Prehistoric paintings in Phillipp’s Cave, Usakos, Namibia. Stone tools found in this site have been dated to 3,500 BCE.

This cave, 3km off the road, contains the famous white elephant painting. Superimposed on the elephant is a antelope (perhaps an eland), and around it frolic ostriches and giraffes. The Ameib paintings were brought to attention in the book Phillips Cave by prehistorian Abbe Breuil, but his speculations about their Mediterranean origins have now been discounted.

Adam Karlin, Botswana & Namibia.

Photos courtesy & taken by Geof Wilson.

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Hey guys! Sorry no updates for a week. I had a vacation planned that I had to keep on the down low because I was apart of a surprise for my best friend~ It was her bachalorette party and bridal shower last weekend and we live very far apart so some friends and I surprised her by me showing up. :)  The surprise was a great success and I had a wonderful time! <3

I am back home today but need to recharge~ @_@ I had a lot of fun but I am exhausted from all the traveling around between NY/NJ/CT~

Anyways here’s a project I finished a little before I left. :D She’s a dragonair done in custom colors at the commission;s request… AND SHE’S GIANT! She’s about 5 feet long and made with a plastic armature skeleton so she is extremely poseable! :D Hope you guys like her!! <3 She was a so much fun to work on!

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Reading complaints about Crystal!Usagi being obsessed with Mamoru (tbh Crystal *did* add to it, but it was their story either way), I thought, once again, how much the 90s anime watered down their relationship. There you get the impression that Usagi's trauma from seeing Mamoru sacrifice himself for her was more due to her crush on Tux, or the past life memories, than her being genuinely attracted to him as just Mamoru. On obsession: hello, episode 45; she falls for that Tux illusion *twice*...

Yeah Having her say Mamo-chan 29 times through episodes 9-12 when he was kidnapped ( 14 in episode 12 which is the only thing they wrote for that episode) was pretty obsessive..( She says it 48 times in season one while Usako was said 19 times.) I can’t deny that but in the 90′s anime she said it alot too.  It’s like with the 90′s anime you are honestly questioning do she care about him becasue he’s mamo or she cares because he TM? Since you never had a episode where a shift took place and you can say that she actual does care for Mamo before the reveal. In the manga and crystal it’s there and in PSGM it’s no shadow of a doubt that her crush with TM was gone and she was in love with Mamo. I’m going to even discuss her falling for the same trap twice in the same episode…. 

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