“Two years ago,Walter Thompson-Hernandez, a researcher with the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration at USC, began a research project on “Blaxican” identity, interviewing individuals of African American and Mexican descent like himself. He thought it was important to share his research with audiences outside academia, so he started a project on Instagram called Blaxicans of L.A., capturing portraits of Blaxicans and their families.”


Officially became a USC alumna this weekend! But graduation wouldn’t have been complete without some ABGT 💕

Fight on forever, ❤️💛✌️
- welcometogrouptherapy

| photography by Madie Nguyen |


I am not new to this.
I’ve been doing it hasn’t been a minute where you stop and realized I’m farther ahead, with a lot new stress.
But your still the same stuck in your same ol sh*t.
This is who I doit for. #yeaijustquoteddrake

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Researchers clarify role of genetic risk factor in Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists at the Keck School of Medicine of USC have discovered that a protein known as PICALM regulates removal of toxic plaques from the brain, which could be a potential therapeutic target for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Funding: The study was funded in part by the National Institutes of Health (R37NS34467, R37AG23084, R01AG039452, R01AG035355 , R01AG027924, R00NS07743), Cure for Alzheimer Fund, American Cancer Society (RSG–13–379–01–LIB), Rainwater Charitable Foundation, Donald E. and Delia B. Baxter Foundation, and Daiichi Sankyo Foundation of Life Science.

USC 2015 Graduation! They look great in their outfits paid for by mommy/daddy. And, well, if you’re not stressing about paying back college tuition (mommy and daddy paid too), might as well look great! These four Chinese ladies are finally ready to look for a wealthy Asian guy to marry! Congrats!?🎉👏🏽


This Guy Thinks He Birthed A Basketball

Moral of the story: wear protective gear on the court or you might get basketball-pregnant.

USC CollegeHumor Webisode Contest Winners - ScubaGuyz!!

While I’m bitching and moaning, I have to say one positive thing.

I attended the University of Southern California, four years and an honors degree in History, with a minor in English.

They gave me a 100% tuition scholarship, guaranteed for four years even with tuition increases, with optional additional credits in the summer and/or for an extra year. (I didn’t need the extra year, but I did take two summer classes.) It would have been around 25k per year my first year, and over 30k per year my last year, and I didn’t pay a penny of that. I paid room, board, and books–partly helped by grants and work study; I had the best work study job ever, at the library reference desk–but I paid no tuition at all.

I loved my professors, had a wonderful faculty-in-residence at my dorm, and never had a moment’s difficulty with the financial aid office. (My dad actually wrote them a letter thanking them for being awesome–partly because my brother, equally intelligent and with a similar scholarship, had no end of difficulties with the Georgia Tech financial aid office.)

USC sometimes has a bad reputation as the University of Spoiled Children, or as a “football school.” But I had a wonderful time there. My professors were excellent (Dr. Nummedal! Dr. Knoll! If you are on Tumblr, hello!), my dorm was wonderful, my classes introduced me to the best things (Marie de France! Seamus Heany! Adrienne Rich!), and as a smart but poor kid I was able to not only attend but flourish. 

So. There’s that.