I just really want USASF to stop giving so many bids out to American teams and give them more to international teams, you know, make it more WORLDS and less USA ft. Some Other Countries.

Worlds 2016 - my thoughts

1. Don’t sleep on the small gyms they’ll come outta nowhere, take your title, take all your money and your man too smh

2. USASF can’t operate in a timely manner even if their life depended on it

3. Oh and they can’t read either apparently #se10thplace

4. They did Reign so dirty. I’m so offended and I wasn’t even paying attention to Reign this whole season

5. Idk man cheerleading is too stressful. My throat hurts from screaming for BSB and my blood pressure is way too high.

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Dylan's dad's side of "Dylan's Story" Cheerleaders episode

This post is not directed at anyone here in particular but rather to state the truth, the facts so everyone can see the real way things played out & just how badly CA, Smoed team members & staff behaved & are clearly still behaving badly….disgusting.

As many of you know I am Dylan’s father, some of you may have seen my post the week Dylan left Smoed. I apologize for the length of this post & if it is a bit disjointed but I am really annoyed & there is a lot of mis-info that needs correcting. Yes, there are 2 sides to every story but the new episode I have just seen is more than loaded with absolute BS.

Dylan has remained professional throughout all this drama, the same can’t be said about his so called friends & coaching staff at Smoed. Regardless of age when you are on a semi professional sports team you should be conducting yourself in the appropriate manner as you are in the public spotlight. To say I am extremely disappointed in CA, the team (past & present) & staff is a massive understatement!
I made a statement here to clear things up at the time & also chose to remain silent about the real reasons he left. After seeing the episode ‘Dylans Story’ (which is not his story at all!) I will not remain silent any more!
The Cheeleaders show was only part of the reason he left. He didn’t mind the cameras etc but when the producers asked him about how his long distance relationship with his girlfriend was going (they wanted him to talk about it) & he told them that they had broken up the producers said lets just pretend you are still together & talk about it. Talk about a long distance relationship that doesn’t exist, really?! WTF? It was hard enough on him breaking up with his girlfriend & they wanted him to pretend they were still together just for the show, disgusting!!! And yes they constantly tell them what they want them to say to camera!

Eddie, Orby & several of the team (past & present) went to Europe & left the team to have tumbling practice only the entire time. The tumbling coach told Dylan he doesn’t need any tumbling practice, so what does he do? Sit around with his fingers up his butt waiting for them to come back?! Then there were more breaks while Eddie & Orby traveled around the USA.
Everyone on the team who had been there for more than a year was telling Dylan that Smoed had never had so many breaks…ever! Just how does that prepare you for comp? He tried to talk to them on a few occasions however they were always either 'too busy’ or said come see me at next practice & then were too busy or unavailable.
I had a lot of contact with Eddie prior to Dylan leaving New Zealand & was told the day he left that he would call me after meeting with Dylan at his first practice the day he got to California (Dylan flew 11500 kms/19 hours, landed in LA around midnight then went straight to the gym the next day after minimal sleep) The phone call from Eddie never happened!
Then Eddie continued to ignore every message, email & call I made to him until Dylan quit then he called me like 10 times in 6 hours. He was in panic mode! To not reply to my messages, emails & calls is just extremely rude to say the least. I don’t care how busy he was or who he is he should of replied. Not cool.

Then there was the issue of Dylan’s stunt group….his two female bases cut after camp & not being replace immediately. Then when they were replace it was with 2nd & 3rd choice bases that were just not cutting it & didn’t have the skills. This caused Dylan to have to 'carry’ his stunt group, doing most of the lifting & stabilizing of his flyer which caused him to injure both his shoulders (rotator cuff tears) which caused a severe weakness in his strength with constant sever pain every time he lift his arms above his head which he had to just suck up & carry on. This could of been a career ending injury had I not addressed it. (I have a background & years of experience in personal training & injury rehabilitation so I know how bad it was)

For Jessica to say that she was taken into Eddies office & told she was being replaced then blaming it on Dylan leaving is damn ridiculous! She shouldn’t of been there in the first place, she doesn’t have the skills.
Apparently being welcomed into the brotherhood 'for life’ means only as long as you are on the team Lol

I had to laugh at Eddies comment 'I feel like I did something wrong’ ahhhhh you did Eddie! Focus on the team, not traveling the world & USA promoting yourself! The height of cockiness & arrogance I feel. And then 'we don’t recruit from other teams mid season, that’s not ethical’ Lol Whatever! They have done exactly that in the past & this year too!
Dylan knew that they would never let him leave without a fight from past knowledge of what happened to Jenee & his room mate Tyler. That is why he left the way he did. Both Tyler & Dylan were the first 2 selected for the team, both world champions already (USASF & ICU) & both got nothing but high praise from everyone at CA….until they left then they both get slagged off. Leaving Smoed is like quitting a gang or the mafia, they will come after you if you leave on your own accord unless you are cut, kicked out or age out. The arrogance within the team is terrible. Everyone is nice to your face then totally the opposite behind your back!
I am sure Gabi leaving because she missed her family was just a feeble excuse to get out with being crucified. Then she starts cheering for another team a month or so later. When athletes of this caliber leave it should tell you as a coach that something is not right within the coaching staff and/or team, you do not go about attacking them & trying to destroy them!

There was also kids turning up to training high & the coaches knew & didn’t seem to care one bit! Very professional….NOT! Some have medical marijuana cards.

The one thing they got right in that episode is there was no one in the team as strong as Dylan when it comes to his all round skill level & fitness level. For months Dylan watched as others were throwing up during training, Eddie would push them all hard & Dylan wouldn’t. Then he started pushing them harder until Dylan threw up too & would then say 'now we are getting somewhere’. Dylan could handle anything that was thrown at him, no problem. Some of the hardest practices they had had Eddie commenting on Dylan’s instagram that Dylan did great 'Good job’ also commenting on his own instagram just how good Dylan was.
After Dylan quit Eddie sent me an email threatening to have Dylan deported etc, something he could not do. Tannaz also threatened not to release Dylan but in was still October not November so they had no hold over him. They were grasping at straws.
For the record I was the one who organised all Dylan’s visa documents & organised it all, not CA, not Eddie like he makes out. They did provide supporting letters for the visa application from themselves & the host family but so would any other gym! I spent 3 weeks living on 5 hours sleep working 17-18 hours a day fundraising & getting all the necessary documents together etc not them.

Everyone probably saw the twitter & instagram posts from past & present team members & coaches indirectly slagging Dylan off. And you probably saw Orby’s post about being called a bully, Dylan never called anyone a bully…that was me in my email response to Eddies deportation threats etc.

I am going to post a link to the emails, hate message pic sent to Dylan & Tannaz response. For the record there was never any apology as she says there would be in the email. I love how in Eddies email how he constantly mention that they are a 3 x world champion team, SO WHAT! Arrogance much?! Eddie wouldn’t know the high road if it bit him on the arse!

To say I am disgusted with the behavior from both team members & staff as well as the producers of Cheerleaders is an understatement. I have all the messages from twitter & instagram saved as screen shots because I knew they would delete them ;)

If anyone was stabbed in the back it was Dylan.