wondering how many of you would be interested in getting these screenwipe straps usable for anything that has a strap slot including certain cell phones, PSP, 3DS, etc. for $11 each one including shipping! Please PM reply to this post or send me an ask!
 I will be listing them as PREORDERS on my Storenvy if I do consider getting them. If I get at least 10-15 people wanting them I will order them. :) 

They will most likely be arriving in 1-2 months or so.


DRAMAtical Murder Kigus will be opening in the shop!

Currently, only Ren and Usagimadoki have listings as those are the ones we’ve made. If you’re interested in the others, send me a message on either the shops or here, and I’ll go over designs for your approval first.

If you message me first before placing an order, I’ll also send you a coupon code since this is the shop’s opening and first run! (:

They’ll be available on etsy and storenvy. If you encounter issues with the shops, let me know since they’re newly created. (Okay, hyperlink options aren’t working, so and