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John Wayne when he was offensive tackle for the USC Trojans, c. 1926

Wayne received a football scholarship for USC after high school in 1925. He played on the team until his junior year when a broken collarbone due to body surfing made him quit and dropout of college.

“He felt his football playing days were over because of his bad shoulder,” according to Eugene C. Clarke, a USC trustee who grew up with Wayne. “So he did what he felt he had to do. He quit school and went to work at the studios.”

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Klaroline au, Klaus is the star quarterback at high school and Caroline is the nerdy girl who hangs out at the library all day, Klaus wants to ask her out but always gets nervous when he goes to ask her out and it takes multiple attempts for him to do it until she just asks him out instead.

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To Be or Not to Be

“You’re here to work not stare, Mikaelson,” Caroline chided, hitting his hand with her pen.


“That didn’t hurt you big baby,” she scoffed. “You realise that your literature paper isn’t going to write itself.”

“Tell me about it,” he groaned. “I thought you were supposed to be helping me, I mean you are my tutor after all.”

“If that’s your pathetic way of asking me to write your paper then forget it. I think you know my feelings on that.”

“Pretty please?” He pleaded, sending her his best puppy dog eyes. They were having one of their weekly tutoring sessions, seated in a far corner of the school library. Klaus had never spent so much time there, until now, not that he was complaining.

“I’m not one of your groupies,” she drawled.

“I don’t have groupies.”

“Oh, so who are those scantily clad airheads that follow you around, fawn all over you and bake you cookies before the big game?”

“It sounds like someone has been spying on me,” he quipped.

“You wish, quarterback. Now, that’s enough talking get back to work, I don’t have all day after all.”

Klaus returned his attention to his paper attempting to concentrate but it was a little difficult. Caroline Forbes had proven to be his undoing in so many ways and being in this close proximity was proving difficult. If he was being honest, all he wanted to do was lean across and place a kiss on those soft, pink lips that had been hypnotizing him for a while now.

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