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Since you guys are usually sending asks my way (Thank you <3), i wanted to take my turn to ask the questions. So let’s play a little game.

I’d like to ask you stuff involving these 4 guys, every now and then. Hypothetical situations and what would you do (or just random questions). You guys can answer by reblogging and adding gifs or use the reply button. That’s up to you ;)

I will start with this one because i sent it months ago to my closest Tumblr friends and their replies were hilarious.


*Forget that they’re famous for a second*

You’re on your first date with Tom/Chris/Sebastian/Jared (You choose), and as soon as he sees you, he says:

“Please don’t feel bad but i think you could’ve dressed better for our date”.

What would you do?

Check out the resources page here!

From the depths of my bookmarks, from the furthest reaches of the internet, I have brought to you these links! Want a quick way to generate WebKit scrollbars? We got that. Want 31 places to look for free stock images? We got that. Want a button to click that says “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” like Darth Vader? Look. No. Further.

This resources page has 6 main sections: CSS/HTML, graphics, screencaps, icons, writing, and miscellaneous, most broken down into further subsections. This page will be monitored for broken links and, as I find more neat stuff in the internet’s dusty corners, updated in the future!

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