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I'm sorry I just can't agree with your saying the original anime has the best and least toxic relationships of UsaRu (Of course you're entitled to your opinion). I wouldn't say Crystal has the best, of course. I've never been big on the two. I kinda liked them in the manga, but tbh my fav is SeiGi (anime, not manga). He's a pedophile if we'r e being honest. And a rude, cold, horrible pedophile, at that.

Thanks for disagreeing respectfully!.

And to explain my point better, let’s see our three good sis handle the same situation:

Meeting Mamochan:

90s Anime: Doesn’t like him at first, actually kind of hates him, she has a crush instead on Tuxedo Mask. Their relationship goes slowly from ‘enemies’ to friends and eventually lovers.

Manga: Inmediately falls in love with him.

Crystal: Inmediately falls in love with him, puts him in the first place above everything else.

Non consent kiss at the ball

90s Anime: There’s no such thing.

Manga: Usagi gets drunk and Tuxedo Mask kisses her while she’s passed out.

Crystal: Usagi is exhausted and sleeping because she’s just fought the enemy, Tuxedo Mask kisses her in her sleep without her consent.

About needing Mamochan & being clingy

90s anime: She loves him in a normal healthy way. She doesn’t need him to believe in herself, to activate some new random powers, etc. Her friends are as important.

Manga: A bit more into the Miracle Romance than 90s Usagi but still nothing to worry about.

Crystal: She basically needs him in order to breathe.

Being unable to be with Mamochan

90s Anime: Queen Beryl kills all of her friends and then Mamochan. She leans to kiss him but suddenly stops claiming that it’s unfair since their friends weren’t given the opportunity to kiss their loved ones. She walks away to defeat Beryl like the boss ass bitch she is.

Their lips never touch. You can watch this flawless scene here on YouTube.

Manga: Kills herself because Mamochan has turned evil and doesn’t think there’s a way to bring him back.

Whoops I took a sword in my chest.

Crystal: Basically the same.

Me too girl.

As you can see, 90s Miracle Romance is the healthiest one. 90s Sailor Moon doesn’t kill herself because she can’t be with Mamochan, instead she goes out to save the world like any strong heroine would to.

The other ones killed themselves leaving the world at danger.

Also, she’s the least needy, clingy and her friends are as important as her lover.

So that’s why I say their relationship is the least toxic out of them all.