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Son and Brother, Husband and Father - apsaraqueen

Chiba Mamoru grows up.

This is– so perfect. This is SO perfect. I cried when Kenji and Mamoru were in the rain, and I cried when Ikuko was with Mamoru on the big day, and I SUPER cried when she gave him what she did, and said what she said. And this was just perfect. I could see all of it in my head playing out like a movie.

Thank you, apsaraqueen, for writing this.

Oh wow. Hey guys, let’s enjoy how literally from the first frame of this episode, THIS IS PAINFUL AS FUCK

It opens up, and my first thought was how it reminded me of a playground I used to visit all the time when I was little. It set an immediate tone, and a nostalgic one at that. We pan across slowly, taking in the rock wall where kids could climb. The benches where parents or guardians would watch and supervise, currently abandoned. The sandbox, with half-buried spades and buckets on their side. Play has been interrupted and the toys abandoned.

Then the slide, with Naru sitting on the edge. She’s folded over, as small as she can be, Hiding her face, hugging her knees. And there’s Usagi. The distance between her and Naru feels like it goes on for miles. She’s turned away and standing awkwardly, her school bag in front of her. Hovering. She wants to help, but has no idea what to do.

And these images are TERRIBLE. Before we even start, they’re spelling out for us the loss of innocence that is this entire arc’s emotional center. It’s safe to say that Naru has come here for comfort, or at least chosen to rest here when it all became too much for her. The contrast is heartbreaking. Naru, in this abandoned child’s place, wrestling with problems that no child should ever have. She doesn’t belong here, there are no answers for her. But then where does she belong? Naru has nowhere to turn. Her mother won’t understand, certainly not after Naru stole from her. Usagi wants to help, but can’t help seeing things though what Sailor Moon knows. Naru is completely lost, and the image of her crying at the bottom of that slide while Usagi may as well actually be on the moon is killing me.

And poor Usagi. I can’t imagine she’s ever really been in a situation where she couldn’t just hug a problem away. Usagi wants so DESPERATELY to help, but she’s caught. As much as Naru doesn’t belong in this playground anymore, neither does Usagi. She, too, is learning the hard way that the problems facing her now are so much larger than making sure you didn’t lose your spade in the sandbox. Usagi is Sailor Moon, she’s been given all this power, but when Naru is facing a real, adult problem that’s too big for her, all of Usagi’s power is useless.