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Reclaiming Fitspo: Chris Mosier

Chris Mosier is an American triathlete, public speaker and LGBTQA advocate.

As young as the age of four, Mosier recognized that his gender identity and biological sex didn’t match. Although he started his marathon and triathalon career as a woman in 2008, he has since stated: “Competing as a woman, I thought about gender all the time, to a point where it interfered with my ability to be successful because I didn’t feel comfortable at races.” It wasn’t until 2010, when he began his transition, that Chris Mosier’s career truly took off.

Mosier competed on the Team USA sprint duathlon men’s team in the 2016 World Championship. They will be competing in Aviles, Spain, this June. Due to discriminatory restrictive guidelines concerning trans athletes, however, it is currently uncertain whether or not Mosier will be allowed to compete.

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