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Color Me Hazel (Sam x Reader) AU #22

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               You were hit with a double whammy; everyone always said that you couldn’t see some colors because you had to meet your soulmate first. The colors you weren’t able to see would be the color of your soulmate’s eyes. Well, you hoped one day you would get to meet them because everything was dull to you. When you looked at the trees or the ground, it was always grey. You hated it, all you wanted was to be able to see things like everyone else.

               Sam hated his life; there was one color he wanted to see over every other color. Blue. The sky was always grey, a lot of things were grey to Sam. Like the ink pens he used, a lot of signs around town, even cars were grey. Dean and him were headed down to the local bar to meet girls, drink, and hook up.

               You sat at a table with your friends listening to them talk about your friend, Gen, getting married. “I just can’t believe it; I mean we’ve all found someone. Y/N, you will too!” she said as they all turned their attention on you. You sighed and shrugged, “Maybe it’s not meant for me to find anyone. I’m going for a fresh drink, I’ll be back,” you said as you stood up and made your way to the bar to get that drink.

              As you turned to head back, you bumped into someone, spilling your drink down the front of you both. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” You looked up to see a tall man with shaggy hair holding his hands out. “No no, I was in your way. I’m sorry,” the man said grabbing some napkins and trying to clean your top. You grabbed his arm, stopping him with a smile. “Hold on, I can get the drink out of both of our shirts” you said and ordered a club soda, grabbed some salt, and went out into the hallway where the lighting was much better.

             You began to clean his shirt with the mixture when you heard him chuckle. “My name’s Sam,” he said softly. You smiled and looked up to introduce yourself when you gasped, meeting his eyes. “You have the most beautiful blue eyes,” he whispered as you nodded. “You have hazel eyes…” Then, you realized it the moment Sam did. You’d finally found your soulmate and he had the most gorgeous green, hazel, brown eyes you’d ever seen.