use music a lot to cope with things so i thought having a mix like this might help

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i hope you don’t mind a modern au—i thought it suited this prompt best!

11) things you said when you were drunk

take a shot, leave your lip gloss

[jonxsansa, modern au ~5k+]

and i don’t wanna leave this bar until i get your number
and if i’m being honest i can’t wait to get you home

—the summer set

Sansa doesn’t usually hit the bars by herself; it’s no fun, and if she fancies a drink alone she’d prefer to cozy up on her couch with a bottle of moscato and a bad film, or that playlist of break-up songs Margaery put on her computer after that nasty split with Joffrey. (Fuck Joff, by the way.)

Tonight, though, Sansa’s not sure that the power of goddess Gloria Gaynor can help her. She can’t bear to shut herself up in the confines of her small apartment with nothing but her own thoughts to keep her company. On a whim she’d spent far too much on a cab downtown and ended up at The Crow, a well-reputed dive bar that Margaery swore by because she knows a guy who knows a guy, et cetera, and Margaery had never steered her wrong before, especially not when it comes to a good mixed drink.

Sansa sits alone at the end of the bar and wishes Margaery was in town, but she’s on a trip with her grandmother and won’t be back for weeks. There are few others who Sansa feels particularly comfortable confiding in: her sister Arya is a phone call away, but she’s also four hours away at some rugby match, neither of their younger brothers are old enough to tag along, and Sansa couldn’t bear to text Robb. He would know something was wrong, and Sansa just knows he’d get all overprotective big brother when he inevitably wrangled an explanation from her. She loves him for that, but right now it’s not what she needs. Right now she just needs someone to listen so she doesn’t have to keep thinking about it.

Right now she also needs another drink, but the bartender who’d been waiting on her the past hour must have clocked out because he’s nowhere in sight. He’d been a nice chap, Sansa reflects as she drums her fingers next to her empty glass. Sam, his name was, and he’d had a kind face and he must have seen right through her because Sansa had never had an amaretto sour with quite so much kick. Not that she’s complaining—the kick is what she’d come for.

She’s drawing patterns in the puddle of condensation her glass left behind when someone says her name—“Sansa?”

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Sol 6 part 5

Chris Beck x Reader

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Summary: You’re part of the Ares III crew, on sol 6 you’re left behind on Mars with Mark. How will the both of you survive and will Beck ever realise your feelings for him.

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Beth Johanssen spent an exceptional amount of time in the gym since they left Mars, you had been so close that the only way to forget that she had left you and Mark behind was to work her body until her legs felt like jelly.

“Keep that up and you might get more muscles than when we left,” Beck’s voice startled her, she looked behind her to see him leaning against the wall at the entrance to the gym. She turned back around and kept running but slowed it down to a lower speed.

“It helps,” was all she said.

Beck walked over, his jaw set tight. “I know,” he said quietly, he walked past her and stared out the windows and into the stars. He seemed to spend a lot of time doing that, Beth noted, as if if he looked hard enough you and Mark would magically appear in a rocket and yell at them for leaving them behind. God he wished that was possible, even if you hated him forever at least you would be alive.

The Hermes sped further and further away and with each passing mile all he could think about was how he had left your body on Mars, left to be cold and buried forever. He should have done something, he should have gone out and kept looking for you, he should have agreed with you and Watney and convinced the others to wait the storm out. It was his fault.

“It’s not your fault,” Beth said, Beck could see her reflection in the window come up behind him. Beth knew what he was thinking because she was thinking it too, after you Beth was his best friend on the crew. He hadn’t really talked to her since the incident because he knew if he started talking as if nothing had happened he would break down, so he didn’t talk to anyone. “We couldn’t have stopped it from happening,” she said quietly, placing a hand on his arm.

“We still left them there.”

Beth bit her lip, she couldn’t argue with that. “They wouldn’t have wanted us to stay, they’d want us to be safe up here,” she reasoned, though she didn’t believe it herself.


“I can’t believe those dicks left us stranded here,” you groaned, Mark had thankfully found a way to grow potatoes. After spending an entire day practically breaking your back lugging dirt into the HAB you then had to mix up everyone’s shit for bacteria for the potatoes to grow in. It reeked and it took everything you had to not throw up.

Mark chuckled from beside you as he spooned the shit-mix into the ground, though he looked a little green himself. “Why so? Is it because of Lewis’ disco music? The lack of variety in our finest freeze dried food? The fact that we have to handle everyone’s crap?” he listed.

“Yes, yes and yes,” you grumbled, planting potatoes on the adjacent row. You hoped to god that this was all worth it and the potatoes actually did grow, otherwise this whole day would have been pointless. It took about another hour or so to fill up all the space in your make-shift farm and you still had a few bits of potatoes and shit-mix left. You scrunched your nose as you eyed the mix, even with nose plugs you could smell it, taste it in the air. “We should turn rover 1 into a miniature farm with the leftovers,” you called over to Mark.

Mark nodded, “Good idea,” he agreed. You would have to bring the rover inside the HAB considering it didn’t have an airlock so every time you opened the door the plants would be exposed to the Martian atmosphere and die. So you had to bring it inside the HAB so that didn’t happen, which meant you had to dismantle it.

You and Mark put on your space suits and went outside, first you worked on the inside to take out the seats and control panel to clear the floor for your mini farm. Then you rolled it over to the airlock, took off the wheels then had to carry it inside the HAB yourselves.

The both of you decided to put it just outside the larger farm and you would have to water it manually each day compared to the automatic water making system you would have to set up pretty soon if you wanted the potatoes to survive. You used up the rest of the potatoes and finally you could just relax and eat some food. All the work had strained the wound on your leg and even Mark had popped a staple in his side. Thankfully you hadn’t, but your leg was aching and you had to lie down.

Your laptop had all the episodes of your favourite show downloaded, you lay on your bed watching the episodes and you could hear Mark making a log in the background. In this moment you could pretend that everything was normal, that the crew were all still here and doing their thing, that that storm had never hit and everyone was okay. In truth you were glad the crew were safe on the Hermes, you would never wish for any of them to be trapped down here with you and Mark.

It would have been too late to stop the MAV tipping and you were glad the others had managed to escape safely, even if it meant leaving you behind. It was the right call to make. Still, you missed them, a ten month journey here and years of training had brought you all so close. They were your family through and through.

Mark finished his vlog and flopped down on the bed next to you silently, you lay your head on his shoulder taking comfort in the fact that you weren’t completely alone down here. If you were you had no idea how you would cope, you never would have thought to grow potatoes so you knew you would have died after a while anyway. “I miss Beck,” you said, your voice quiet. Mark and Martinez were like your brothers but Beck was so much more to you, his presence had always calmed you down and made you feel safe. He didn’t tease you like the others and you could have long conversations about work and your lives, you couldn’t help but miss him the most.

“I know,” Mark replied quietly, comfortingly. He didn’t tease you this time, he knew how close you and Beck were and how lost you must be feeling without him. Even he missed the doctor the most out of the rest of the crew. Chris always made people feel safe and despite being one of the quieter ones he didn’t hesitate to crack an unexpected joke which had the whole team in laughter. You were usually bubbly and fun, Mark hated seeing you so down- not that he could blame you, stuck on Mars was hardly an ideal situation. Mark hoped the two of you would somehow get off this godforsaken planet, maybe then you would be happy again.


A/N- bit of Beth and Chris platonic fluff because I think they would still be close friends. As always tell me what you think and requests are open xx

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I wanted to ask you something but if it’s too personal then please just ignore this ask because I don’t want to annoy or upset you. I love reading your posts and I look up to you a lot. You are such a genuinely lovely person and I’m so glad the fandom has someone like you. :) I was just wondering how your bipolar disorder affected your education. Because my mental health issues are seriously affecting mine right now. My work is suffering and it’s making me feel worse :( How did you cope?

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