Those who think Lego Batman is the appropriate way to ship Batman and Joker are fortunate. They will not experience gut punching, throat chocking from those pictures. Lucky for them.

In silhouette is Batman Knight of Vengeance #3, Flashpoint Paradox’s tie in. Next is Batman Arkham City End Game #1. This one is too thick with angst. 🙁 The last one is Batman #48. When you think you are ready with feeling, I assure you, you will not.

Safe and Sound (You’ll Always Be) by Rearviewdreamer

Length: 58k

“Hey, wait a minute. Where are you going?”

“Out,” Louis answers matter-of-factly, now tapping away on his phone. He sends off one quick text before getting to work on another.

“I thought you were going to rest for a while?” That’s what he said he was going to do anyway. Louis gives an unbothered shrug of his shoulders as he reaches the door.

“Hmm? Oh, yeah I changed my mind. I want to go shopping instead and then I’m going to get dinner with some mates.” He pauses with his hand on the doorknob. “That’s not going to be a problem is it?”

It’s inconvenient as fuck because Harry still has things he needs to do here, but it’s not an actual problem per se. He can always do them later.

“No, that’s fine, Louis. You can go shopping and out to dinner with your friends. Just not by yourself, remember?”

When a failed case and a guilty conscience leaves Harry more than a little lost, his boss presents him with a new, less taxing assignment to help him cope. An escape from all the madness is just what Harry needs to get his life back on track. It’s just too bad his new client has a grin like the devil, a pair of electric eyes that Harry simply can’t get over, and no intention whatsoever of letting him catch a break.

Ao3, Chaptered, Completed


We went to True Food Kitchen for dinner and everything looked good AF. I got a bowl with miso glazed sweet potato, tofu, peas, onions, greens, and some type of really good sauce.

Then as per danielle’s friend’s suggestion we went to an ice cream shop and on the drive I caught glimpses of the mountains in the distance with the sunset-y purple-y sky and guys holy shit this trip has solidified that I absolutely need to live in the mountains after college. Anyway, I got a waffle cone (heart eyes) with mint chip and we sat on a bench on this cute street with trees and flowers and then walked back to the apartment and just !! good vibes