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When some lady tells you “she won’t be coming back because of your actions today”

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I enjoy the fact that you can see how much he plays cause the paint has worn off in some places

.:Imagine Luke being jealous of you and Han:.

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You and Han are best friends in this :3

The friendship between you and Han was a good and obvious one. Ever since you two met, there was a connection.

However, it made Luke Skywalker, your boyfriend, very jealous. He knew you wouldn’t leave him or cheat on him, but whenever he sees you with Han, it makes him just want to walk over there, and rip his head off.

You were always laughing around him, Luke noticed. Han made you laugh all the time, and Luke had never gotten the chance to find put why.

You were getting ready for bed, when you heard Luke come in. You turned around and smiled at him.

“Hey Luke.” You said. He ignored you and looked away. You furrowed your brows in confusion. Usually he’s a lot more happy. Something was up.

“Woah, Luke. What’s up? Why are you being so grumpy?”

Luke ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. “Why don’t you go ask Han? I mean you guys have been talking non stop. I’m sure he would love to hear more from you.” He snapped.

“Wait. Han? What happened?” You asked.

“Well I mean you’ve been talking and laughing around him all the time. You look so happy all the time.” The jedi said, looking at you with cold eyes.

“Well that’s because we are usually talking about you.” You said. “Han tells me funny stories about you all the time. He keeps telling me how happy he is for us. I’m not going to leave you for him if that’s what you’re thinking.” You walk over to him and place a hand on his cheek. “Is that what you were thinking? Were you jealous of us?”

Luke looked down in shame and nodded his head. “Yes.” He said quietly.

“Oh Luke. My Luke.” You place a kiss on his lips. “I’m not going anywhere. You are the only one I love. Han is a good friend, but you are my boyfriend and I love you so much. With all my heart.” You lean into his chest and hug him.

He hugged back and let out a sigh of relief. “I’m sorry for getting mad at you, Y/N.” He placed a kiss on the top of your head. You shook your head.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry Skywalker. You’re gonna be stuck with me for a very long time.”

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“I thought it was hopeless love” Taehyung story - Part 3

“It feels so stupid” Taehyung said to Jimin
“When did you realise you’re in love with her?” he looked at him
“When she was a senior..No I mein third year of high school…I was at her place and we fool around and then I camed on top of her and felt my body burning up and my heart beating fast as I was looking at her eyes..” Taehyung explains
“Ahh…See Taehyung…At that time when you didn’t leave you should have done something about those feelings..” Jimin looks at him
“Oh God don’t..” Taehyung closes his eyes and layes back on his bed
“I just think you should just deal with the fact that Y/N is in a relationship” 
“But I CAN’T” Taehyung looked at him
“Then I don’t know what to say anymore about that situation…Maybe just try for now bring back good times and see what happens”
“But she has a boyfriend” 
“Maybe feelings will change” Jimin smiled and tapped his back and goes to the living room

Taehyung looks at his phone and decides to call you to hang out.
“Hey Y/N” he smiled 
“Hiii” you said and Taehyung smiled as he heard your voice
“Wanna hang out maybe,to talk?” Taehyung bit his lip nervously
“Yeah of course! Come over Tae” you giggled a little
“Okay,I am on my way” he said and hang up

Taehyung was excited to finally see you again.He puts his jacket on and take his phone and rush to you.
Few fans noticed him and started to scream so he runs towards your house and jumps over the fence to the backyard.

He lays on the ground with his eyes closed and trying to catch a breath from running.
“What are you doing?” you laughed looking at him
“I..Had to run” he opens his eyes and your face was upside down
“C’mon” you smiled and came next to him and helped him stand up
“Thanks” He laughed looking at you

Thing that he didn’t notice was you being in a bikini.
“Tae…” you bit your lip nervously as you notice he’s looking up and down at you
“I am sorry” Tae looked away
“It’s fine” you smiled

Both of you walk to the pool…
“Fans chased you?” you looked at him
“Yeah..” he said

As you thought,there was an awkward situation.
You guys haven’t talked to each other for a while and that was the problem.Everything was not as it used to be..

“Babe” Luke said coming in to your house

Right away you look at Taehyung and he at you.
“It’s okay..I mean he’s your boyfriend” Tae said
“I am here” you shout and Luke comes in the back too
“Who is this?” Luke noticed Taehyung
“Are you cheating on me?!” he added raising his voice
“No Luke,he’s Taehyung..My best friend” you looked at him
“Oh,then fine..What’s up,I am Luke,Y/N’s boyfriend” he looked at Taehyung
“What’s up…Taehyung as you already know” he said looking at Luke

Taehyung didn’t know what to feel at the moment.Seeing you smiling and looking at him with such joy made him wish he could turn back time and admit his feelings to you.
We wants to be happy for you,but also he wants you to break up with the guy so he can have a chance,but he doesn’t want to be mean.

You were little mad at Luke,because he right away thought you cheated on him.
On other side,when you look at Taehyung he was quiet,didn’t speak a lot..That wasn’t his thing..It was really weird to you.

After some time,Taehyung was still with you guys.You all played video games..He watched how Luke does the tricks on you same as he did when he wanted to win.
Taehyung looks at you then at the floor and sighs.He couldn’t take it anymore.
“I..I will leave” He stands up
“Okay see you later” Luke said playing 
Taehyung looks down and walks out.You slap Luke’s arm
“Fucking rude” you said and rushed outside to Taehyung

You walked trough the door and saw Taehyung with his hands in his pockets,walking away..
“Tae wait up” you said and take his hand in yours
He turns around towards you with a serious face.
“I need to go Y/N” he moved away his hand from yours
“Why are you acting like this?”
“Like what Y/N?”
“Being quiet,not joking around….It’s not you Taehyung” you looked at his eyes
“You’re with your boyfriend…I can’t do anything ..” he said
You laughed in confusion
“What are you talking about? Of course you can” 
“We used to hug,hold each others hands,laugh and have fun..But now you spend more time with him and probably trouble will be if he sees us doing those things” 
“You’re being ridiculous Tae” you laughed
“I am not Y/N..You will not have time to hang out with me at all because you have him” he points
“You want me to break up with my boyfriend because of you?” you raised eyebrow 
“No..I don’t,but”
“You do Taehyung…I can’t believe you want that for me” you laughed not believing
“No Y/N-” Taehyung looked at you trying to walk closer to you
“Just..Go” you put your fist against his chest making him stop,you also didn’t want to look at him at all.

Taehyung looks at you and sighs turning around and walking away.
You watch him walk away.You were mad at him and disappointed,but thinking again..Taehyung was telling the truth how you will spend more time with him than Taehyung.

You camed back inside of the house
“Did you say goodbye to your little friend?” Luke was acting mean towards you
“Shut up Luke” you said looking at him
“What did you guys do out there?” he camed closer to you
“Nothing,what you don’t trust me?” you asked 
“I don’t know” he said
“What did you say?”
“I said that I don’t know” he raises his voice

You laugh and go upstairs and lock yourself in the room.
Luke was knocking on the door,telling you to let him in,but you didn’t want to let him in.

On other side taehyung camed back o his home and walked pass the boys and right away went to his room.
He was looking around the room,thinking about you..
“I was too honest” he said thinking
“Don’t wanna lose you again Y/N” he added

“WHY ARE YOU BEING LIKE THIS?!” you shouted at Luke
“BECAUSE you are obviously in love with him!”
“You’re lying Y/N!”

You laughed and walked to the living room,tearing up,not knowing what to do.
“Please get out of my house” you said looking at Luke
“Y/N..I am sorry” he calmed down
“Just please..” you said looking at him
“I didn’t want to yell at you..I am sorry” Luke camed closer
“Luke,just..” you got cut off because Luke kissed you hard.

You know he’s doing that because he’s now trying to make you forgive him.
“Leave” you pulled away
“I..Will call you tomorrow” he said looking at you

You didn’t say anything and Luke walks out..You go upstairs to your room and take a box that was on top of your closet.

Same as Taehyung,you were keeping pictures of each other,bracelets,little gifts that you guys gave each other.
You smiled as you were looking trough the pictures.
“I hate you” you said looking at the picture

You smiled and took your laptop that was beside you and go to a map where the videos were of Taehyung and you.

“Is it on?” Taehyung asked looking at the camera
“Yes it is” you laughed
“Oh hey it is!” Taehyung laughed

Both of you looked at each other with such happiness in your eyes.
“Soo..What are we gonna do now?” you asked looking at the camera
“Say things we hate and love about each other” Taehyung looked at your eyes then at lips then back at your eyes

You smiled noticing that while watching the video.

“Okay..What I hate about you is..When you look at me and don’t stop” you said
“Okay,okay….I hate when you get mad for no reason” 
“YOU always tease me!” you looked at him with your eyebrows raised
“No I don’t” he said looking at you and you rolled your eyes and sigh
“What I love about you is..I don’t know..Everything” you smiled
Taehyung bit his lip smiling
“I think the same” 

After that video you enter in a video called “Cutie” 
You bit your lip nervously and smiled when the video started.
Taehyung was sleeping on your bed.Looking so cute and calm.
“Shhh” you said to the camera and slowly walk up to him
“Look at him” you said zooming on his face
“Cutie” you said

Taehyung smiled and open his eyes
“I am what?” he asked
“N-nothing” you laughed 
“A cutie?” he smiled
“You look cute when you sleep” you said
“Aww Y/N” he said and took the camera in his hands and turn it towards you
“Y/N…You’re very beautiful” he said and you could hear his little laugh in the background

That part made you tear up for some reason.
“Tae” you were shy
“Come here” he said and you sat beside him and you two were filming each other
He puts his arm around your shoulders pulling you closer to him and kissing your head..
“I love you” he said looking at the camera
“I love you” you smiled

You close your laptop and put it aside.
You remembered how your “I love you” meant so much more than his.
The way you looked at him with such happiness and love..
But then everything started to get lost.
Your feelings started to go away,because there was no more Taehyung by your side,hugging you kissing your head like he always does that.

You knew you have to move on,so you did and found Luke.
Being with him 2 months was great.He was funny,always makes you laugh whenever you’re feeling down,but that wasn’t Taehyung.

“Y/N what is wrong,just tell me” Taehyung sat next to you
“Not feeling so well” you smiled
You just got your period,but you think it’s stupid to say that to Taehyung.
“Y/N…I know something is going on…DO you want me to bring you something to eat?” he looked at you
“No need to..Not hungry” you said
“Y/N,tell me please..Like I am worried about you” 
“Fine..I got my period” you said and Taehyung looked at you moving away
“O-kay..Then I really can’t help you with that” he looked down
“I feel stupid too” you said
“For what?”
“Telling you this” you said
“Oh I mean..I am a guy so I don’t quite understand those stuff..:” he explains and you laugh
“Don’t feel stupid..” he added
“Okay” you looked at him

Taehyung did everything he could to make you feel better..He made you pancakes,tea,bring you blanket when you were cold…
“Thank you Tae” you smiled kissing his cheek
“Anything for you” he smiled and hugged you

You smiled remembering that moment.You took the photos in your hands and look them trough.
Luke kept calling you even that he said he will call you tomorrow.This was a first time he’s acting like that.Taehyung is just your friend and he didn’t do anything,neither did you.
“Luke,just please stop calling” you answer the phone
“Look I know I overreacted,it was just because I care…I don’t want him to ruin us” he said
“Luke,Taehyung won’t ruin us..He’s a good person,and I can’t believe you didn’t trust me” you said
“He just looks like he wants to ruin it,make us fight like this”
“You started this fight by not trusting me Luke” you sigh rolling your eyes
“Luke?” you said because he didn’t speak
“I’m sorry” he finally spoke
“I need to ask you something” you said ignoring his apology
“What is it”
“Why don’t you trust me?”
“Y/N..I do I just -”
“You didn’t believe when I said to you that nothing happened” 
“I just think he’s not supposed to be your friend”

You laugh a little and hang up on him.
Those words hit your heart a lot.Taehyung is a good guy and you don’t want anyone to say bad stuff about him.
You hated the way Luke was saying those stuffyou were so mad at him.

“Tae” you said calling him
“Y/N” he said
“Can I please come over?” you asked
“Y-yes you can..” he said

He sounded weird,like that he didn’t want you over.You know you guys had an argument,but you need to clear stuff with him and be honest.
This isn’t working well for both of you.

“Okay?” Taehyung said
“Okay” you said

You hang up and grab your jacket and take a walk to the park,where J-Hope will be waiting for you,because Taehyung needs to get some work finished.
“Ahh there you are” J-Hope smiled
“Hi” you smiled back and you two started to walk to their house

While walking,J-Hope and you were just getting to know each other..
“That is awesome” you smiled
“I am glad that you’re a big fan” he said
“Well I support you guys and I support my best friend the most” you smiled
“Taehyung ha?” 
“Yeah” you nodded your head
“I thought you said you guys ain’t friends anymore”
“Well we talked and yeah..”
“I told you that you guys will be friends again” J-Hope winks

When you camed inside of the house you felt really nervous.
“Oh hey you pretty” Jimin licks his lips
“No Jimin” you look at him with a serious face
“Okay..I was just kidding” Jimin rolled his eyes and walked to another room

When you camed inside of the living room..Taehyung and Suga were sitting on the couch.
Taehyung and you look at each other..
“Hi” you said waving to both of them
“What’s up” Suga smiled

You sat next to Suga..And J-Hope was on the Taehyung’s side.
Suga looked at you then at Taehyung..Then repeated that few times,noticing something is strange.
“J-Hope..Come with me please” Suga stood up and gave J-Hope a look 
“Oh okay” J-Hope got the point and the point was to leave you two alone

When they left ,Taehyung took a breath and kept looking down
“Why are you like this,but now for real?” you break the silence
“I feel like I will lose you..But now for good” Taehyung looks up at you
“Today I felt like a third wheel to be honest” he cuts you off
“I’m sorry” you said
“I know,but I want like best friend time…Like just us” he looked at you
“How about we do that tomorrow?” you smiled
“There is no Luke tomorrow..Just us” you cut him off

Finally a smile grew on his face
“Awesome” you smiled and hugged him

You move away and look at his eyes and camed closer to his face.
“And Taehyung..You will not lose me,ever” you smiled 
Taehyung smiled and nodded his head

Both of you decided to take a walk outside.
“Remember when I pushed you to the pool?” you laughed
“I do,and then I chased you all over your house and water was everywhere” he laughed with you
“Then my mom yelled at us” you said
“Yeah..It was so funny..You got mad at her because she was yelling”
“No..I mean a little” you laughed
“Good times” you added
“Yeah..” Taehyung nodded his head smiling

It started to rain.
Both of you look at each with smiles on your faces.
“Wanna run?” Taehyung smiled
“Let’s do it” you nodded your head and Taehyung took your hand in his and you guys started to run around 
“Wooo” both of you acted like kids

You come close to Taehyung..Both of you were smiling at each other.It felt amazing..Also it felt to have a best friend back.Even that some things need to take time,still you feel really happy to be with Taehyung after so long.

“Catch me if you can” you said and pushed Taehyung away from you and start to run
Taehyung bit his lip and smiled and started to run after you.
When he catches you,his arms wrap around your waist pulling your body closer to his.
“I can catch you anytime” Taehyung smiled
You just smiled feeling happy again.
Then your smile slowly fades away as you guys stared at each other eyes and got really close.
You got lost in his eyes,like you used to.
The way those eyes and smile made you go crazy.

Rain was falling on both of you,both of you start to lean in.
Then both of you realise what you guys are doing and move away quickly from each other.
“What was that?!” both of you said at the same time
“You started to lean in first” again in same voice
“No you did” both of you point at each other

Taehyung and you kept looking at each other.
“I…” Taehyung started 
“I don’t know what to say either” you said
“It’s okay..I mean we just need to…Forget about this hopefully and yeah everything will be okay” you smiled spreading your hands
“We’ll do that” Taehyung nodded his head smiling

Tomorrow,Taehyung and you hang out.
You both didn’t feel awkward about yesterday,nothing felt awkward.
“I sometimes watch our videos,they cheer me up” you looked at him
“I look at our pictures…And laugh how funny we look at some of them” 
“We are crazy tho” you laughed

Taehyung stops to walk and you turn around and look at him with confused look.
“What?” you laughed
“I want you to come with me” he smiled
“It’s a suprise” he smiled and took your hand in his
“Okay” you smiled
“I love suprises” you added being excited
“I am glad you love it” he giggled and you two walked down the street and went to the city’s centre
“Okay,now I do this” Taehyung camed  behind you and put his hands on your eyes so you don’t see
You put your arms on his
“Where are you taking me?” you laughed being curious
“You’ll see” 

Taehyung had a practice in a hall today,so he wanted you to watch them practice for their concert.He wanted you to see him sng for the first time live.

“Almost there” he smiled
“Here” he moves away his hands
“It’s a stage” you look at him
“Where I will perform in few days” Taehyung smiled
“We are having practice,so I wanted you to be here” 
“I am happy to be here” you smiled

Little bit after boys camed out on the stage and started to sing a song.You were in the front and waved your hands side to side and smile.

“But you’re my everything (you’re my)
Everything (you’re my)
Everything (you’re my)
Jebal jom kkeojyeo huh
Mianhae (I hate u)
Saranghae (I hate u)

*But you’re my everything (You’re my)
Everything (You’re my)
Everything (You’re my)
Please go away huh
I’m sorry (I hate u)
I love you (I hate u)
Forgive me* “

Taehyung kept looking at you while he sang his part..You sang along with him.
Right now Taehyung told you that he loves you for real,but he knows you don’t notice that at all.
He tought to himself how can he fall in love with his best friend? Do you love him back? Did you loved him back when you guys hang out year ago.
He is sorry for loving you at this time.Because you have a boyfriend now.

“AMAZING!” you shouted climbing up on stage
“Thanks Y/N!” they all said
“You liked it?” Taehyung smiled drinking his water
“Yes..Just wow” you laughed

Taehyung hugs you tightly
“Thank you for coming here” he said to your ear
“No problem Tae” you smiled and hugged him back tightly
“Awww you guys look so cute together” Jimin smiled

Taehyung and you take step back from each other.
“We are not together” Taehyung looked at him then at you
“Are you sure?” Jimin laughed
“I have a boyfriend Jimin”
“Ohhhh” he nodded his head
“But still you guys look cute” he winks and goes to the backstage

Taehyung and you look at each other feeling shy.
“Sorry about that” 
“It’s okay” you smiled at him

The boys played BIGBANG’s “Let’s not fall in love” song…It was their plan to get you guys even closer.
They smiled and rushed to next floor and watch you guys.

“Oh no…” Taehyung said knowing boys did that
“I LOVE THE SONG!” you shouted
“Sing it with me..I’ll sing Taeyang’s part” you took Taehyung’s hand
“ Amugeotdo mutji marayo
Daedaphal su eopseoyo
Jigeum ireohge duri haengbokhande wae

* Don’t ask me anything
I can’t give you an answer
We’re so happy as we are right now* “

Taehyung and you sang to the song together and started to dance to the song.
His hand was around your waist and one was holding yours.Your other hand was on his shoulder.
Both of you were looking at each other with a smile on your faces.
“I love you Y/N” Taehyung wispers
“I love you too Taehyung” you wisper back and both of you giggle

“Oh my GOD!” Jin said while watching you two slow dance and sing to the song.
“Why” J-Hope said
“Why does she have a boyfriend,Taehyung is perfect for her” Jimin said pointing at you two

Taehyung spins you around few times.
“Oh God I am dizzy” you laugh 
“I’m sorry” Taehyung laughed

You trip a little and Taehyung catches you.
“Clumsy” he said looking at you
“I hate youuu” you point at him
“You don’t” he smiled looking at you

You laugh and push him a little
“Well I don’t but I mean” you smiled

Taehyung laughed
“Uri saranghaji marayo” he said looking at you
“Let’s not fall in love” you said
Taehyung nodded his head looking at your eyes.
“But you don’t get it Y/N” he thought to himself
“You will in time..You will know what I meant” he added thinking while looking at you

“BREAK IS OVER LET’S GO!” Suga shouted walking on the stage 
“I need to go now…Gotta do some stuff” you said
“So byee” you waved and walked off the stage
“BYEE!” they shouted

Thing you noticed was Luke didn’t call you at all.You didn’t know what was going on.
You know this day was supposed to be just Taehyung and you,but you can’t get Luke out of your head.You’re worried about him.
“Pick up” you said biting your lip nervously but nothing

You camed back home and again tried to call Luke for few times,but he didn’t answer.
You were down,you didn’t know what to do anymore.

“Y/N come over” Taehyung called you
“I..” you said
“What’s wrong Y/N?” he asked 
“I’ll tell you when I come over” you said and hang up

Later when you camed to their house,Taehyung opened the door and saw your worried face.You come towards him and hug him.
“I am just worried” you said to his chest
“Come” Taehyung took your hand and lead you to his room.

You guys sat down on his bed.
“What are you worried about?” he looks at you
“Luke..We didn’t talk at all since we..Had a fight” you sigh 
“What was the fight about?”
“…You” you look at his eyes
“Taehyung..It was nothing,he just started to get angry because he thought I am cheating him with you and that you can’t be my friend..It..Just I couldn’t listen to him anymore” you explain 
“He was talking bad stuff about you and I hate when someone does that,because I care about you and I-”
Taehyung presses his lips against yours…Your eyes were wide open,but then they close and you kiss him back.
Your heart started to beat faster…Taehyung’s hands pull you even closer to him as you guys kissed.

“Oh my…” you said pulling away
“I…” Taehyung didn’t know what to say
“I..You..We just..Oh God” you put your hands on your face
“Y/N..I just..”
“Why..Would.You.Do.That.To.Me” you hit his chest few times
“I am so sorry Y/N” Taehyung was worried
“God I hatee you” you said looking at him
“Don’t..I promise I won’t do this anymore..I..” Taehyung tried to explain himself
You didn’t say anything just kept your eyes closed and you tried to breathe
“Do you hate me now?”
“Tae..I don’t! That is why I am mad..I can’t hate you..” You look at him
“I just cheated on my boyfriend…With you..My best friend” you added
“He won’t find out” Taehyung said
“I need to go Tae…I’m sorry” you said taking your stuff and walking trough the door
“Y/N wait please” he called your name but you just needed to go home and clear your head.

In a way you thought how you cheated on Luke,but it felt so good to kiss Taehyung for the first time.
“It was wrong,but just right” you said to yourself

Taehyung on the other side didn’t know what to do with himself.He felt like you won’t talk to him anymore and that everything will be ruined.
He smiled and bit his lip when he remembers you kissing back and then everything comes back again.
“Ah fuck” he said

Few days passed since that day..Taehyung and you have been not talking.
“Oh God” you close your eyes and lay back on your bed
“What is it Y/N?” your high school friend Ariana asked
“I don’t know what to do”
“What happened?”
“I..I..” you started
“Just say it already!” she raised her voice at you
“I think I started to have some feeling towards Taehyung again” you said it quickly as possible
“You what?” Ariana’s face drops
“I am..Not okay” you said looking at her
“But you guys haven’t been hanging out-”
“I can’t get him out of my head Ariana” you look at her
“You’re in some trouble” she said

You thought to yourself how she doesn’t even know about the kiss.Neither does Luke.
You guys have been seeing each other again..You forgived him about overreacting and everything is good now,but you are hiding a secret.A big secret.That is that you cheated on him,just like he thought you would with Taehyung.

“You’re not aloud to leave” 

Word Count- 494
Warnings- None
Y/N- Your Name

Ever since Luke had gotten back from tour, he hadn't been acting the same. You guys were fighting more, keeping secrets, and completely falling apart. You ad Luke used to be so close, you used to tell each other everything, you used to be together every minute of everyday. Now Luke was out having a great time while you sat at home wondering where he was, and if he was safe. 

“Luke, we need to talk.” You purred from the living room entry way. “Yeah okay.” He  murmured, making his way over to you.
“Can we go for a walk or something.” You suggested, he nodded in agreement. You laced your fingers together and made your way to the park across the street. 
“What’s on your mind, love?” Luke questioned. You took a deep breath and you thought of a way to go about this. “Luke, I miss you.” You whispered. 
“How can miss me? I’m right here.” He smiled.
“No, Lucas, I miss the old you. I miss the way things used to be. I miss when we spent time together all the time. I also miss the times that I knew where you were at 4 a.m.” You imparted, tears forming in you eyes. 
“I don’t think I understand what you’re getting at, y/n”
“I just wanna know what’s going on with us?” You replied, letting go of his hand. 
“I, personally, think we’re fine!” Luke’s voice filled with frustration.
“You know damn well that’s a lie.” You sounded hurt. You crossed your arms and looked the opposite direction. “What do you want me to do, y/n? Quit my band? Ignore my fans? Blow my friends off?” Luke scoffed. 
“Luke all I’m asking if for you to give me some attention every now and then. I feel like I’m loosing you. We fight all the time and it hurts.” You cried. 
“By the sound of it we aren't working anymore , maybe we’re both better off without each other.” Luke stormed off, his words knives. You’re stomach felt tight as you processed what had just happened. You thought about how long you had been together and how much you loved him. You ran to catch up to him, pulling at his sleeve to catch his attention. 
“You’re not aloud to leave.” You let go of his sweater, your tear stained cheeks glistening in the sun. “Not now anyways. Not after all this time. Luke it’s been two years. Two years that I've cherished so much. I may be a pain, and we may fight, but at the end of the day I still love you, and know you’re gonna come home to me.” Luke grabbed your hand pulling you into a tight hug.
“I’m sorry I don’t spend as much time as I should with you, I love you.”  Luke spoke, kissing your head. 

Silently wishes I could get this excited over hand warmers


You’re the assistant to the director of the boys music video “Don’t Stop"and they keep goofing off and messing things up.

"Calum! Look out!” Michael tells as he jumps off the railing and swings down, attached to a harness.

He lands on top of Cal and they just laugh while Ashton breaks the gym equipment by using it wrong. Luke walks in and the boys stare at his arm gear.

“Dude!!” Calum says.

The boys get up to check out the cool thing on his arm.

“What does this do?” Michael asks and presses a button.
“No!!” Luke yells as a sharp spike flies out of his hand straight at the director.

Unfortunately, he raises his clip board just in time to protect his head.

“That’s it!!” He yells. “(Y/n); you’re in charge of these hooligans!” And with that, he storms out; throwing you the clip board.

The boys look you up and down.

“Ya know.. She can be in charge of me, I’ll tell ya that.” Ashton says to Luke.

Luke smiles and looks over at you, “Damn straight, Ash.”

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Luke and his kiddo 

‘Remember? When we were kids, Clary and I, you brought us here. We roasted marshmallows. Clary got one stuck in her hair. And Jocelyn had to cut it out. Yeah? Clary cried, like, the whole way home because she thought she looked like a boy. But you told her that she was still beautiful, and that you would always love her.’