use of white phosphorus


this footage was released a few days ago but i’ve hardly seen anything about it.. the us-led coalition used mass white phosphorus bombs on civilian populated neighbourhoods in raqqa, syria. this is an incendiary and toxic chemical substance. contact with human skin causes burns to the bone.


>trump invades syria
>we get the hillary timeline Iraq 2.0 & possible Hot war with russia anyway


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Saudi Arabia and Israel use white phosphorus but EEERRRRT HOL UP gas attack with no known or confirmed responsible party? WELL THIS IS HEINOUS AND ITS THE GOVERNMENTS FAULT OF COURSE

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Dissolving white phosphorous in a really special solvent.

Phosphorus is a chemical element with symbol P and atomic number 15. As an element, phosphorus exists in two major forms - white phosphorus and red phosphorus - but because it is highly reactive, phosphorus is never found as a free element on Earth. From the two major allotropes, white phosphorous is the less popular, since it is HIGHLY toxic, ignites easily on air and it leaves really nasty marks after it gets on the skin. 

When exposed to oxygen, white phosphorus glows in the dark with a very faint tinge of green and blue. It is highly flammable and pyrophoric (self-igniting) upon contact with air. Owing to its pyrophoricity, white phosphorus is used as an additive in napalm.

When white phosphorus is dissolved in normal organic solvents, like benzene, toluene, ect, it ends up with a transparent solution, it may have a slight yellow discoloration. However in this case it is highly colored as seen on the gifs, it’s due radical formation and depending on the concentration the color of the solution could highly vary. 

Really important note: do not try to work with white phosphorus, it really toxic and it could easily ignite.

Palestinian lying

Literally everything the Palestinians accuse Israel of doing is something they or the Arabs have done or are still doing themselves. It’s insane. Israel does not do them, but its accusers do.

Apartheid? No Jews allowed to live in many Arab-Muslim countries. Israelis, and Jews really, not allowed to step foot in many Arab-Muslim countries. The dhimma laws are institutionalized apartheid. Jews lived seperately in ghettos in MENA countries for centuries.

Ethnic cleansing? Nearly one million Jews cleansed from the MENA region, propelled by laws allowing them to confiscate the Jews’ property. While in Israel 20% of the country is Arab-Muslim, the amount of Jews living in MENA countries is de minimus.

Genocide? The Arabs openly call for Jewish genocide and have been for years. If they could have done it, they would have. The Turks committed the Armenian genocide. Upon the advent of Islam, the Arabs committed the second largest slaughter of Jews after the Holocaust at Khaibar, wiping out the Jews. Meanwhile, Arabs in Israel thrive.

Racism? Arab xenophobia is rampant. Dhimmi laws are codified racism. The Arabs refer to Jews as sons of pigs and apes. At least Palestinians have skin in the game though. Their Western supporters are often just simple Jew-haters and Marxists. Not to mention Palestinian nationalism’s Nazi roots, central to its anti-Semitic ideology along with the dhimmi codes.

Censorship? On campus, any time a Jewish, Israeli or pro-Israeli speaks, even if it’s a leftist message, anti-zionists violently shut the speech down, using intimidation and violence, pulling fire alarms, breaking windows, throwing chairs. In Israel, there is robust freedom of expression and speech. You can openly call for Israel’s destruction without worry. European leftist trash fly into Israel en masse to go on “Catch the Jew” tours and to throw rocks at soldiers. There is little to no freedom of press in Palestine.

Killing children? Palestinians have violently murdered infants in extremely cruel, personal fashion. They’ve been doing this for years, and Palestinians treat their baby-killers like heroes. The Itamar Attack, in which two Palestinians slit the throats of three babies, wasn’t unusual or unique. They do it all the time. Meanwhile, the one instance of the Arab baby dying was actually an arson attack gone wrong and the perps were arrested. Further, the Palestinians incite their youth to commit attacks on soldiers. The Arabs fully appreciate the PR value of a dead child. Israel never exploits its dead for PR purposes.

Using phosphorous? Israel only uses phosphorous in flares. Israel does not use weaponized white phosphorus. Hamas, however, uses weaponized white phosphorus in an RPG-type weapon. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing this.

Human shields? Hamas is infamous for their use of human shields. They fire mortars from dense, residential areas.

Hasbara? Palestine for years has operated one of the most effective, dishonest PR campaigns in history. They traveled to and studied Marxist nations’ methods in order to rebrand themselves as Oppressed Peoples. They frequently hire well-known PR firms. Israel used hasbara too, of course, but much more honestly. Even the dreaded Occupation is largely mischaracterized.

Ties to the Land? Only the Jews have a continuous 3,000+ year presence there. The Arabs are largely settlers and colonizers not only from the Arab conquest that accompanied the advent of Islam, but in wave after wave of immigration continuing up through about World War Two.

Today in labor history, July 5, 1888: 1,500 workers go on strike at the Bryant and May match factory in London after management fires two people suspected of providing information that led to an expose about the appalling working conditions in the factory. The women and girls were subjected to fourteen-hour days, low pay, excessive fines, and the severe health complications of working with white phosphorus. The strike was quickly settled; in 1908 the British government banned the use of white phosphorus in matches.

Day 15 - Phosphorus

In the third Period and the fifteenth Group, there is about 750 grams of Phosphorus in each human body.

Phosphorus has a very interesting discovery story - a German was trying to find a way to turn regular metals into gold, using components found in urine. He didn’t fine his magical element, but he did isolate phosphorus!

It has been theorized that the phosphorus on Earth will run out soon, and when that happens it would throw out agricultural systems into chaos.

When you strike a strike-anywhere match, you’re using phosphorus! White phosphorus is extremely flammable, and is used in the head of these matches.

It is sometimes called the devil’s element because of its explosive properties and the fact that it was the thirteenth element discovered.


120mm White Phosphorus Mortar

vivashiousness  asked:

Alright, so you say Gaza is launching rockets at the Israel people? Fair enough. They are. Because that is what WAR is, right? Both sides attack each other. But how many people have Gaza killed? Not that I want more deaths. But according to statistics: 0. How many has Israel killed? 88. They broke international law using a phosphoric bomb. The only photos I've seen are of children and women and families being killed. Gaza receive $0 in military aid unlike Israel. Is Israel still the victim?

1) Gaza sent 150 rockets before Israel responded at all. Don’t attack a country if you don’t expect retaliation.

2) What country will sacrifice their own people so that the death counts are exactly the same on both sides? Syria? ISIS?

3) Israel has NEVER used weaponized white phosphorus.

4) The reason “most of the photos [YOU’VE] seen” are of women and children is because most of those photos are faked. Check our blog and you’ll see countless examples of pictures from Syria, Iraq, or South America being passed off as pictures of “Israeli brutality.”

5) Gaza receives billions of dollars of aid every year from a variety of sources (the EU, Iran, etc.).

As you can see, you’re off on pretty much everything. Anything else?

farhaamani  asked:

Can someone actually explain to me what's going on in Gaza , Palestine or is real. Like I'm actually confuses as to who's side to be on

 After 2nd world war Jews came to the land of Palestinians and stole it, started killing Palestinians, destroying their houses, raping women and all other bad things. They made ghetto for Palestinians called Gaza that has 365 square kilometers. 1.82 million people live on the area of 365 square kilometers! Israel since always bombed Gaza, killed and tortured Palestinians. They hold down import and export to Gaza Strip! Have you  got idea how many people died of hunger because of it? Women after giving birth used to die because there was no high-value food! Israel used to throw down white phosphorus on the heads of Palestinians! Do you know what white phosphorus does?! White phosphorus is a toxic substance! It burns skin down to the bones!
Israel cuts electricity in Gaza down so they have elec. only for 4h per a day! And sometimes they don’t have it at all. Can you imagine it? Every day, 4h of electricity, often without hot water. 
 And people still dare to stand with Israel! I don’t know where is their humanity but they should keep in their sick minds, they will be judged in The Last Day.

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What is your opinion on the ongoing conflict between Palestinians and European settlers?

Hello, my name is Susie the moderator and I have 100% support of the Palestinians. They are being systematically eliminated and no one is doing a damn thing. Zionism is killing them and that is the truth. The Israeli army is even using ILLEGAL white phosphorus to burn the skin of the people in the Gaza Strip? The “warning” shots they give the Palestinians are tinier missiles than the larger ones to come. They do not see the Palestinians as human.

Where is the humanity? Where is their humanity.

- Susie

Recognition of a Palestinian state by France would be a grave mistake,“ Netanyahu told reporters in Jerusalem. “Do they have nothing better to do at a time of beheadings across the Middle East?”

So in Netanyahu’s mind, the killing of hundreds of Palestinians by bombing, shelling, sniping, by the use of cluster bombs and white phosphorus, should be ignored as that’s a “civilised” form of murder, only the beheadings are barbaric!

—  Emilios Georgiades