use a blacklist

are you assholes gonna make me stop using google incognito bc i gotta use xkit so i can blacklist the word thrussy 

To all the hateful anons out there

There’s something called “Unfollow”. If you’re on mobile, it can be a pain finding it, but

It’s not as hard, is it? Please. Stop wasting everyone’s time with your jealousy. If you don’t like someone’s blog, then why do you take the time to go into their blog and send them a message? Seriously. It makes no goddamn sense. That is being petty. That is wanting attention so bad you have to make other people feel bad about what they love.

If people keep reblogging their stuff? Then use Tumblr Savior, Washboard. Blacklist them. Block them. That way you won’t see their posts again. There are a lot of options to stop seeing what you don’t want to see, but sending hate is extremely stupid and childish. 

Making someone feel bad, trying to make them stop doing what they love is selfish. It’s insane, too. No one has the right to make people feel like they shouldn’t be in a place, like they shouldn’t do certain things. So, kindly, fuck off anon.

elainemorisi replied to your post: jesus seeing people tag your orientation as a slur…

jesus christ


i mean, aside from all the “”discourse,”” i get that some people might have really negative associations with the word. i used to have a friend who was super triggered by the word because of personal experiences, and that’s cool, i get that, but i mean, if you’re tagging it, you’re working on the assumption that someone has and is using tumblr savior or blacklist or something similar. So why wouldn’t they just…savior the word they had a problem with? or even better, there are browser extensions that can change words. People use them for humor all the time (see: changing “millennials” to “snake people”). what happened to curating your own online experience in as much as you can? 

like, and if I were using it as a slur, i could see tagging for #slurs or w/e so someone would know that the content of the post is aggressive and offensive.

but me, calling myself, on my own post, about my own life and experiences, queer, is not a slur and jesus it’s annoying.

also, just…peripherally, i’ve been called “dyke” and “lesbo” and “homo” and “gay” waaaaaaay more often as insults but I don’t see anybody tagging those. (not that i want them to)

Stop censoring the words people are using to blacklist, you are actually exposing people to the word/subject you think you’re protecting them from. If rape is on my blacklist and you have an in depth account of rape and you used r*pe for everything, I WILL NOW BE EXPOSED TO IT because my blacklist DIDN’T BLOCK IT because YOU CHANGED THE WORD.


*inhales deeply* SO back in 2013, I made a shitty Ace Attorney PowerPoint so my bf could have context to all the shitty AA doodles I did. I’ve dug up this relic and decided to update it with all the hip and happening characters and plot. It’s spoiler free imo, except Mia, but it’s like known by anyone who has played past case 1-1, so….

AAI slides were done primarily by @doodleblah because I never got around to playing those and she loves them. Not everyone is on here because they’re just the characters I primarily draw so sorry von Karma, Kristoph, Dahlia, Fulbright, etc

unpopular opinion: a certain level of personal responsibility needs to be taken when using a site like tumblr. take the proper actions to protect yourself from things that trigger, quick, or just generally make you uncomfortable. be progressive about it. do not expect the rest of a website’s population to change and alter itself for your personal benefit because it will not happen and no amount of anon hate, harassment, and bullying behavior will change that (plus it doesn’t make anyone sympathetic to your side of things; it just makes you a colossal asshole)

Anti starter pack checklist (feel free to add)

✅ “you’re disgusting if you like this”
✅ “sweetie :)”
✅ under 21
✅ doesn’t know how to use blacklist
✅ “this is wrong and obviously im smarter than u so i have to tell u why ur wrong, ugh”
✅ “i dont care that youre a survivor”
✅ “relive your traumatic experience by telling everyone online or you arent valid”
✅ “kill yourself”
✅ “get hit by a truck”
✅ everyone is a racist
✅ everyone is a pedophile
✅ fiction = reality
✅ :)
✅ ;)


we had to break the locks / we fought our way up to the top / you can’t, can’t, can’t stop us / you can’t, can’t, can’t stop us / you can’t, can’t, can’t stop us / we’re here when?

we’re here forever

@ people who don't use tumblr mobile

Stop attacking fanartists/fanfic writers/etc who can’t tag their asks and/or put their sensitive content under the cut. We are trying our best with what we have and its not our fault we can’t do these things. Tumblr mobile is a scary place and for those of you who don’t use it, you wouldn’t understand the struggle. So just lay off thanx

Don’t be a turd. Tag your Mass Effect: Andromeda spoilers.

All right, it’s time for me to be a grumblebee! 

The early access for ME:A starts on March 16, which means Tumblr is going to be flooded with gifs, squeeing, updates, new characters, and spoilers. I don’t want to harsh on anyone’s enjoyment of the new game, but please be considerate as you play, whether you get early access or not! 

Not everyone will get to play right away, and not everyone plays at the same pace. Tagging your posts and putting major spoilers under a cut/read more will go a long way toward helping everyone enjoy the game! 

Just tagging something as “spoilers” isn’t effective. Something like “mass effect: andromeda spoilers” is much more useful! For reference, here’s my blacklist in XKit: 

I’ll be adding more as they crop up, but please, please, please be considerate of everyone else in the fandom, and tag your posts! No one likes being unwillingly spoiled, so please help everyone experience the game first-hand! 

Thank you all, and may we all get through this last week intact and ready to smooch the love interest(s) of our choice! <3

Wow, our February week was really great despite the late notice, thank you so much to everyone who participated, followed, and liked and reblogged our Valentine’s Day content. This blog has surpassed 500 followers and that number is growing. So as a treat, I will be hosting Tomco Week 3 in March! Rather than following a set theme, this one will incorporate a variety of prompts so we get varied content from day to day. After that whopper of a finale, I think we need some lighthearted content.

Day 1 - March 12 - Dancing

Let’s be honest, we all enjoy a good dancing scene between our favorite characters. So give our boys the time of their lives as they dance it out, whether it be at a club, or a party, or maybe even prom or a ball or something. Any kind of dance, any kind of song, up to you!

Day 2 - March 13 - Favorite AU

Got a favorite AU? Or do you want to make up your own? Either way, get creative and show us an alternate universe’s version of Marco and Tom getting up to whatever shenanigan you please.

Day 3 - March 14 - Cultural Appreciation

Marco and Tom have their similarities, but I’m sure they also have some major differences when it comes to how their people tend to do things. Let’s explore that, whether it be through the holidays they celebrate, the foods they eat, or even just how they tend to greet a loved one.

Day 4 - March 15 - Cosplay

Oh yeah. Marco and Tom are a couple of dorks. Look me in the eye and tell me they wouldn’t cosplay. Who would they be? Haha, that’s for you to decide.

Day 5 - March 16 - Magic Practice

Star is a magic user. Tom seems to have magic as well. Marco is definitely getting involved in magical shenanigans whether he wants to or not. Why not have some fun and try to learn some things himself?

Day 6 - March 17 - St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, of course I gotta do a prompt for this one. How do they celebrate it? Partying? Do they get drunk? Or do they just watch other people goof off while staying a safe distance away and gorging themselves on hot wings? Note: If there is any drinking involved, please use the ‘alcohol’ tag for blacklisting purposes.

Day 7- March 18 - Horseback Riding

A favorite hobby of mine (even though I haven’t done it in forever). Tom uses a horsedrawn carriage AND he’s a royal, you can’t tell me the guy doesn’t like horseback riding. Have him take Marco on a trail! Is Tom using a skeleton horse or a fiery demon one? Is he making Marco ride a similar one? How does that go? The possibilities are endless.

I’m posting this a couple weeks in advance and will reblog it in a week or so as a reminder. As usual, the guidelines:

1. Please use the Tomco tag on everything you post for a week. You may of course use main show tags, such as svtfoe and Star Vs, since they are from the show, but just make sure Tomco is also tagged for blacklisting purposes.

2. You may also want to use ‘Tomco Week’ as a tag as well, just to make it easier for me to find your work. I’ll be reblogging everything on the relevant days.

3. You may post entries early, they just won’t be reblogged here until the relevant day comes up. Feel free to shoot me a message but odds are I’ll like it so I can find it later.

4. If you miss the day, don’t worry. I will reblog them as soon as you get it posted. Again, shoot me a message if I miss it. I’ll be tagging things by day for searching purposes.

5. I’m gonna say that NSFW is allowed, but nothing too explicit, please. I’m not going to check ages but if you want to post more mature content, just make sure it’s got the proper tags. I do want this blog to be enjoyed by all shippers, and some may not want to see explicit stuff. Let’s keep it tasteful.

I’ll accept fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, videos, heck, songs, whatever you wanna share.

Have at it, guys! :D Depending on how this goes, I may do another in April. Can’t miss Easter now, can we? But we’ll see~


If that were the case, I would be a serial killer by now.  I was watching horror films since I was a toddler, and knew Freddy Krueger by name at age 4.

And yet, if I find a ladybug in my house, I carefully get it onto a piece of paper, and bring it outside.

These people are so fucked up.  Like, they have no lives outside of clinging to and living vicariously through cartoons, which is why they’re so obsessed with trying to control how other people take part in fandoms,and straight-up make shit up just to get their way (i.e., the false accusations of pedophilia and “abusive relationships” that have become such a problem recently) because they can’t wrap their brains around using the “block” and “blacklist” functions.  Just because you’re so fucking obsessed with fiction that you break down in tears when your OTP doesn’t become canon, that doesn’t mean everyone else is as screwed up in the head as you are, kids.


sliders y’all

anonymous asked:

i can't believe after five years of working together, josh flanagan was the one to Do That (or convince them to do that)

where lindsay and barbara tried and failed josh flanagan succeeded. third time’s the charm. he persevered through michael’s constant "gavin is ugly and has cooties” and it paid off. thank you, josh. thank you. he’s truly the hero The People deserve

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I agree with your review. TFP was disgusting and offensive. Just out of interest, though, how were Moriarty and Eurus queercoded and/or what kind of queer things were they saying? I just didn't see that. Thank you!!

I’m so glad it wasn’t just me who felt this way!! I went back to the episode to find the exact quotes on the queercoding side of things. First we’ve got Eurus, who has this interaction with Sherlock:

Eurus: Oh! Have you had sex?
Sherlock: Why do you ask?
Eurus: The music. I’ve had sex.
Sherlock: How?
Eurus: One of the nurses got careless. I liked it. Messy, though. People are so breakable.
Sherlock: I take it he didn’t consent?
Eurus: “He”?
Sherlock: She?
Eurus: Afraid I didn’t notice in the heat of the moment. And afterwards, well, you couldn’t really tell.

Here we have Sherlock, the hero, establishing a heteronormative, non-consensual narrative for what happened; Eurus wrongfoots him by queering this narrative. Throughout their conversation, Eurus is scaring him, setting him off balance, being cruel. This has been the pattern of their conversation so far. So when she introduces queerness, it’s implied that she is intending to have that same effect: of scaring, setting off balance, seeming morally wrong to Sherlock’s morally right. She explicitly states that gender doesn’t affect her sexual choices, which would usually be indicative of, perhaps, pansexuality - but it’s done in a way that’s frightening and destabilising both for Sherlock and for the viewer. Queerness is a trump card for her to play, here, another weapon.

Then we have Moriarty. Firstly, he arrives to the tune of I Want to Break Free by Queen - lead singer Freddie Mercury, “self-confessed bi-sexual”/ The joke in the song name is there, it’s funny, but then you pair that reference with what Moriarty says and things become a bit more nasty. There are two snippets for him:

Moriarty [apropos of nothing, speaking out of the blue]: Do you like my boys? This one’s got more stamina, but he’s less caring in the afterglow.


Mycroft: You’re a Christmas present.
Moriarty: Oh! How do you want me?

In the first instance, the words are being spoken to the head of the prison; in the second, to Mycroft. Both times, knowing Moriarty as we do, we assume that they are meant to frighten - since that’s kind of his whole thing whenever he talks at all.

Both of these villains use queerness to destabilise the “normal”, to take the good guys’ heteronormative worlds and twist them, add an edge of unexpected danger. Queerness is quite clearly written in TFP as something you shouldn’t do, something that is frightening to do, something you can use as a threat, something you can use as a weapon. This is never challenged. There is no positive queer narrative to counteract it. It’s not a bad thing to have a queer villain - but when both villains are explicitly queer and no one else is, that’s queercoding. It’s hugely damaging. When people react negatively to queerness for no reason they can put their finger on - when people tell you “it just makes them feel weird” or “it grosses them out” or “it makes them nervous” - point fingers at this. It’s this that solidifies the connection between queerness and deviance, queerness and dangerous mental imbalance, queerness and moral wrongness. And it sucks.