“Ok so my older boys wanted to give this a shot. So here we go..maybe we can spread a little awareness about Type 1, invisible disorders and what these wonderful dogs can do. So Like, share, tag.. whatever you want, you know the drill :) If a little girl can get a million likes to go to Disneyland maybe we can get a few likes as well to show support for the kids and adults living with this disease. ”

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s/o to @jessicaaalynnee my only consistent #workout buddy since 2013. It hasn’t been easy, esp w/ working opposite schedules , balancing training , studying & those weeks where one of us is always in a bad mood (I blame hormones lol), thanks for keeping me focused & motivated , esp on those days I want to skip cardio. (everyday lmao 😂😭) #fitnessjourney #fitness #militarywomen #girlswholift #strongandsexy #fitspo #workoutbuddy #liftheavy #bodybuilding #motivation #inspiration #girlswithmuscle #usaf #usaffitness #dopemilitary #militarymuscle by launakmonet
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Everybody wants muscles, but no one is willing to lift the heavy weights.

This is Scott, he asked me for 50 cents just as I was leaving the 99 cents store. So instead of giving him 50 cents I took him back inside the store with me and purchased milk, granola bars and chips and lots of water bottles for him. As I purchased these items with him walking along side of me picking out things the manager asked me if he was bothering me and then proceeded to ask him to leave. I interrupted him and told him that the only person that was a bother to me was him and asked him to leave Scott and I alone as we continued our shopping. He did however dozens of people stared at Scott and I as we walked around together talking and picking things out for him. People were whispering and giving us dirty looks. After we went to the register together and paid for his items I got dirty looks and rude comments. Scott and I walked out of the store and he couldn’t thank me enough, he was just a man who lost his job and went through a tough time in his life causing him to become homeless. He may have just asked for 50 cents but what he got was a new friend and food from the store as well as food that I went back home and brought to him. Not all homeless people are losers as he said himself, they’re just people who never made it back on their feet. 💛 I don’t care if I get a ton of hateful comments or dirty looks for helping someone in need. That’s just the type of person I am, I believe in being someone that’s there for EVERYONE. He was not a bother to me and he never would have been, however the disgusting people that were so heartless and rude to us were.

So like a week or so (whenever I found out my ASVAB scores) I was crying to my English teacher and she told me something that I will never forget. She told me “Ronyce you’re such a strong and determined person. I have never had a student like you. You have such passion and determination and I know you will succeed once you graduate high school and you graduate BMT. Like you said ‘you have chosen to EARN the right to wear the uniform’ I know you can do it and I know you will do great things, you’re a true inspiration and a blessing”. Honestly a lot has been going on, I’ve been binging and not working out and I’ve just felt like shit. However I’m getting back on course and I’m keeping my eye on the prize.