hi. this is my first time doing this, so idk if it’ll work buuuut my dash is really really slow right now, so! reblog this if you post any of the following:

  • good omens
  • tolkien stuff
  • dirk gently’s h.d. agency
  • voltron (only if you don’t post discourse)
  • boku no hero academia
  • tales of zestiria
  • world of warcraft
  • mythology
  • other history stuff/facts/etc

multifandom blogs are more than welcome, as long as you tag all the content. that is a requirement for everyone. here is my blacklist kind-of-thing if you want to check it out.

i’ll delete this post soon to remove it from search/tags but for now pls bear with me. thanks!


((I got another M8 (to go with this one), but the person I bought it from didn’t pack it properly, so now it’s just a really big expensive puzzle. :/ ))

ok but lance leaving post it notes on keith’s door every day that keith keeps on a wall in his room to look at whenever he needs it. just things like:
         - “pidge and hunk looking for a guinea pig. watch out”
         - “caught allura raiding the kitchen @ 3am again”
         - “do u think shiro could rock coran’s moustache?”
         - “sharks >>>> hippos”

but also things like:
         - “good work today, samurai :)”  
         - “the person reading this is very beautiful”
         - “your smile warms me more than the sun ever could”
         - “hey guess what? i love you”


“That was your other boyfriend. That was Jonathan”