usap po tayo

“Kuya kuya, anong palan mo?”  this kid kept on shouting at me while I’m at the other side of the pool. I didn’t get what he was trying to say until I had the guts to went nearer him. 
“Hey! Ano nga yun?” I uttered with a very nice approach.
“Ano palan mo!?” He was smiling and it caught my attention. 
“Rein! Sayo? Anong palan mo?" 
"Hahaha!” he laughed and giggled. “Bry!”.
I really don’t like kids. But this kid really caught my attention. He kept on telling me stories that I really don’t understand, tho I was just listening to him until he finished a certain topic. He’s very loud, he kept on asking me questions and I’m just answering them with yes and no. He was smiling all through out our convo and it really mended my heart. 
“Kuya rein, bakit ang galing mong lumangoy? Ako takot kasi magswim diyan, lunod daw ako sabi mama." he keeps on telling stories with matching hand gestures and actions.
"Diyan ka lang ok? Wag mong aalisin yang nakasuot sayo.” And I was referring to his life buoy.
“Okay po! Usap ulit tayo ha? Wala kasing may gustong usap sakin, baliw daw ako.” he really looked down after he uttered this certain phrase.
“No! Ibig sabihin lang nun, masasama silang tao. Lumayo ka sa kanila ha?”  I really can’t contain my emotions after this.
“Opo!!” and a huge smile emerged. It broke my heart and my tears started to fell. He hugged me and I just can’t take it anymore so I said goodbye. At first, I already did realized that he’s just not an ordinary kid. Bry is a special child.