usa vs. sweden

USA vs. Sweden Drinking Game

Take a shot every time:
The announcers talk about Sweden kicking the US out of the olympics
The announcers mention Pia’s previous coaching of the USWNT
The announcers talk about Jill trying out new formations or “trusting the process”
The announcers discuss Mal Pugh leaving UCLA
Carli Lloyd yells at a ref
Becky Sauerbrunn saves the US’s ass
The defense is lost and confused™
Someone hits the crossbar
You miss Tobin Heath
The Swedish forwards get in front of the backline
Rose Lavelle makes you hopeful for the future
You wonder how difficult it would be to apply for a head coaching position

I know I shouldn’t be surprised but every 🙂 single 🙂 article 🙂 about 🙂 the 🙂 USA 🙂 vs. 🙂 Sweden 🙂 game 🙂 has 🙂 THAT 🙂 picture 🙂 of 🙂 Christen 🙂 as 🙂 the 🙂 cover 🙂 and 🙂 I 🙂 want 🙂 to 🙂 die 🙂🙂🙂🙂🤗