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Imagine – Babysitting JJ with Jensen (Part 6)

Word Count – 1593

Pairing – Divorced Jensen x Reader

Triggers – none


-Exactly a year later-

Today was baby Sam’s first birthday. It went by so fast, it was insane. JJ was getting big as was he, and Jensen was working more and more. You decided to stop acting and be a stay at home mom, while Jensen was out a lot so you all cherished the days he was home, finally.

“Did ya get the cake from the shop babe?” Jensen asked, blowing up balloons while JJ watched cartoons with Sam in the baby swing

“Yup!” You said bringing the cake in and sitting it in front of him to show him

He looked at the cake with amazement and licked his lips.

“I can’t wait, I love cake! It’s beautiful, just like you.” He smiled, kissing your cheek.

“Don’t eat it till it’s time, I’m watching you Jense.” He sighed with a nod, then went back to blowing up balloons.

You dressed JJ up in a pink dress with a black bow in her hair, and put on a shirt that said “birthday boy” on Sam, he looked so much like Jensen. The sound of the doorbell tracked you out of your thoughts as you went and opened it.

“Hey Gen, Jared, Thomas and Shep!’ You said happily, giving everyone a hug as they came in.

“Aunt y/n!” The boys yelled, tackling your legs with hugs.

“My god you boys are getting big, soon you’ll be carrying your dad around!” They all laughed.

Jensen gave everyone a hug as well while JJ talked to Shep and Thomas, her best friends.

“Can we see him?!” Gen said excitedly.

“Of course, Follow me!” You said leading her to Sam while Jensen and Jared stayed behind.

“She’s been dying to see him, nice name of choice by the way.” Jared winked

“Thanks, he looks just like y/n.”

“I heard he looks like you the most, now I have to see and find out for myself.”

They both walked over and saw Gen already holding Sam in her arms as Shep and Thomas stood around her, awing and softly running their hand over his soft hair.

“He’s gonna be a heartbreaker when he’s older.” Gen smiled at Jared and Jensen, kissing his head after and passing him to Jared.

“Hey buddy, I’m your Uncle Jared. I promise to always protect and love you, and I promise to not let daddy get you into horrible music.” Jensen scoffed and crossed his arms with a smile while you and Jared chuckled.

After 30 minutes the doorbell rang again. JJ ran to the door and opened it with your permission while Jensen and Jared were out back with the boys putting up decorations.

“Hello miss JJ!” Misha said happily, picking her up and hugging her tightly while she squealed from happiness

You ran up to the door when you saw Vicki, Maison and West and gave them all a huge, huge, huge hug including Misha of course

“It’s been year’s since I’ve seen you guys! Oh my god I could cry.” You laugh, wiping away tears in the corner of your eyes.

“West and Maison you’re getting so big! And Vicki, you look great!”

“They were so excited to visit you” Misha said with a smile

“I’m excited to see you all too! How are you doing guys?”

“Good” Maison and West both answered the same time, running off to play with JJ and the boys after.

Gen came up behind and gave Misha and Vicki a hug as well while you held your sleeping son in your arms.

“He’s beautiful!” Vicki said quietly

“We’re so happy for you guys, Jensen’s been wanting another kid for years.” Misha replied after, making you smile and feel warm inside.

-Jared and Jensen POV-

Jensen looked around for kids, noticing they were all playing on the playground so they couldn’t hear the convo they were about to have, not wanting to spoil it for anyone, especially you.

“I’m going to propose to y/n today.”

Jared accidentally popped the balloon he was trying to tie up in shock, laughing after. He got off the ladder and looked at Jensen with a shock expression, but happiness as well.

“That’s fucking awesome, dude! I’m so happy for you!”

“Do ya think she will like it and say yes? I’m sweatin’ bullets man.”

He opened up the tiny black box to show a beautiful ring inside, having “Forever” carved on to it. Jareds eyes welled up in tears as he gave Jensen a huge hug.

“It’s beautiful man, she’ll love it.”

-Normal POV-

“Time for cake!” You yelled, carrying out of the cake while Sam sat in the highchair at the main table. Gen got the video camera ready and Jensen put the box back in his pocket and walked over with Jared, thinking of when to do it. You leaned up and kissed him after you placed the cake down, making everyone go “oooo” while the kids went “eww” and covered each other’s eyes, making everyone laugh.

Before you all could finish singing happy birthday Sam already placed his hands into the cake, licking the icing off his fingers after.

“Just like his daddy” you smiled, bringing out the other cake you had for everyone else.

You and Jensen cut the cake together while everyone took pictures and Misha took the camera and recorded it. The kids got the first slices and ate together while the rest of the adults ate at the table, along with Sam eating the icing and getting it all over his face and bib.

Everyone ate together and talked, all as one big happy family like you were for the first time in years, everyone actually together. Nobody was to busy filming, nobody was sick and couldn’t make it, everyone was there and everyone was happy.

After opening all of the gifts you went around with your video camera and asked everyone to say something for Sam to watch all throughout his life.

“Hey Sam, it’s uncle Jared, aunt Gen, and us!!” the boy’s yelled, sitting on their lap.

“We just want to let ya know you have two amazing parents who love you very much, and an amazing big sister who will kick anybody’s asses –‘ Gen cut him off

“Hey! Language for the kid” They both chuckled, especially you behind the camera

“Will kick anybody’s butt who tries to hurt you, and if she can’t me and daddy will take care of it buddy, don’t ya worry.” They all waved with a goodbye.

“Heya kiddo, it’s Uncle Misha and Aunt Vicki with the kids, we’re so excited to spend more time with you and watch you grow into a handsome young man! Your mommy, daddy and sissy love you, as do we. Happy birthday! Also, remember science and taking care of the earth is cool!” Misha yelled at the end, you rolled your eyes and chuckled.

Finally it was your and Jensen’s turn. Jensen had the perfect plan. He sat the video camera on top of something while everyone sat around while you sat on the stairs and JJ sat in your lap. Jensen sat next to you and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“Heya Sammy, it’s mommy and daddy with little J. We just wanted to say happy birthday! We loved ya from the start and always will, you’re such a wonderful son and I can’t wait to experience life with you. We love you very much, anything you’d like to say J?”

“I promise to share my toys with you.” Everyone bursted into laughter.

“I have something else I want to do, I know it’s Sam’s big day but I couldn’t wait anymore.” Jensen said, Jared gave him a nod with an excited look making you confused till you looked over and noticed him on his one knee, making you nearly drop JJ from excitement.

“What – hold on is this a fu – freaking joke?!” You said excitedly, Vicki took JJ off your lap and let you have your moment without worrying about dropping anyone.

“Y/N, I’ve known you for a very, very long time now 7 years to be exact. I remember having the hugest crush on you for so, so long. I love you so, so much and I want you to know that every time I promise forever, I mean it. Will you marry me?”

‘Yes – yes of course, are you insane of course I will!” You said happily with tears running down your cheeks. You wrapped your arms tightly around his neck while he wrapped his around your waist, kissing your cheek then kissing you roughly after while everyone cheered and clapped. He slipped the ring on your finger and kissed your hand after, both shaking like leaves.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know, and I can’t wait to start this journey with you.”

He turned around to the camera and held your arm up in the air along with his.

“I’m marrying your mommy!”

He turned off the camera after you both said goodbye, then laid it on the table. He placed his hand over his mouth then rubbed his eyes, wiping the tears of happiness away as did you when everyone gave you a hug, including JJ.

“You ready to spend forever with me, Jense? Are you sure you want to deal with this forever?”

“Baby, you have no idea how many times I have dreamed of spending forever with you.”



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