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Nino for the character thing!

OTP: Nino/The World 

BROTP: Nino/The World

OT3: Nino/The Cosmos/The Universe

NoTP: Nino/Misfortune and Harm

(Nino is, perhaps, the most shippable character on the show. Prime 100% USDA Grade A bf material) 

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Ok so, um, what if you wrote something that seemed like it shouldn't be sexy but it turned into some super hot smut? Like Kylo is an accountant and Rey is getting audited - and it's a long, hard process. Or Kylo is a temperamental chef and Rey is a health inspector - and she wants to see if his meat is USDA prime. Lol, I feel gross just having written those, but it's something to consider!

Bahahaha I love them both. 

“I’m sorry Ms. Kenobi, but this process can be long and complicated. You might want to get comfortable, we’re going to be getting to know one another very well as we figure this out.” -pops a button on his button-up- 

I’m dying. I love this idea, especially since it seems so unassuming? Sexy tax accountant sounds like a Halloween costume gone wrong but man, I’d love to see it in a fic with them

Thank you so much!

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Your Fave is Problematic, Bucky Barnes: Plays footsie with Sam but not with Steve at the breakfast table. Gets assumed to be Sam's one and ONLY boyfriend by EVERYONE they meet. Won't share the secrets of his thiccness with Steve.

-gives Sam back rubs better than Steve
-when Steve tries to kiss him he does the duck and it lands on his cheek
-uses his USDA 100% prime beef to pick Sam up all the time
-walks around naked at least 3 days a week
-steals Steve’s flannel shirts and has the nerve to look better in them

Human life, so delicate, so fragile. Easy to extinguish. I look for the freshest, the juiciest, the most tender. USDA prime, Grade A, low-fat, ultra lean. The one. I had to go outside to find them. Not anymore. The Internet… God’s gift to psychopaths. Are any of them real? I need someone real, someone who understands. Why do they lie? They’ll pay. One by one.