used cloth

IM FINALLY HOME BUT!!!!!!! the big downside is that i had no idea that paint tool sai doesnt work on mac…..(ಥ_ʖಥ) so here i am….struggling to use other programs like krita and shit…smh…

so!!! heres a lazy and sloppy steven BUT IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO GET SAI ON A MACBOOK without giving me viruses pls PLEASE LET ME KNOW IM CRYING!!!!!!!!

undercover auror boyfriends harry and draco

harry already had muggle clothes but they had to go buy draco new ones and harry found this super cute jacket for him to wear :))))

kojo-asuka127  asked:

I'm still laughing cause Goth calls all version of Geno mom. He calls naomiiisenju's geno 'mom', he calls fatal 'mom' and i think there's more? If he meets MCQ geno would he call him 'mom'? Sorry for thus long random question.

yup definitely- sorry @alainaprana