usb stick

loversidol replied: “Just one virus for you sweetie.” Shadow Rise smiled, putting in the USB stick and uploading the virus that made Aigis scan shadows as humans and humans as shadows.

“Malware found! Malware found! Malware Quarantined!”

The virus uploaded into Aigis failed due to her hard drive possessing Norton Security.

“Malware successfully terminated!”

Mechanical USB Key - Zebrano by ~back2root

This is a 16GB hand made custom usb flash drive. It is created from a relatively rare and beautiful exotic wood called ‘zebrano’. The top side has been decorated with recycled watch parts, it comes complete with a wooden lid, brass face plate and pocket watch chain. When plugged in the key glows red underneath the gears.

All the watch parts have come from damaged or irreparable pocket watch’s that have been hand disassembled and then combined to create a true, miniature work of art.

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