usb thumb drives

An informal language experiment

I heard a random language observation somewhere on the Internet: Regional differences are emerging in the anglosphere for the term for “a small data storage device you plug into a computer’s USB port,” even though they’ve existed in the mainstream for about seven or eight years.

Here’s an informal, unscientific experiment: Write a comment on this post stating which term you usually use, and specify roughly where you live. Choose from the following:

  • Flash drive
  • Memory stick
  • Thumb drive
  • USB drive
  • Another term (specify)
  • I know what this is, but I don’t have a specific term for it

I’ll get the ball rolling: I say “flash drive,” and I’m from Southern California. What term do you use?

He's not really gone: Tadashi x Reader

Alright guys, grab your tissue box, we’re going on a feels trip

Part one-Memory File:

“Come in!” You announce when you hear a knock on your lab room door.  Looking up from your circuit board you were currently soldering on, you watch as a young raven haired boy pops his head in.  You smile in greeting before placing your soldering pen on its stand. “Hey, Hiro!  What’s up?”  You had developed a sisterly fondness for the younger Hamada brother, taking up the responsibility with your other friends to watch out for him, as Tadashi would have wanted you to.

Hiro, though seeming to be in relatively good spirits seems hesitant to come into your lab.  “Hey (Name).”

Picking up on this strange behavior, you take off your safety glasses and step away from your work bench.  “What’s wrong?” you ask, getting concerned, as you walk toward him.

He glances away from you and scratches the back of his neck, “Uh, nothing really, I just…” his voice brakes off.  He reaches his hand into the pocket of his shorts before he pulls out a USB thumb drive. “I was going through some of the files on Tadashi’s computer when I found these.”  He holds the memory stick out to you.

You frown slightly and tilt your head as you reach out to take it from him.  “What are they?” you ask for more clarification, your heart starting to pound as your mind races with possibilities of what could be stored on the device.

“A bunch of video files. You know how Tadashi always liked to record himself when he needed to rant about stuff.  I found an entire folder of videos dedicated to you.”

Your heart skips a beat at that.  “To me?”

“Yeah.  The folder was locked, but curiosity got the better of me, and I quickly worked my way around that.  I only watched the first one, I swear.  I don’t know if he would have ever shown them to you, I think they’re all about stuff he was too afraid to tell you.  But, it didn’t seem right to keep these away from you.”

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