use a spork

Spock: I need to leave and make little Vulcans

Jim: I need you Spock

Spock: Anyways so like I was saying where to next Captain

  • Me at 4am: Okay but like...wouldn't Lance technically speaking be pan? I mean, we're all just assuming there's a two gender binary that the aliens have but they're also as a whole advanced races who are far more intelligent than any human and more technologically advanced so wouldn't they realize gender roles are just hindering to society and throw those out in order to expand upon their empires? I mean, they use sporks...why wouldn't they just live their lives how they wanted to?
  • Person: Go the fuck to sleep
lancemcclaine replied to your post:does anyone in voltron eat pizza with a fork 

ok but what if hunk made a pizza like thing somehow and coran & allura were like ??? so they had knives and forks there u go its the aliens that eat it weird. the one thing keith & lance agree on. (see: keith thinking pineapple on pizza is decent (which it is) and lance being offended)

i believe alteans use sporks which is even more offensive if you ask… but as hunk said, it proves that they’re a progressive species. two in one, right? coran and allura eat pizza with sporks and consider the humans dirty barbarians for using their hands. keith and lance have a discourse over pineapple on pizza. pidge agrees with lance and hunk with keith. they can’t even eat pizza in peace… there’s constant fighting over this and then shiro is like “ENOUGH”, they all go quiet and then he continues “besides, spinach is the best topping”. they don’t want him as a leader anymore. 

MBTI types + a spork
  • ISTJ: Sporks. Are not. Real utensils.
  • ISTP: Realizes spork is the unassuming macgyver of utensils. ISTP is spork. Spork is ISTP.
  • INTP: Hey spork sounds like spock!! :D
  • ENFP: Misplaces spork within 4 seconds of touching it.
  • ISFJ: Keeps spork in a box of cherished childhood memorabilia. Someday shows spork to grandchildren and leaves it to their favorite in their will.
  • INFP: Writes an epic poem about the spork. Spork is a hero who goes on grand adventures.
  • ENFJ: Writes an epic poem about the spork. It's a commentary on capitalism.
  • INTJ: Writes an epic poem about the spork. Spork dies at the end.
  • ENTP: Tries really hard to think of spork puns. Forgets about it after 5 minutes.
  • ESFJ: Uses spork in public. Sporks become a worldwide trend.
  • ESFP: Draws a smiley face on spork. Names it Gary.
  • ISFP: Draws a face on spork. Hates it. Throws away spork and tells no one.
  • ESTJ: Throws away spork. Buys a better spork.
  • ENTJ: Throws away spork. Launches a startup revolving around versatile kitchenware and makes a million dollars.
  • ESTP: Paints the original spork orange. Markets it as a "fashion spork" and makes a million dollars.
  • INFJ: But what IS a spork.

Baz relished in holding hands with Simon Snow.

Simon was never subtle about it—he would just grab Baz’s hand, wherever they were, and he rarely ever let go. He would swing their hands in between them if they were walking, would use his hold to pull Baz closer if they were curled up on the couch. He would kiss Baz’s knuckles whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Sometimes, it got in the way of things. Like when he was driving. (No more stick shifts.) Or during meals, so that Baz had to eventually learn how to eat using only one hand. (Sporks.) Or sometimes when he couldn’t reach up to scratch the itch on his arms or get rid of a loose lock that had fallen in his face. (Some strategic rubbing or blowing.) Or in the middle of a scary movie, when Simon would squeeze Baz’s hands until what little blood he had circulating in his arm had been cut off. (Excessive shaking.)

But Baz would let him, because he loved him. He loved holding Simon’s hand. Besides, this was the most they were allowed to do in public without making anyone else uncomfortable. And if holding Simon’s warm, calloused, beautiful hands 24/7 meant that he’d be able to maintain physical contact at all times… well. Baz couldn’t turn that offer down.

Simon never seemed to notice that he’d done it all the time. He found comfort in holding Baz’s hand, pride in the idea that he was the one who regularly warmed it, and he loved the way his slightly smaller hand seemed to fit perfectly in Baz’s.

And this: a tiny shock that starts in the first place of contact and slowly creeps up his arm. It’s hot, like a tiny fire spreading under his skin. And the electric feeling lingers for as long as their fingers are intertwined.

So when Baz finally asked Simon why he barely ever let go of his hand (not that he minded much, anyway), he smiled at him and told him the truth.

“Because sometimes I miss magic. And holding your hand is the only way I still get to feel it.”

And this: “Plus, I love you.”