usc shooting

After reading what people are saying about the shooting that happened, I wanted to say that it is never fucking okay to hurt someone because you are mentally unstable or disagree with their beliefs or actions.  It is not okay to hurt another human being unless they are attack you and you have to retaliate in self defense to protect yourself.  Mental illness is not a crutch to be used as sympathy.  This crime was committed by someone with a clear hatred of women who felt like the women that were killed deserved it.  Misogyny promotes a culture of violence.  Most people with mental illnesses (save from illnesses like sociopathy where violence is committed as means of satisfaction) do not commit acts of violence for fun and pleasure, but due to a belief that it’s the “final solution” to whatever troubles are occurring in that person’s mind.  

This violence was not committed by someone who was seeking a final solution.  This was committed by someone who saw the violence as deserved and necessary, and who believed that he “earned” the right to kill because he was a virgin.  That thought process does not come from a sick mind.  That thought process comes from years of inundation that women deserved to be punished when they tell you “no”.