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[In a hotel room at Farafrah]
  • Wolf: Intruder! }:[
  • Cress: Special Operative! D:
  • Cress: Guard! DD:
  • Wolf: Scarlet? O.O
  • Jacin: Hacker? 0.o
  • Wolf: Cinder? :-[
  • Cress: /Cinder/? :-0
  • Erland: Shit... >.<
  • Thorne: Cress! -_-
  • Cress: Captain! 0-0
  • Thorne: CRESS! ||-DD
  • Cress: CAPTAIN!!!1! :DDD
  • Wolf: Thorne? O.O
  • Thorne: .../Wolf/? O.o
  • Cinder: DONKEY!!!!!! D:D

dera-chan  asked:

But why would they reject the confession scene? Maybe because it was too early? I would love a second season, but LWA isn't popular enough in Japan unfortunately...

* Sorry for my bad english. I only speak spanish, and I do not know how to explain myself. I used translator XDXDXD. Sometimes xD *

Personally, I think they rejected the scene for several reasons:

  • It was too soon.
  • They just met.
  • It would appear Fan service and look forced.
  • Entry for a possible second season (because I doubt they leave that topic without conclusion).
  • Marketing.

And adding that LWA is not a romantic series, you can perceive some spark of love in this (by Andrew and Akko). As far as I know, it is not very popular in your country. I guess it is because it does not contain themes like yuri, yaoi, hentai and blah blah. But do not be discouraged, at least we have some certainty that they will be canon (;


Personalmente, creo que rechazaron la escena por varias razones:

  • Era demasiado pronto.
  • Acaban de conocerse.
  • Parecería Fan service y luciría forzado.
  • Entrada para una posible segunda temporada (porque dudo mucho que dejen ese tema sin conclusión).
  • Mercadotecnia.

Y añadiendo que LWA no es una serie romántica, aún así se puede percibir cierta chispa de amor en esta (por parte de Andrew y Akko). Por lo que sé, no es muy popular en su país. Supongo que es porque no contiene temas como yuri, yaoi, hentai y blah blah. Pero no te desanimes, al menos tenemos una cierta seguridad de que serán canon (;

anonymous asked:

King George: How do British kings shower? Same as you, peasants! First we get nice and wet....And then we get Seabury in with us!