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i love my sit&scope thing for deadlift bc its the only thing that makes it possible fr me for p1 mode but it only works up until i run out of bullets and like. I was being p good abt bullets for uh. like up until the point when vault.exe game me the gunzerker clone that ate up all my bullets

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Sooo tired of Black people using the 'reclaimed' PoC as if we're some united federation against white people. You do not get to erase or overlook the racism between non-white people that is extremely common and never punished, and you do not get to co-opt other races to use as ammo.

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Also the all PA requiring energy cells is a shitty game mechanic on paper. Especially because they're doing a huge retcon to add it in. If you remember, PA was powered by a micro reactor that would allow it to run 20+ years. That was one of the big things they had to work on fixing before it went into production.

It’s no more shitty of a game mechanic than having to find ammo to use ranged weapons.

Also, since it is a custom suit of armor, the power system might be different, or it could be an old, faulty, aging reactor that requires energy cells to continue to run. It has been more than 200 years since the Great War, it’s likely that things like that need to be reworked and revamped

Alright, I think I’m gonna go to sleep early tonight. So, I’m thinking I’ll be up for another hour or so and then call it quits.

Also, I built the cutest little cottage today in Minecraft. The world it’s on is called “This is okay” and everything is okay. It also has a little room I made under the cottage where I write things that frustrate me (mainly health stuff) and then explain why it’s okay in the cottage because you can’t be incurably ill in the cottage. It’s a rule.

The front page [of the Charleston Post & Courier] also carries an ad for “Ladies’ Night” at the ATP Gun Shop & Range in Summerville, S.C. “$30 gets you everything!” the ad promises, including eye and ear protection, a pistol or revolver, and 50 rounds of ammo for use on the shooting range. You get a souvenir T-shirt, and the range’s Web site notes that the instructors are women.  "Have you ever wanted to learn to shoot for fun, sport, or self-defense, but felt intimidated by guns or the guys? Then you need to sign up for one of our Ladies’ Night Shoots,“ the Web site says.


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I'm asking you this hypothetically, as I see you as a rational human being and not a collective of angry idiots - I have a Saiga .410 shotgun. How plausible do you think it could be to scavenge the receiver and convert it into a 5.45x39 rifle, seeing as the receiver dimensions are the same as the AK-74(M)? Would it be easier to just make a new receiver? I ask only because .410 is probably the least desirable and accepted shotgun chambering to have ever graced us, and ammo prices only increase.

Would it be possible to remove the trunnion and throw on a 5.45 front end, and make the necessary extensive tedious changes to the reciever to make it work in the new caliber?

Certainly. There will be lots of work and it wont be anywhere NEAR cost effective, but it is possible. Consider the magazine well will have to be welded and milled into the correct dimensions, among loads of other intensive and meticulous modifications. 

Would it be easier to make a new receiver?

From scratch? about the same amount of work unless you have stamping dies. From a flat? Probably much easier, if you have AK building tools.

The most cost effective way I can imagine would be to sell the Saiga and put the money towards a decent AK-74. 

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are you ok?

I’m done.
I’m done pretending I’m fine every time I’m torn down.
I’m done with my’ happy’ isolation.
I’m done saying ‘it’s okay’ when things don’t work out and I get in a fight with someone I love.
Because you know what? It’s not okay.
It’s not alright that they take what I’m insecure about, and make into an insult.
It’s not okay that when I tell them something’s wrong, they use it as ammo.
It’s okay to be not okay sometimes.
Take care❤️

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I have to disagree with your assessment of the Bonus Shot skill in the elemental shots video. In general you use it to boost your 3 elemental shot volleys to 4 shots, increasing the damage per volley by a third. In my experience, the extra time required isn't an issue as I try to be far enough away from the monster to be safe. In addition, you didn't mention that using Bonus Shot means you use less ammo, which is important considering the small stack sizes for elemental shots.

I agree but since MH4U the amount of player who can have enough foresight to land all 4 has gone down in my opinion due to eh increase in monster speed. It’s certainly better if you can deal with it but not if you find that you just suck at getting off 4 in a row.

Bioshock infinite gets really passive aggressive when you never use your vigors.


a) got a nice commission

b) bought a vintage 1951 US army ammo bag to use as a satchel (it’s gorgeous im so happy)