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hi! so i was wondering why management spent so long trying to cover up HL, but recently, with all the ex gf denials/changes in narrative rebranding stuff, it seems that a CO is possible? like is management finally realizing there's no point (and that they're stupid) in hiding HL, or are they using the CO as part of their rebrand? i guess i'm not really sure what mgmt's intentions are so was wondering what your opinion is! thanks :)

I hope we’re on our way to a CO. I don’t think it’s happening tomorrow or next month. I think it’s still a loooong way away, but I think we’re starting to see them laying the groundwork for it. If it’s while the band is together, I think it’ll be funneled to promo for a tour, or an album, or a single. As lovely as it would be to just let them CO so they can be free, 1DHQ is going to spin it to make sure they make money off of it. That’s partially why Coke didn’t get a Larry ad. Everyone can see the potential in the Larry market, and 1DHQ is going to capitalize on that for themselves when the time comes, and they’re going to hog those rainbow dollars. I could see them using it as a push for a rebrand and a different market, for sure. I just don’t know the timeline we’re looking at here. No one does. I’ll say that there have been obvious changes from the iron closet that we’ve seen in the past - Eleanor is gone, Harry’s image is being cleaned up in the media, and Louis and Harry are slowly but surely interacting little by little more and more publicly. But, I don’t know what the timeline is here. I mean, I’m literally more likely to correctly predict the weather in a country I don’t live in and know nothing about six months from now than where Larry will be six months from now.

Why I think the CO is coming soon...really soon.

There’s a well-worn phrase in the PR world that says, “Strike while the iron is hot.” Well, with all the recent cleaning up of Harry’s past “relationships” and Louis’ name being a regular in the media, the iron is bright fucking orange right now and my money is on a CO within the next couple of weeks. Here’s why I think this:

1. I don’t think they’ll wait until the July mini-break between playing in Europe and the States. They need their first several shows after coming out to be in places where they can expect 99.9% of the ticket holders to be supportive, and where better to test that out than on their home turf with shows in Cardiff and the Summertime Ball in London? From there they go to Europe, which is (broadly speaking) more supportive of gay rights than the States (overall). As an American, I’m sorry to say I think it’s too risky for their first shows out as a couple to be in the States; while we are making progress here, there is still a good amount of opposition and I just don’t think Louis and Harry would agree to put themselves in that vulnerable a position. With about a month between starting off in Wales and hitting San Diego, fan reactions would cool down and American fans who are intrigued by the story could seek out tickets from homophobic assholes who want to sell theirs.

2. I also don’t think they’ll wait to use it for new promo for the album. I think they’ll want to have their new fan base falling into place by then so they can better target their promotional dollars toward the audience that really counts. To do that, they’ll need to know very clearly who that audience is well in advance so they can plan accordingly and arrange promotional space/time in the right media. And as many others have pointed out, coming out that close to the release of the album could be offputting to older fans, who might think of it as a stunt.

3. They’ve got 12 days between finishing up in North America and heading back to the UK, but I think this is too close to album release time for the reasons I’ve mentioned above. The CO will have an impact on who their new audience is and I think they need time to plan for how they’ll reach their new fans. Also, the boys have said they think the album will come out sooner than usual (Sept/Oct), so that would leave a very short amount of time to adjust to the impact of the CO.

There you have it - pure speculation so take it as you will, but these are my thoughts.

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Even if the coming out doesn't happen soon, Harry is defo in a glass closet right now. I wonder if, in the event there's no CO, they're skipping over the southern conservative states (even Texas, which has huge stadiums that could rake in tons of $$$) to avoid incidents like the one in Chicago (and there was a show recently--Manila perhaps??--where people kept throwing things on stage trying to hit him) so that could be a factor as well.

Someone published a map a while ago that overlaid OTRA US concert locations on states that allow same-sex marriage and surprise, surprise, there was a very high correlation between the two. I’m quite sure that was not by accident. While Louis and Harry will nevertheless likely experience some backlash and negativity, it certainly seems smart to stick to places where at least the majority of voters have said they’ll have the boys’ backs. 

I think it also says something about whoever is running this show right now that they have (maybe? dare we hope?) put Louis’ and Harry’s personal safety above the potential dollars they could be making in places like Dallas and Houston.

Again, this is all speculation, but it makes sense to me. Thank you for your question - it’s my first ever ask on tumblr!

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Hi! I see around that people have started talking about CO scenarios again, which I like a lot because it means there's less stress and drama :) do you mind sharing where you personally stand at this point? How the most recent events in the break influenced your views? No pressure, of course, simply trust and enjoy your opinions!

Hi, love! I don’t have much to say because my opinion hasn’t changed much during the break, it’s only gotten stronger. I guess I’m Team May as long as there’s May left because I still believe everything is in the right place to do it now (I’ve always said that they don’t need to reach explicit interaction stages to do it and I still believe that) so I think it could happen at any time from now to the end of the year. The break has gone pretty much the way I expected it to go, I could have never predicted specific details but I feel like everything that is happening just fits the abstract mental image I had. It’s like we’re making this puzzle and I felt like I knew what the picture was going to be when we had 3 pieces so now that we have many more and the picture is clearer, I still see what I saw in Summer 2014. I don’t know if that made sense, I just feel like everything is falling into place and it fits what I had in mind so I haven’t felt the need to recalculate my opinions :) everything that is happening is equally expected and unexpected for me!

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Do You think Azoff would leave Harry and Louis free ?

I think the boys have learned a lot in the time they’ve been famous and they would make sure to avoid falling into another situation like the one they had with Modest. I also believe Harry and Louis have been banging at that closet door pretty aggressively for a long time so I think, given the opportunity to choose a new team, they would make some pretty specific demands to prevent history from repeating itself and I think a CO is pretty high on that list. There’s also the seeding and the changes we’ve seen (that I believe fall under the new team) plus the fact that it’d be a good move from a PR perspective so I do believe their new management (whoever that is) is going to let them come out.

real af hogwarts au hcs

  • beyond birthday is sorted into hufflepuff and decides its not nearly as badass and cool as the thing he was going for and he wanted to be in the same house as L so decides hes rejecting the unfair and arbitrary house system by not wearing a tie and sleeping in the trash
  • muggleborn!matt enjoys terrifying purebloods with his muggle technology
  • kiyomi runs a reign of terror. even the 7th year slytherin are afraid of her. several people camp out in the room of requirement when she and light are appointed head boy and girl. free them
  • for all of his 6th year light yagami was gone. when he came back in 7th year, refusing to answer questions, rumours begin to fly. some people say he was staying with the veela side of his family in japan. some people say he spent time in askaban or was learning the dark arts up north. l lawliet swears he heard him talking parseltongue one time
  • everyone thought L had died for awhile, until they found out the frog near always carried around was him. he was in hiding. hes an animagus. surprise
  • raye penber was a student found dead in the forbidden forest a few years back–most likely using the killing curse. since, he’s been hanging around in halls as a ghost, chatting to his former–now ghost–girlfriend, naomi. B chats with them often, and always asks them why they’re constantly following light yagami around. 

The Punisher

(2004) Rated R - 2hr 3m

Undercover FBI agent Frank Castle is devastated when his wife and children are murdered after witnessing a Mafia hit. So with nothing left to lose or to live for, Castle becomes “the Punisher” — a one-man judge, jury and executioner.

6.5/10 - IMDB || 29% - RT

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