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I think one of the main reasons I don't like LND is bc of how it portrayed Meg. Bc now so many newer fans just see her as a murderer and I have to spend so much time explaining that ALW made her so OOC. It's also rlly tiring seeing Meg used as a shitty plot device in fics centered around LND bc she's so much more!! Irdc if ppl like it or not but I just get rlly tired of being told I like a murderer. I know you're not like that but it's popular among younger fans :/

I see what you’re saying pal. I really agree with you on the over use of Meg as a bad guy plot device. And honestly, she’s usually not even used as a good, well written one- this is something I’ve noticed with a lot of younger fans (like middle school to early high school) and their fanfiction. 

Now I personally kind of like the direction Meg went in for LND. It’s not ideal, obvs, but I do think it’s an interesting concept that probably could have been handled a little better. I think that’s why I get so annoyed when I see her written as this out of this world random bad guy in fanfiction because it’s like, “no wait you’re supposed to fix and improve upon the original source not go even dumber than it!”.


·· I was under the impression that quinces were bow-and-arrow using savages…But after witnessing that, I guess they’re quite civilized… ··

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Aldri glem den gangen The X-Files prøvde seg på norsk

These flowers grow
Through wind and rain
With the harshest elements
Beating them down
Still, they don’t
Merely survive
But somehow manage
To beautifully thrive
Striking blossoms
Bursting open
Finding the sun shining
On their upturned
Hopeful faces
We can be flowers too
Growing through our pain
Finding beauty
In every day

Photography by @just-4-thought

Poem by @autumnsunshine10

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Hi! I'm curious what you meant by "yikes, tumblr youth, Y I K E S" in your post on things you could talk about for hours?


  • *Creaky voice* when I was your age, we called it fandom wank, not discourse, and we were expected to wash our hands afterwards
  • This weird, anti-feminist, anti-artistic thing where if you do an art about it, obviously you support it in real life.
    • like, kids, I am for real writing a story where a dude lies to his husband for ten years but that doesn’t mean I’m like, DON’T TELL YOUR HUSBAND STUFF BECAUSE YOU WANT TO KEEP HIM PURE!!! THIS IS 100% GOING TO END GREAT IN REAL LIFE!!!!! I SUPPORT THIS LIFE CHOICE!!!! – but it sure makes for great conflict in a story.
  • I read a lot of fic where bad stuff happens but while I will sometimes Wonder About You (privately to friends, on messenger, without names, because that’s rude), I am also going to assume you don’t support HYDRA GARBAGE HAPPENING in real life.
    • Sometimes a story is there because it expresses a dark part of you. That literally is what art is for.
    • Sometimes it’s just something you find interesting and that is okay because fuck it, real life is boring and hard and stupid and if I want a strange bond between brothers or Bucky Barnes crying pretty, I am a grown ass lady and I have agency and choice.
  • Fictional characters are not people. Fictional characters are mirrors, puppets, that we use to express things safely.
    • yikes the amount of depression I’ve worked out in fanfiction is terrifying if not hilarious
      • sorry, bucky, satoshi, and tomoyo
  • Every time someone makes a list like THESE BLOGS POST STUFF I DON’T AGREE WITH! BLOCK THEM IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH [ISSUE] BUT DON’T DOGPILE!!! I’m literally like *FACEPALM* because have you ever met a human? I have. They’re all awful. Especially the way they attack other humans like hens pecking each other to death at the first sign of blood.
  • The idea that there is an objectively pure and correct way of looking at things and you can be the arbiter of that objectively pure and correct way, and neither you nor how that way is objectively pure and correct will ever change, is not only flat out wrong, but reminds me of the anti-female, anti-thought way I was raised in Evangelical Christian circles – and let me tell you, that is a world of FUCK HELL NOPE BYE.
  • Sometimes it seems like people want to hear other people agree with them, and not learn from others, and that there is no possibility of change and growth if you’ve been labeled as Wrong Thinking, and that is both terrifying and deeply tragic.
  • FULLEST OFFENSE, but if you have time to be worrying about other people’s morality, maybe you have time to worry about your own, first.

Guys I really LOVE Ashley, Barbara, Elyse, Lindsay, Mica, Mariel, Maggie, Kdin, Steffie, Jessica Vasami, Meg, Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech, Yssa, Caiti and all the other RT ladies

Headcanon: The Bayverse movies are a shared dreamscape for cybertronians in other continuities. It came into being when earth became suddenly important in the great Civil War, as Cybertronians tried to cope with the new paradigm where tiny flesh creatures gained great importance in their conflict. It’s only one of many dreamscapes, but those who have fought on earth tend to gravitate toward it in their sleep. 

Think about it, in the movies, the characters are disjointed, their personalities shift from movie to movie (sometimes scene to scene). Motivations are unclear and/or simplified. Why does Optimus care about the humans? Ask him that and he spouts some vague rhetoric that is never really established in the movies. The humans treat the robots like either pets or villains and are generally unbelievable assholes to them. Megatron just does things because grrr!. It’s clear that he’s very emotional and passionate about beating the hell out of Optimus, but his motives are never well established either. But it makes perfect sense if that whole world is a collective dream, the bots would be taking their motivations, hangups and grudges with them when they go into recharge and find themselves suddenly a part of this disjointed narrative.

So many scenes in these movies seem like a collections of Nightmares that characters might tell Rung during a session:

Ravage: It was stormy, the ocean was choppy. I think I was on the top of a human ship..A submarine. I opened a hatch and regurgitated ball bearings into their bridge and it turned into another another cybertronian.

Ironhide: I was standing in the human’s private outdoor space, everyone was there. A tiny creature, a dog? I could barely see it. The thing drained it’s tank on my foot. I got angry but Optimus wouldn’t let me squish it, I had to stand there and do nothing.

Bee: I was in my alt mode in some kind of park, these two humans were making out on my hood and It made me feel warm and happy?

Megatron: -then I realized that I wasn’t really in charge, I was serving a master. I doing all the work for millennia long quest to destroy earth’s sun and he didn’t lift a finger to help. This made sense to me at the time, I was content to be a tool as long as I won in the end.

Optimus: -We were destroying the city but that did no matter. I could hear the humans dying but all I cared about was finishing him once and for all.

Bots whose consciousness goes into the dreams during recharge tend to be incidental characters in the dreamscape, but those who are in comas/unconscious/dead-but-not-really become more important because they are their for long periods of time. Sometimes pivotal characters like Optimus and Megatron are phantoms of what the dreaming bots believe they should be rather then the dreaming consciousness of those characters.

Honestly, these movies make so much more sense as a shared dream. Death has so little weight that you can picture the poor bot who died horribly waking up in the equivalent of a cold sweat on their recharge slab or after being knocked out in battle.