Santorum fa una "trifecta"

Rick Santorum incassa la vittoria in ben tre stati: vince i caucuses di Minnesota (44,9%; Paul 27,1%; Romney 16,9% e Gingrich 10,8% fonte New York Times), Colorado (40,3%; Romney 34,9% Gingrich e Paul più avanti nel post) e Missouri (il risultato di quest'ultimo stato non è però vincolante per l'allocazione dei candidati, che verranno assegnati ad aprile - district coventions- e a giugno -state convention).

La partita su chi sia il vero conservatore rispetto a Romney (e, poi, contro Obama) tra Santorum e Gingrich è più che aperta, se si considera che in Missouri Gingrich non ha raggiunto i requisiti per essere sulla scheda elettorale. Non va poi neanche troppo bene a Romney, che addirittura in Minnesota scivola terzo, dietro Paul, con notevole distacco. In Colorado Gingrich e Paul sono distanti di pochi voti (Gingrich 12,8; Paul 11,8 - fonte New York Times).

Rick Santorum commenta su Twitter:

I don’t claim to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney; I stand here to be the conservative alternative to Barack Obama.

anonymous asked:

As a liberal Democrat who is a woman and is incredibly happy/relieved that Obama won, I don't see the need to be negative and belittle Romney and his supporters when I am so happy. Why spend time wishing misery on people? Negativity feeds on negativity. Just be happy!

i am happy but i have to take the time to imagine if romney had won and they were showing footage of ecstatic republicans and i don’t think they would deserve to be happy like that

but yeah youre right im being mean

Movies & Monuments

Now where did I leave off? It’s been a few days, my last update was about Sunday, it’s now Wednesday, about to become Thursday so I have a few things to tell you about. 

On Monday we departed Charlotte for Wilmington, NC. You may be asking yourself why Wilmington? Well I’ll tell you, it’s bloody awesome. It’s a really small city, only about a hundred thousand people live there, and it’s pretty much the picture of idyllic small town America. Also a bunch of my favourite TV shows and movies have been filmed there so you know my real motivation. 

When we arrived we checked into the hotel and went straight out to a nearby beach town called Wrightsville Beach. You will find it hard to find a nicer beach town, so pretty, awesome beach and the whole area just reeks of money. Also SO MANY HOT GIRLS. 

Anyway, we hung out there for an hour then went back to Wilmington for our night out. We ate food in one place then found a bar for me to watch the Raiders game. We lost, that’s all I have to say about that. But while we watched I got pretty wrecked on many different concoctions that seemed to mostly consist of a half pint of guineess mixed with a half pint of some other larger or cider. By the time we left we’d made friends, including one fine fellow named Dyson. I don’t really recall much of how we met him but I do remember him being a nice guy. He took us to another bar, where I believe there was karaoke but don’t quote me on it. We made some new friends there, including a lovely lady named Chelsea but then all the bars shut and we had to go home. I think I got invited back by an Irish girl but I was way too drunk to really comprehend what was happening at this point. 

So it was time to get a cab, while we were waiting for one Dan thought it would be fun to piss in public just as a cop drove by. That gave him a scare but fortunately he was not arrested. And eventually we got home and that was the end of that adventure.

The next day we wandered around Wilmington, I saw a few sights from some TV shows, including the riverfront seen in Dawson’s Creek and the place where they have the River Court in One Tree Hill - although the actual basketball court isn’t there anymore. 

After that we departed for northern pastures, Washington DC awaited! It was about a 7 hour drive so we got in late to our hotel and crashed before doing the sightseeing thing today. We saw the White House, the Capitol, the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial and numerous other things. It was a fun day, DC is a pretty place. I’d go back. 

By mid afternoon we’d had enough of walking so we piled back in the car and left for Philadelphia, or rather a cheaper place to stay just outside. Took us a bit to get here so we haven’t seen much. Tomorrow we have to give the car back so we have to be in New Jersey by 11am. We should just have enough time for me to have my Rocky moment on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art before we have to leave. 

Once we’ve dropped off the car we’re making our way into New York City for our last couple of days before flying home Saturday. We’ve decided to live it up for these last two nights and are staying in the Sheraton in Midtown Manhattan. We know how to live classy. 

Well, classy until we stumble back into the hotel at 6am not knowing our room number again. And if all goes according to plan that’s the best we’re expecting. 

Hollywood // 052012 (Part 1!)

Last week, we went to the Hollywood! And we walked around searching the tile of our favorite Hollywood celebrities on the Walk of Fame. I’ll post the pictures of the stars in a separate post.

That’s my Tita’s family, who accompanied us for 10 days in Lake Forest. Thank you so much, we had so much fun!

Magpipinsan. Since when we were young, we always treated each other siblings. We’re only nine in our circle of cousins that’s why we’re all close to each other. These three in between my bro & I have been here in the US for the past 10 years and so we always missed them in the Philippines!

We dropped by the Coffee Bean to chill out and have few drinks & pastries.

Hollywood– Seeing it in real life, I remembered the movie Friends with Benefits when Mila and Justin just sat and hang out on top of the letters like bosses. I wanted to try that, but it wasn’t tourist-possible. Haha.

We passed upon a accessories & petite shop and we saw this cute connector ring! And so my Ate/Ninang Gleyneth bought me this. Thanks!!!

Bro, Mom and I. Hehehe.

While walking, we saw Captain Jack Sparrow! He’s not really Johnny Depp but who cares, the man looked and acted like the Captain, so I didn’t miss the chance to have a picture with him! Yay!