gogopowerrangers asked:

Are any of these photos original? If so, what gear do you use if you don't mind me asking. I'm headed to a show this weekend and would like some tips on how to get the best shot. Thanks!

They are all pro/am photographers on flickr. I use 5D MkII with a f1.4 50mm - wide open for shallow depth of field.

Photo of the Day: Staring Out the Window in India 

A man looks out the window of a bus in Kolkata, India on May 27, 2015.(alcan_/Flickr)

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Unicorn Hats por Rinoninha
Por Flickr:
Ichigo and Lena These unicorn hats will be available in 2 sizes (Pullip and Blythe) and in 3 colors (pastel pink, pale lilac and soft blue) this Saturday at the Dolls & Party. As you can see, they can be worn in 2 different ways. Aren’t they cute?


Estos gorritos de unicornio estarán disponibles en 2 tallas (Pullip y Blythe) y en 3 colores (rosa palo, lila pálido o azul claro) este sábado en la Dolls & Party. Como podéis ver, se pueden poner de 2 maneras distintas. ¿A que quedan monos?

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Special Collection 2 por Rinoninha
Por Flickr:
As promised, here are the detailed pics of each outfit <;3 And remember, these same outfits will also be available for Blythe at the event!


Lo prometido es deuda y aquí tenéis las fotos de cada conjunto <3 Y, recordad que también estarán disponibles para Blythe en el evento!

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