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Pay What You Want commissions

i’m thinking of doing a few Pay What You Want commissions as exercises, and also because i’m a little short on cash!

they could look any type of way, i might use them for style experiments or color warmups or something, it could be a fully decked out piece, or they could be sketches. it’ll depend on the character/person, and how much you decide to throw my way! 

these’ll only be open temporarily, but if you’re interested, you can shoot me a line at with some refs, and if i’m interested i’ll give you my paypal! don’t be shy! this would help me out w/ money, and stretching my art muscles. 

there’s an art tag on my blog, but if y’all are too lazy, here are some crops from some of my past pieces for examples:


Eclipse lunar penumbral 2 by José María Arboleda C.


Sakura by walkkyoto
Via Flickr:
野平の1本桜と白馬連峰 Nodaira cherry blossom and Hakuba mountain range. Location, Nodaira, Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture.


Hey y’all! This month alone I had three hospital visits )): I need help, so I opened bust commissions again!! I also lowered my prices!! Prices start at 15 USD (simpe bg ) I draw things from ocs, to portraits to cats!!

(samples are from a bunch of cool kids who commissioned me on twitter!!)

please message me on my twitter!! If you can’t on twitter, please please PM me here on tumblr


Positano, Italy


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