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this is messy nd disproportional af bt i havnt drawn fanart n frevr nd i needed to remedy tht asap

n e way this is 1 of my fave luks fr charlie nd it xists fr sch a short time

my naem furby!!!! i lik bein outisde and mewing like chewbacca!! i luv spooning wit mama and demanding pets cuz i luvv atenshin!!!! i usd to b anxius n nevr cuddle but nao i snuggl evry1!! mi fav fish is cod and i beg fur it whenever mama has it 4 dinnr!

Commissions are open! ♥

I’m still in need of money, and to make things simpler I will be doing these 2 types of commissions only (for now). This prices wont affect people who grabbed a commission slot before this post. 

-Payment method: Paypal or deviantart points.

-Prices are in USD.

-I can make N/SFW but that might increase the price.

-I do humans, humanoids, anthro, robots (as long as it isn’t that complex), irl people, oc’s, fanart, pairings, etc.

Please message me if you’re interested! 

(reblogs help a lot, btw)

Commission, Schmommission (VERY LONG)

Hey, all! We’re all settled in our new place, and while our finances are covered currently, we want to stay on top of it (especially with an oncoming doctor appointment that will take most of my money). So! While I look for work, I’m going to open some Commissions! These ones are standard (the special thing is going to take time ;) ) but I hope they interest you!

5 USD? We Love Small Things

Somethin’ small and very simple. This itself was a fun prompt to make a person from an object (in this case, a cute little stuffed chick with a hat!) 

15-20 USD; Sketches! 

Messy Bessies like so ^^^ are 15! Could be a couple diff headshots (up to 5 of one character) or some poses (up to 2 of one character)

Something a little nicer? Like so? is 20; same rules apply here!

40 USD; Pretend Traditional

Not much to say on these. They’re fun to do. :)

(also) 40 USD; Colors ‘n Things

I’ve cropped the second picture because of some sensitive content. But if you want some fun lines and such, these are for you!

30 USD; Outfits!!!!

Fun! I’ll do 3 outfits of your choice~!

I could go on, but this will go on FOREVER. If you’ve stuck around this long, thank you!! If you want something unlisted, IM me here, or on Discord (honeybead #8789) and we’ll talk! <3

I do Monsters, Furries, NSFW/Gore, and more! I can’t do mechs, and I’m poor at armor, but feel free to bring any questions or ask for some other examples! (I have an FA I can send you to if you like). Please reblog if you can~!

i only doodled this to try n get usd to drawin on a tablet again/on a completely dif sized screen since i FINALLy got a stupid usb port adapter fr this goddam laptop w its weird thunderbolt shit i hate macs

i wantd to practice shading as well bt i drew this whole thng on th background layer of course :^)

n e ways bak to th queue nd almost no art