“Dolar/TL'nin 2,80-2,88 bandına geri dönmeli”

“Dolar/TL’nin 2,80-2,88 bandına geri dönmeli”

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Cumhurbaşkanı Başdanışmanı Yiğit Bulut’tan yeni bir dolar açıklaması geldi.

TRT Haber’e konuşan Bulut, “Dolar/TL’nin 2,80-2,88 bandına geri dönmesi gerektiğini düşünüyorum” dedi.

Cumhurbaşkanı Başdanışmanı Bulut önceki açıklamalarında “”Hala kurda 2,80-2,88 dışındaki banda inanmıyorum, kurun bugün bu banda dönmesi gerek… Faizlerin düşmeye devam edeceğini düşünüyorum. Dolar/TL’de uzun süreden beri…

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The University of South Dakota beat Florida Gulf Coast 71-65 for the WNIT Championship, Saturday, April 2, 2016, DakotaDome, Vermillion, S.D.

I spent the game shooting/editing video, which can be seen here, but I was able to make a few frames of people tailgating before the game and some photos of players/fans celebrating after the game.

Argus Leader Media photographer Emily Spartz Weerheim put together a huge gallery here (some of my photos are in there, too).

©Joe Ahlquist / Argus Leader


Beresheet Hotel - Mitzpe Ramon by Moshe Ashkenazi Photography
Via Flickr:
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Disturbing Webbot News for Canada, America and Europe in Summer/Fall of 2016.

Looks like this Revolution will be Televised.

Some very disturbing news which is now making much more sense as we approach the end of May and start of June 2016.

A short summary of the Webbot from May/June 2016;

  • US Dollar rejection starts in Ecuador
  • An Island, perhaps Iceland or Malaysia becomes the centre of Gold backed Currency movement proxy system
  • A 500 year flood in the Indian subcontinent
  • A leader rises from Northern Europe that brings both peace and violence to the Europe as ethnic and religious based violence erupts 
  • Lots of weather based havoc across the globe
  • The rise of Bitcoin and precious metals will become undeniable
  • A bee apocalypse is on the way that will lead to food shortage and riots
  • A large earthquake in China that disrupts the financial markets
  • Systemic changes coming across many areas
  • Potential revolution in Saudi Arabia and the fall of the House of Saud
  • A flood of refugees from US heading to Canada
  • Bank failures start in Italy and then come to North American banks 
  • Credit based system will seize up and lead to rush out of paper

Just keep obeying and consuming like zombies in zombieland.


I am in need of some money, so I’m thinking I’m gonna sketch some things and keep tossing them up for sale, and if anyone is interested in buying one just message me over at #2995 on aywas. 

So, Sketch number 1: Chubby Fluffy lion with a marvelishous mane.

not sure what I’m looking for in price but maybe 10$-25$ish? or make me an offer, idk

This guy has sold =3 

also if anyone in interest in direct requests for sketches, on SCC [this lion being a good example] or even custom pet sketches [on aywas bases], also other sketches of say your favorite pet or OC, or what have you. 

Just contact me on aywas =3, [or if your not on aywas and looking for a sketch feel free to e-mail me at]

as per site rules, anything that’s done on site bases, will be sold through the commission system. 


#inline #roller #skates #usd #blading

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