@ all the anons asking about those comments in reblogs of my “Yuurichka” post: I don’t want to start a discussion, but that person is half-right, half-wrong and I feel I need to clear some things for my followers.

Yuuri and Yuri are pronounced differently in russian, but it’s not the case. Yes, you really can use name forms of russian Yuri for a japanese Yuuri due to similarity.

But language does allow you to create a beautiful diminutive form that will be closer to original name, so it will have much more personal approach. Basically you can use it as well, as russian Yuri forms to him - that will be only the case of Yuuri’s preference.

So saying that “there’s no need to make a new one” is wrong. It’s like saying “there’s no need for Viten’ka when we already have Vitechka.”

on the difference between Passion and True Love

Mickey has NOTHING.

He’s SO PAST rock bottom he’s hit a new level.  No prospects, no income, no home, constantly will have to live his life checking over his shoulder.  Hell he doesn’t know where he’ll get his next meal.

And Ian apparently has EVERYTHING, he’s the FARTHEST he’s got in life.  He’s got his health checked, he’s got a nice boyfriend who helps him grow and become a more aware person, he’s got a badass job where he feels like a hero.


Ian chooses Mickey when Ian has a wholesome, happy life and Mick has NOTHING.

Any other person and Ian would take one look at the scruff and matted hair and thing “jesus christ I dodged a bullet” - like Fiona would say.  Like she thinks when she looks back on JimmyJackSteve.  Like she always lost patience with him when he started getting boring and or jobless.

And here comes Mickey.  Dirty and poor and scarred and traumatized and no doubt humiliated looking at Ian in his crisp blue uniform.  Literally all Mickey has is the thinnest hope he made up for himself, and he’s blowing on that hope like a sucker freezing to death in the cold and dark would blow on a little flame.

Ian sees Mickey and instead of looking down on him, all he sees is an open door.  All he sees is possibility.

That’s true love.  When someone’s down in the dirt like a kicked and sickly stray and when you come across him, and he looks up at you, you don’t feel pity or think about the luck you got, in comparison.

Nah.  You think - “Thank God, my life is now complete.”

161213 - Seventeen Melon Radio broadcast

HJS: After I’m done showering, Jeonghan always calls me

“Shua-ah shua-ah”

“Yes Jeonghan what?”

“Turn off the lights” 

*Other member completely agrees with HJS lol*

vid cr. king_0615

I’M SO ANGRY AT MYSELF. I wanna play my pokemon moon game nice and slow but I’m seeing all these cute fucking characters and now I wanna do a speed run.

I already said this but I fucking love the designs for the skull grunts. also Gl/adion im honestly frothing over that dude I have yet to encounter in the game. He seems edgy and I love it