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Episode 19 of FMA: Brotherhood

Something I noticed and I want to be wrong about someone help contradict me.

Riza reloading her gun while they chase Barry’s body. Six bullets.

She doesn’t use that gun again until Lust comes along. It’s the last gun she uses on her after using all the ammo in her other ones.

There she is whipping out the same gun. 

One shot.

Two shots.

The flash of the third shot.

Another flash indicating the fourth shot.

We hear the fifth shot and see the recoil on Riza.

She stops.

She falls to the ground.

And tells Alphonse to leave.

…Guys, there was one bullet left in that gun and I don’t think she was planning on using it on Lust.


qrowin-shitposts  asked:

You may have not been here when I brought it up, but have you considered Qrow aggressively and repeatedly proposing to Winter out of the blue? Like not even going out yet but they've been rivals like 5 years and he just keeps pulling out these rings and proposing to her. Throws them at her from across the food court. Uses them as ammo. Where are they all coming from.


also imagine Qrow begging Winter not to tell Glynda about the last one

You will pry this headcanon from my cold, dead hands

Biracial, white passing Steve Rogers whose contributions to the war are brought into question when it becomes public knowledge that he’s black. Now the reckless, defiant actions that made him famous are used as ammo against him. 

Biracial, white passing Steve Rogers who gets told “You are not enough” because he was basically a glorified lab rat in the eyes of the white army officers and they’re “stuck” with a black supersoldier rather than a army of white ones 

Biracial, white passing Steve Rogers who’s only allowed to become a cultural icon if he denies the rumors that his mother is black. Who has to hide a part of himself in order to pursue his dream. 

Biracial, white passing Steve Rogers benefitting from light skinned privilege in many aspects. He’s able to get away with things his darker skinned counterparts, such as Isaiah Bradley, are punished for. 

Biracial, white passing Steve Rogers getting praised for “punching racists in the face” when folks think he’s white, but upon learning he’s black, gets told he’s “Too emotional/violent/aggressive” for combatting white supremists 

Biracial, white passing Steve Rogers suffering from the internalized “Black men don’t cry” complex so he mourns Bucky in private and he stays quiet about his PTSD + depression upon coming out of the ice 

Biracial, white passing Steve Rogers who’s sad, angry, frustrated and distraught upon seeing that the world hasn’t really changed, that racism and antiblackness are still alive and well. That his people are still persecuted and dehumanized. 

Biracial, white passing Steve Rogers who’s called a vigilante for standing up for Jewish!Bucky and suddenly, the same society that refused to acknowledge their race + ethnicity, can’t seem to talk about anything BUT the fact that they’re black and Jewish respectively 

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Chiappa Rhino 20DS

A .357 Magnum revolver, it was designed by the same man responsible for the Mateba, an out of production firearm of similar appearance. The barrel is positioned lower to reduce muzzle flip, creating a very easily controlled pistol even when using heavy recoiling ammo. The sides of the cylinder are flat instead of a being round, making it more comfortable to keep holstered against your body when concealed. (GRH)


I was really thirsty for some sniper/marksman Hux today.

The clothes are inspired by this post while his weapon is inspired by Zam Wessell sniper rifle.

My headcanon for his rifle is that it is some kind of advanced slugthrower. He has to use ammo but the solid bullets can penetrate shields and helmets and it is also really hard for jedi to deflect them. He can use incendiary or explosive bullets. The noise of the rifle when not silenced can also create an effect of terror and confusion in the ennemies rank.

He is also in charge of marking the ennemies and order the orbital strikes if necessary, the fact that he is long-range fighter makes him able to see more of the whole battlefield/

 Combined with Phasma and Kylo Ren strenght, the FO triumvirate are able to compensate their weaknesses  on the battlefield and knowing that the three of them are present ont same battefield strikes an intense fear in the hearts of their ennemies.

If Lance and Keith did start dating, that would give Keith UNLIMITED ammo to use whenever they argue… like honestly rip Lance. They could be fighting over the last slice of pie or smth and then Keith just HITS HIM with that “At least I don’t slobber like a dog when we make out” line and honestly. There’s no coming back from that. Lance would have to leave the castle for like a week to do a little soul searching and find himself again.

rumlow was literally only in cacw for the sole purpose of reminding the audience that steve is hopelessly in love with bucky. that’s it that’s the only thing his appearance in the movie accomplished. being a villain, being a terrorist, any rando character could have done that stuff. but the story needed someone who knew about bucky, what hydra did to him, that bucky fought 70 years of brainwashing and programming to remember that he knew the man on the bridge, and would know to use all that to shut steve down at a critical moment. rumlow knows steve and bucky were/are in love, and he used it as ammo against steve.