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A BIG thank you to @zune-ishi for being our 300th follower! We appreciate the support!!! 

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“Damn. You guys really love listening to us answer all these asks, don’t you? I think that’s pretty awesome if you ask me. We really do enjoy answering your asks, even though ones we’re not so entirely comfortable answering, we still do our best. 300 people following us and sending us asks. Man, that’s a lot. Well, we hope you still continue sending us asks erryday so we can keep it going! Oh, and just a personal thanks to you guys, we appreciate all the asks being sent in about our daughter. We will get to them as soon as we get the chance. Thanks again, guys.”

“Blessed be the stars, and of course all of you. I am truly touched by this new amount of followers both me and Noctis have just received so far. We always look forward to answering all of your questions, may it be simple or more of the advisory kind of questions. Even though I am still recovering from my labor, I shall do all I can to answer your questions. And I want to express my gratitude to all of you, for your most kind and heartwarming words on the birth of our daughter, Dawn. May you all go, in the grace of the gods”

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Holy crap you guys are seriously amazing. 300 followers? Our little Ask Blog just keeps growing and growing! The support you guys have given us is awesome and you all rock. I’m glad you guys are enjoying the direction we decided to take the blog, you know with Noctis and Luna having their first baby, and all the positivity in welcoming little Princess Dawn to the mix. I try hard daily to bring Noctis to life more for you all, especially his relationship with Luna and help bring this pairing all the positivity and happiness it deserves. Thanks again for showing us such incredible support, for sending us asks, and for liking and reblogging our asks to help spread the word of our blog! We’re truly touched by it. Here’s to 400 followers!!!
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Hi there! I want to thank every one of you for your continued support, and for following this ask blog. We now just reached 300 followers, and are getting questions on nearly a daily basis. Rest assured though that each of them will be answered. I always love the questions you all send in, and please always feel free to bring in your ask! We love answering them as Noctis and Luna the best we can. I am happy to contribute to this lovely pairing we all so love.
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Playing with the boys hair?? Wouldn't that be cute

Playing with Their Hair (Chocobros)

yes, yes it is


See that messy bundle of hair? Who would not play with that hair? Out of the four, Noct seems to have the softest hair and that’s the best kind of hair to play with. It would be enjoyable running your hands through his hair, and he wouldn’t mind his S/O doing it. Actually he’ll enjoy it. Though for some reason, it’ll make him feel sleepier. Like, give it a minute when his S/O’s playing with his hair and he’ll be fast asleep.

Then his S/O would plant a small kiss on top of Noct’s head then sleep with them.

Ohho my god. He’d love it when his S/O plays with his hair. Best done? On a couch when or after cuddling. There were times when they just purposefully mess with Prompto’s hair just to hear him whine a bit about it before laughing then messing his S/O’s hair as well. This blondie spends time combing and styling his hair like that, so it won’t be fair for him if he doesn’t mess their hair as well. ‘Ya know, his “perfectly-styled hair” XD

Until— in the end, the hair-thing turns into the aforementioned cuddling session XD

I’ve always pictured Gladio’s S/O doing small braids with his hair. It’s just adorable. He has a fairly long hair for a man and his S/O would definitely play with it. When this happens, usually after a training session, Gladio would probably be laying down on his S/O’s lap as they played with his hair; twirling it around their fingers and just simply sliding it. That is, until they also purposefully mess with his hair.

Thing is— if they did that, they’d best be prepared. Because this man’s not letting his S/O go until he ruffled their hair to his heart’s content. Oh and he’d also be smirking and chuckling as he does that with his poor S/O trapped in his arms; unable to escape XD

Before anything else, I often ponder on the thought on how many pomades or gels or something this man uses erryday. He manages to keep his hair up in that style and still keep it that way despite the strong winds when driving.

Anyway, Iggy would find it relaxing when his S/O plays with his hair. It feels like a head massage for him or something. This is especially evident when they’re relaxing at the end of the day. His S/O would twirl some of his hair in their hands and he’d let out a satisfied sigh— particularly when they run their hands through his hair.

It’s one of the most relaxing thing his S/O can do for him.