usb tan

When Mike Inel did draw with me it was probably one of the most moving things on the internet, it moved me deeply because it reminded me of a relationship where I was having trouble breaking through the wall as well.. Much like the boy of the video, I never did break through that wall. One might say I even lost a metaphoric arm in the process.

Ironically this video reminds me of the same relationship, and not just that one, all of them. For a long time I really thought I’d sacrificed too much.. but now I realize it was just the beginning of something better.

the inkopolis plaza experience:
  • inexplicable undertale drawing
  • furry drawing that’s just risque enough to be upsetting
  • oneyplays fanart???
  • “mom left us at best buy” and other recognizable miiverse posts if you played the first game on Wii U
  • a stick figure drawn by either a youtube eceleb or a popular porn artist that people are upvoting because they recognize the username
  • adventure zone fanart that makes you wonder just how confused the actual children playing the game are
  • one drawing from a child expressing confusion over all of the other drawings
  • “pixel drawing” from that USB cheat-drawing program
  • zone-tan reference because people have no sense of decorum in a children’s game
  • “memes,” hand-written