LOCUS SOLUS - Ghost in the Shell-inspired wafuku shoot for the Lolita Memoires vol.II photobook. Bit more on the wafuku side than the lolita.

Model, makeup and styling by Sanakanin. Photos by Den Takahara.

  • blouse - offbrand
  • vest - ZARA
  • obi - Midori Sora
  • neneko (coat) - Maikenzero Fena of Ehsan Kimono Shop
  • skirt - Bodyline l325
  • underskirt - Little Dipper
  • pearl accessories - Carolina’s
  • black brooch, metallic belt, rings - antique/vintage
  • black tassel brooch - H&M
  • tattoo tights - MOGAO
  • hair accessories - KiraKira, ToxicKitty and Kawaii PH
  • shoes - vintage Rusty Lopez

My morning thus far
-dropped my bags off at the hostel I’m staying at tonight
-walked around pike place, so cool
-checked out the gum wall…also very cool, the whole street smelled like bubble gum (wonder why)
-found a vegan bakery and got a cinnamon roll the size of my face
-found a vendor with every fruit imaginable so I got to taste test some cool grapes and eat figs for the first time since summer
-walked to the space needle
-stumbled upon a st. patricks day themed race along the way
-walked to the waterfront and experienced mild astonishment at the sight of the mountains
-walked through the olympic sculpture park
-located a whole foods to charge my phone

And that was all in 2 hours…so much more explorin’ left to be done

Someone literally said they don’t ship WA becuz they love each other too much. See this is the shit I am talking about, some of ya’ll have watched too many CW shows where most of the couples are all toxic and unhealthy that now ya’ll believe that if a couple isn’t screaming at each other and crying every time they are on screen then it must not be “real love” or they are not the endgame couples cuz the endgame couples are always the ones that fight the most and have the most problems in their relationship. Do ya’ll really believe that real love should be like this? Like really? No, I would never want to be in a relationship where I am constantly fighting my significant other? That is exhausting and why would you want your fave to have to put up with that, and don’t give me the “it’s just a TV show” cuz most of ya’ll be really crying and hurt like it’s real, so. Like I’m just really tryna understand what categorizes as “real love” to some of ya’ll.