ballad songs that are overlooked by their pop singles and they will make you cry 11/10 times, ‘it’s okay’ is my favorite and the MV alone makes me wanna reenact a kdrama
  • they’ll make ugly faces and inhumane noises @ everything and everyone……….you’re their next target
  • probably the shortest kpop group atm, they’re literally elfs (besides Sungjae ofc)

Meet: Eunkwang aka grandpa wang

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  • such a supportive grandparent / leader
  • he’s a sunshine and just being around him makes everyone smile
  • he might be the person who’s teased the most but tbh he should’ve seen it coming wth is that bug impersonation eunkwang
  • smiles and laughs at everything and it’s impossible to make anything awkward to him
  • V O C A L S snatched my wig and I have yet to recover from all those high notes excuse me while I go cri

Meet: Minhyuk aka the mom

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  • aegyo KING
  • hella competitive and sporty and gotdamn he’s got one of the best bodies in any male kpop group rn ngl
  • is married to Hakyeon from Vixx and Ilhoon is their lovechild
  • a rapper??? a vocalist???? what can’t this legend do tbfh (ummm imma need yall 2 look up videos of him singing if u want ur day 2 be blessed thanks)
  • he loves melodies so much and he gives us the best fanservice god bless

Meet: Changsub aka the one who’s gonna give u nightmares

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  • (don’t let that gif fool u he’s a weird one) if it ever gets awkward, count on subbie to make ugly faces and confuse you
  • loves Peniel so much I can’t believe we get to witness true love at this day and age 
  • V O C A L S pt.2 fucc!!!!!! his husky voice makes me cry esp when it cracks just a lil during performances I’m a changsub stan and I didn’t even know it
  • actually despite him being really weird overall he’s a sweetheart……….he cares a lot for the other members
  • king of throwing shade @ the maknae line

Meet: Hyunsik aka eye smiles!!!!

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  • chocolate abbbbbbbbs I mean damn boi is thicc and he knows it
  • writes the majority of their songs so ofc he’s a soft boi who doesn’t know how to stop giving us heart palpitations
  • he does that thing where he smiles and his eyes crinkle so tightly at the sides and it’s the CUTEST thing ever you won’t survive
  • kinda chill compared to the other members but he still laughs at everyone and encourages them lmao why
  •  sungjae’s cat loves him more than sungjae is2g

Meet: Peniel aka Amber’s bestie

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  • everyone loves to rub his head bc duh it’s peniel and it’s good luck
  • nah but fr I love this boy so much……….he was diagnosed w/ a condition that made him lose his hair and it was mostly due to stress………so now he shaves it and he looks hella badass like how can someone look so cute yet threatening at the same time
  • he’s from Chicago so he isn’t fluent in Korean…..which means lots of rapping in English ayyyy!!!
  • spoiled by all the members and everyone loves him
  • broke a whole watermelon w/ his head one time, and the other time w/ just his fist……get u a man who can do it all

Meet: Ilhoon aka our British kingsman 

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  • the devil himself disguised as whatever tf that kid is
  • has worked lots w/ label-mate Hyuna aka my wife, I swear he’s such a fanboy and he loves her 
  • one of the best rappers in the kpop community tbfh………
  • don’t catch me being n*ce to ilhoon but he’s got a unique style of writing lyrics and rapping wow
  • the REAL maknae 

Meet: Sungjae aka Goblin’s best actor 

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  • his smile can cure depression and save lives
  • he was on We Got Married w/ Joy from Red Velvet and tbfh it’s the only time I’ll ever watch that show bc hashtag goals af I love my parents 
  • he might be the youngest but he’s sure as heck not the maknae lmao ????
  • has a love/hate relationship w/ changsubbie but they’re low key actually married
  • acts like a mom towards peniel only bc he wants to be taught English lmfaoooo

Too soft,,,, too soft

Sofia obviously heard the Liza story how Fish (though they also blame Oswald ofc) used her to be like Falcone’s mother to get to him. And now Sofia is playing the same thing as a part of her revenge plan on Oswald omg. And Oswald doesn’t even seem to realize it at all…