This is why Benedict Cumberbatch will never be on social media

Any Twitter accounts you see attributed to Benedict Cumberbatch are fakes. He’d like everyone to know that. The Sherlock star, now appearing in The Imitation Game, tells USA TODAY: 

I didn’t get in when the party started. It’s also just primarily time and effort. I find it hard enough in my day-to-day life to give myself a context that’s private or removed from constant observation.  I want to keep a diary so my grandkids can have it, but I have no interest in publishing it.

And folks, if you see him and his fiance Sophie Hunter having dinner, do yourselves a favor and don’t try to snap a picture while pretending otherwise. He knows. And he’s not amused. (Incidentally, Will Ferrell is another actor who doesn’t appreciate photographic invasions of private moments, like when he was having dinner with his dad and someone took a picture; Ferrell called him out on it.) Cumberbatch says: 

It’s such an insult to your intelligence. Come on guys, I do know you’re doing it. The funniest moment is when they forget to turn the flash off. The denial as well is always hysterical.

He rides a motorcycle most of the time to duck and weave. 

If you’re moving in the city, you can remain invisible. If you’re with someone else, not only are you protective of them, but it slows you down. You become more of a moving target.

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From my epaper copy


She’s very much like, ‘I don’t know if I can trust this person, but I would love to invite them into my world.’ She’s been burned a few times, as have I, but you want to be open, you want to love people, and now, ultimately, I’ve created incredible girlfriends through that.
—  Selena Gomez to USA Today on Taylor Swift’s openness