What I Keep In My Pencil Case:

  • Pencil Case: Really Useful Box (0.55L), it’s clear so I know exactly what’s inside (plus its useful for exams) and it’s super sturdy.
  • Sharpie Pens: I use these for what I call my “nice notes”, which I put into a collective notebook after my “chicken scratch notes” are completed.
  • Lecture Writing Utensils: Paper Mate Quick Flip Pencils, BIC Pro+ Ball Pen, BIC Atlantis Ultra Comfort Ball Pen,  I have a blue pen, a black pen, and a pencil, because you never know. They’re all super grippy, especially the blue, since I’ll be writing a lot during my lectures. 
  • Whiteout: because I make a lot of mistakes and when I’m making my “nice notes” I like to make sure there are no cross out lines or scribbles.
  • Sticky Tabs: for when i’m reading through my textbooks or notes. They’re also handy in my planner so I know which week to look at.
  • USB: I know I know, it seems old fashioned but sometimes they can come in really handy, especially if your having trouble accessing the internet. Mine is a 16 GB one but honestly it doesn’t matter. 

D.I.Y. Back to School Supplies ツ

Whether your just starting school or getting ready to start, it’s never to late to have some fun with D.I.Y. school supplies!  


Binder Dividers: 

Starbucks USB:

Flash Tattoo Notebook:

Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp

Shaped like the iconic Pac-Man ghost, this flashing lamp comes with a party mode that can make the color change sound-activated. There’s no reason you wouldn’t want to wakka wakka wakkaway all night with this cool light!

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Kinkoo 40W 6-Port High Speed Charger

It’s time for a power upgrade— throw out that tired-out power strip and swap in this family-size USB charger, packed with 6 high-speed ports. With a built-in control chip, Kinkoo optimizes each port to ensure the fastest charging possible for all your devices. The Kinkoo is made from high-grade and durable materials so you can rest assured it will continue to power your devices for years to come.

Dragon Ball Z Goten USB Stick

Use the instant Transmission Technique to transfer files over to this fun Dragon Ball Z flash drive. Simply pull Goten apart to reveal the 16 GB USB drive to store all your important data for the home, school or office.

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Charge your USB devices with the power and momentum of your bike!

This clever gadget transforms the momentum of your ride into ready-to-use power for your electronics such as iPhone, Android Phones, GoPro , lights, GPS, Bluetooth speakers and more.

The Siva Atom constantly charges your devices while you ride and you’ll have power off the bicycle with a removable backup battery. The Atom has the ability to charge the battery pack from a standard USB port from any source.

The unit installs in minutes and is ready to go right out of the box, offers very low rolling resistance and holds up to the waterproofing standard of IP-4.

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