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Psych Season 2 GIVEAWAY

So when I was trying to complete my collection of Psych seasons, I ended up with two copies of Season 2 because I spaced the fact that I already owned the season and it was just at home (I’m living on campus at school with a lot of my things still at home) so instead of returning it, I want to give it away since it’s one of my favorite seasons. It’s brand new/unopened. 

I know it’s not a huge giveaway (I don’t have a ton of money to drop on this) but I still thought it might be fun to do something like this.


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2. Write a post about why you like Psych, what Psych means to you, or how you got into Psych and share the post with me via Tumblr messaging.

The deadline for submission will be November 30th, by midnight PT. If you submit, you should be comfortable sharing their address with me, just so I can mail you the prize if you win. (I will not save, share, or send anything else to that address, I promise). You gotta be following me to be considered :)


All The Shots That USA Network’s ‘Psych’ Took At CBS’s ‘The Mentalist’

Psych still making the news! Take that, Mr. Robot. :P

there is a type of guy i occasionally see on dating sites i like to call The Shawn Spencer aka the protagonist of USA network’s original show Psych & for some reason i rlly feel like this encapsulates what this type of guy is  


James Roday - shown here with Maggie Lawson,  his real life partner and co-star from the USA Network’s Crime-Comedy, Psych - is 39 today, April 4, 2015

Born:  April 4, 1976