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Things Tom Paris definitely did to get in trouble at the Academy
  • Fooled around with the Ambassador’s daughter in a coat closet during a diplomatic function (in his defense, the event was really boring).
  • Programmed all the informational viewscreens in the corridors to display derogatory messages about their rival Parrises Squares team. 
  • Got a blowjob from a cute boy in his father’s office (his father was supposed to be in a meeting that afternoon!). 
  • Broke into the pool used by the Academy swim team for a midnight pool party. 
the one before the flight

→ Nathan Adrian x Y/N

→ Word Count: 950

→ Summary: Y/N and Nathan are preparing for Rio with their baby girl, Ellie. 

+family!nathan omg can u imagine how good of a dad he’d be

+the first imagine in my “the one (with/when)…” series. and yes its totally titled after friends 

+btw, lots of dialogue in this one 


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It’s an early morning, just like the rest of them. Nathan is still in bed, checking Instagram, while I’m in Ellie’s room, packing the last minute things she’ll need for the flight. She’s still sleeping but I’ll need to wake her up soon so she can be fed before we go. I finish packing the diaper bag and leave the door half open. After placing the bag on the kitchen table, I notice Nathan already prepping Ellie’s bottle. I smile and snake my arms around his torso, and place a small kiss on his shoulder, appreciating his help at such a stressful time like this.

“Everything is packed. I just need to change and feed Ellie before we go,” I state and open the fridge to find something to eat myself.

Nathan tightens the lid on Ellie’s bottle. “I’ll feed her,” he smiles. He never really gets a chance to feed her since I usually breast feed her. Luckily, she’s our little superstar and doesn’t mind a bottle. We knew it’d be easier to bottle feed her this morning, incase she doesn’t finish eating before we need to leave.

“Yeah?” I inquire before taking a bite out of my peach.  

“Yeah,” he insists, placing a warm kiss to my temple. He starts walking to her bedroom and I stop him.

“Babe,” I begin. “She doesn’t get fed until 3.”  

“I know,” he reassures me in a tone that clearly shows he knows his daughter’s feeding schedule. “I’m just gonna spend some time with her.” He makes small and quiet strides to the nursery and I take a seat at the kitchen table. Opening my laptop, my eyes narrow at the bright light illuminating our dim kitchen. I check my Instagram notifications, most of them are comments that people have tagged me in on Nathan’s picture with Ellie captioned ‘My little world traveler’. It was the cutest picture of them, both bright eyed and smiling wide. The comments make me smile and reply to a few of them. I toss the pit of my peach in the compost and walk down the hall, stopping at Ellie’s room before mine. I lean against the door frame and watch as Nathan sits in the rocking chair, using his toes to gently rock him and Ellie. She suckles on the nipple of the bottle and Nathan whispers sweet nothings to her.

“You look just like your mother you know that? ”

That’s not true. Ellie’s got Nathan’s bright brown eyes, his dimples and his radiant smile.

“You’re both so beautiful,” he continues. “And I know you’re going to grow up to be a neat freak, just like her.”

I softly chuckle. Nathan looks up and flashes the smile that leaves crinkles at the corners of his eyes. “Hey babe,” he spoke. “I was just talking about you.”

“I heard. Don’t forget to burp her…” I remind him while pushing off of the door frame. “We leave in 15 minutes!” Nathan grumbles something in return while I turn on the light in our room. Rummaging through Nathan’s t shirt drawer, I find one of his old Cal swimming shirts to wear instead of my own. I tuck the shirt into my boyfriend jeans, grab Ellie’s purple lovey that was left in our room from the night before and head to the living room. I mentally check off everything that’s been packed and call for Nathan. “Nathan, we have to go!”

“Did you grab Ellie’s lovey?” He shouts in concern.

“Yes, I have it, now let’s go!” I grab my keys and slide my phone into my back pocket. Nathan briskly walks down the hall with Ellie in one arm and his bag in the other. “Okay, you’ve got everything?”

“Yeah, babe I’ve got everything,” Nathan assures me.

“Great,” I say, slinging the diaper bag over my shoulders, grasping the handle of my suitcase, and fumble towards the front door.

“Uh, babe, I think you’re forgetting something,” Nathan laughs, staring at me.

“What? What am I forgetting?” I question frantically. We cannot afford to be late for our flight.

He looks down at my feet. “Your shoes, babe. Your shoes.”

I roll my tired eyes and groan. How do I forget my shoes? “Can you go get them for me please?”

Already walking down the hall, he asks which ones I want. I tell him my black converse but he comes out with my white ones. He says, “The white ones will look cuter.”

“And since when did you become a fashion expert?” I question, placing my hand on my hip.

“I’m not, but I know you and I know you wouldn’t like how the black ones look. You’d ask for your white ones and I’d have to walk back to the bedroom to get them,” he reasons, and he’s right.  

“Okay, Mr. Sassy pants. Can you please put my shoes on for me?”

Nathan obliges my request and hands Ellie over to me. He kneels down to put on my shoes and ties them. “Do you think this is how Ellie feels when we put her shoes on her?” I ask him.

Nathan stands up and shrugs, “Probably. Alright, you ready to go now?”

“Yeah,” I nod. “Ellie, are you ready? Are you ready to go to Rio?” I kiss her cheek and follow Nathan out of the house.

I can tell Nathan’s nerves are getting to him when we reached the airport. He barely said a thing going through security, he was having trouble focusing- hardly listening to the things I was saying but I don’t mind. Ellie sleeps contently in my arms while Nathan tries to catch up on some sleep before we board the plane. God, please let this flight bring some much needed rest.

 daddy!nathan makes me emotional ok. not all of “the one (with/ when)…” series will include Ellie btw, it’ll include all of my nathan writings :)


bad time to find out about your language kink for Makoto, Haru.
bad time to find out your boyfriend doesn’t care where you Do it, Makoto.

I like to think Makoto took language courses in university. He knows some French and a little more English now, but he’s most proficient in Spanish.

Based on ep1 of the current season of The Amazing Race! AAAAAAA I’m watching for Burnie and Ashley!! theyre so adorable they kiss a lot 😭😭 I thought their energy and affinity was so makoharu-like I just had to dRAW! I hope they win!

team makoharu winning the race and the 1 million dollars 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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Cna you really hold your breath for five minutes? 😶

Hello sweet anon! I see that you found Poppy’s post XD

I can actually hold my breath between 4:30-5 minutes p regularly, but the highest I ever got to was 5:20


2016: Year in Review ⇾ Michael Phelps last Olympic Games

In 2016, Michale Phelps participated in his fifth Olympic Games. He won individual gold in the 200-meter individual medley and the 200-meter butterfly, while taking silver in the 100-meter butterfly. He also won team gold in the 4x100- and 4x200-meter freestyle relays, along with 4x100-meter medley relay. He finished his historic career with 28 total medals, including 23 gold. Remarkably his first gold medal came in 2000 as a 15-year-old.

fanfic list

by demand, here are some fanfics i enjoy reading on wattpad!

ryan lochte:

1- strange love by heavydirtymigraine

2- forelsket by stasxylove

conor dwyer:

1- you jump i jump by quiffboy *** by far one of the best i’ve read (it’s a highschool au!!)

2- into you by matsvhummels

3- serendipidity by saltystarks

michael phelps:

1- buzzcut season by heavydirtyimagine

2- texting by swanslullaby

3- reconcile by spcrosby

nathan adrian:

1- fools by shayonherown

2- happy ending by saltystarks

3- limerance by saltystarks

4- golden days by losingmyself

5- cold water  by jakesfitzgeralds

*casually throws mine in aswell*

6- tommy by ravensclaws

Kathleen Baker: Olympic Silver Medalist with Crohn's Disease

I haven’t really seen this on Tumblr, so I decided to share it. I’m not going to link an article because most are filled with inspiration porn.

Kathleen Baker is a 19 year old swimmer for Team USA. She just won a silver medal for the Women’s 100 meter backstroke in Rio 2016. She had a very impressive time of 58.75 seconds, just 3 tenths of a second behind the gold medalist. (For perspective, the world record for this event is 58.12 seconds, set in 2009.)

And Kathleen Baker has Crohn’s disease. She barely made it to the Olympic trials, and luckily for her both the trials and her Olympic event have fallen on low pain days. She has lived with this disease for several years, and it has greatly impacted her ability to swim, train, and all aspects of her life.

I’m just really happy to see a fellow spoonie dominating in the olympics.