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TFA ship names as consumer product brands
  • Finnpoe - Swedish furniture retailer, huge in the catalog business
  • Stormpilot - mid- to high-end headphones (“Beats By Stormpilot”), currently experiencing a surge in demand in international markets
  • Poefinn - sustainably sourced frozen gourmet seafood, recently landed a profile in the NYT (feature photo: the CEO gazing soulfully out at an extremely blue Atlantic Ocean, dark curls artfully tousled)
  • Finnrey - has made old-fashioned kitchen appliances since the 1800s, currently experiencing a revival among Millennials thanks to hip retro designs and a savvy marketing campaign, has an AMAZING stand mixer
  • Reyfinn - hunting rifle manufacturer, recently got into archery hunting, not as well-known as bigger name brands but has been selling reliable gear since 1956
  • Jedistorm - FitBit knockoff, popular in China where young people have hacked them into becoming a strange new dating trend somehow
  • Reylo - athletic clothing line designed by an up-and-coming hip-hop artist with Yeezy aspirations
  • R*ylo - local DJ/producer hoping to hit it big soon, will be opening for Passion Pit this Saturday at your favorite dance venue downtown
  • Kylux - ready-to-wear wannabe designer clothing brand available at mid-level mall retailers, particularly popular among young, upwardly mobile white women
  • Reylux - a big box home improvement retailer’s in-store brand of light fixtures and accessories
  • Kypoe - athletic drinks, fortified with the latest trendy superfood appropriated from South America
  • Darkpilot - AAA cyberpunk video game, wildly popular despite criticism that it’s “too derivative,” already on its fourth sequel
  • Jedistormpilot - one single absurdly expensive coffee brewing machine, designed within an inch of its life, currently being shopped around to coffee shops that have just spent thousands on the previous fashionably expensive coffee brewing machine
  • Finnreypoe - USB and memory card manufacturer, quietly supplies for bigger name brands
  • Poefinnrey - Engineering/architecture firm famous for narrowly losing the bid to build a controversial new Olympic stadium
  • Poerey - charming children’s TV show, currently playing on the iPad of the child nearest you
  • Jedipilot - Fast-casual chain restaurant widespread in Europe (pronounced “jeh-di-pi-LOH”)