Of Sailors and Moons

GASP! Is this a continuation of Of Tuxedos and Masks? Yes. Yes it is. Still with these two dorks being silly and making out.

This thing barrelled into me and I couldn’t dodge it. I thank @soundofez and @ohbuckyyouresofine for parts of the dialogue from their posts here and here. Also tagging @tiny012 @serenitydiviness @usangie-tsukino because you guys died in the last one.

Dedicated to @runningoutofink, who told me to follow the lethal plot bunnies; @gabzilla-z, who drew gorgeous and funny ML as Sailor Moon art; and @peachpurin, who drew Marinette in double buns.

Reminder: the characters are 18, here. Innocent children, please turn around and walk out the door.

Of Sailors and Moons

He still doesn’t know where he got the energy—he’d been so ready to collapse into his bed just half an hour ago, and the stubborn determination to at least hear Marinette’s voice before he’s dead to the world was the only thing that allowed him to hold onto consciousness for a little while longer.

He knows where he got the motivation. Jealousy is a powerful elixir, after all. (And, yes, Adrien is self-aware enough to admit that he’d been jealous. Of a fictional character. So sue him.) But motivation and actual, physical, sustaining energy aren’t always the same thing, and yet, there he’d gone, bounding across the Parisian skyline, his veins pumping adrenalin fuelled by possessiveness.

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We need to make a Sailor Moon Fanfic drinking game using the different tropes that are used. 

I don’t drink but it would be entertaining. 

For example:

Take one shot if there’s a Sailor Sun, Earth or any senshi that is not canon.

Take one shot if there’s on OC that supposed to be the lost sister of  a senshi. 

Take one shot if Usagi somehow gets corrupted and turns evil. 

Take one shot if one of the senshi is either drinking or taking drugs. 

Take one shot if Mamoru turns to drinking if Usagi left him. 

Take one shot if it’s a AU with Rei being Mamoru’s sister.

One shot if Diamond or Sapphire being Mamoru’s Brother.

Take two shots if it’s an AU with Diamond being the main villain. especially if it’s supernatural) 

Take three shots if Rei and Luna being portrayed as the bitches.

Take four shots is Mamoru being portrayed as abusive asshole and Diamond as the knight in shining armor. 

Take four shots if Mamoru cheats or breaks up with Usagi and she ends up dating Diamond or Seiya.

Take four shots if Mamoru is being portrayed as a playboy while Usagi is the innocent wallflower. 

Take five shots if Haruka or Seyia being portrayed as men. 

Take fives shots if the senshi all turn on Usagi. 

Take six shots if Mamoru is cheating on Usagi with one (Rei), multiple or all of the senshi.

knight-of-tuxedo usangie-tsukino afallenblackrose  You care to join in?  Anyone that I’ve tagged can join too! lol 


usangie-tsukino knight-of-tuxedo trimmedarmour  chibisailor

 Attack on Crystal!! :-) 

When you have the same composer……