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I never posted these on Tumblr, sooooo oops. But remember that awesome Block B USA Showcase? Yeah, so here’s my fan account for running into Block B on the streets of DC!

My sister and I met them, were walking to the mall from the Metro. We literally turned a corner and almost crashed into Jiho and Yukwon, like chest to chest. LIKE ONE FOOT AWAY. So, then I kind of squeaked/whispered, “Block B?!?!” and they nodded and smiled (and Jiho kinda raised his eyebrows a bit haha). 

We were then standing about 15 feet away at this point, we had backed away after the initial almost-colliding-in-the-street-thing because we wanted to give them space and not have them think we were stalkers. Yukwon asked if we wanted to take a picture by making camera motions with his hands and beckoned us over. We walked over, and got pictures with Yukwon and Jiho! 

Yukwon was really sweet and kind of reached his arm around in front of me for the picture. And for my sister’s picture he took off his sunglasses. Then we asked Jiho if he wouldn’t mind taking one and he said sure! He took one with me first and he saw that I was nervous (much more so than I was with Yukwon) and he made this really adorable noise (kind of an “awww” or “ooo” sound) when he noticed I was shaking the camera and he kind of pouted like he didn’t want me to be nervous, but I think he thought I was going to drop it hahaha. He reached his hand up and held it with me to steady it!!! (DYING INSIDE AT THIS POINT) 

THEN. AND THEN. He decided that we weren’t close enough to get us both in the picture frame (I had kind of given him a lot of space - again, nervous). SO HE PUT HIS HAND ON MY LOWER BACK AND PULLED ME IN CLOSER. Aaaaand I still managed to cut myself out of the picture by a good bit. He ended up doing the same thing with my sister, apparently Woo Jiho is a touchy guy (surprise, surprise). 

Jiho tried speaking to us in Korean some and we indicated that we did not know much. We just thanked them for the pictures and the showcase (which we had attended the night before). The other boys came over too eventually, but we backed off and let them get on their bus (which is where they were headed in the first place) so we just got pics from farther away of the other boys. We just waved at them and they all waved back! Except when Jihoon walked by us he finger gunned me haha, and once he realized we were fans he made a sad face that he couldn’t get a picture with us too but motioned that he had to get to the bus.

Bonus: It was all kind of early in the morning and they had bare faces!

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[NOTICIA 140401] Block B difunde el K-Pop en la costa este con 3 fechas de tour en los EE.UU

El grupo de K-Pop llega a las áreas de Nueva York, Florida y Washington, D.C.

El grupo independiente Block B hará su tour debut con tres conciertos en los Estados Unidos en Junio. El grupo de siete miembros, visitará las áreas de Nueva York, Washington, DC y Florida en su recorrido “Showcase Live in USA”.

Mientras que el año pasado hubo actuaciones en las áreas de Nueva York y D.C. de compañeros como INFINITE y B.A.P, Florida es un territorio relativamente inexplorado en lo que se refiere a conciertos de K-Pop. Las Wonder Girls –quienes recorrieron extensamente los Estados Unidos de 2009 a 2012– son uno de los pocos grupos que han visitado el Estado del Sol. Block B actuará en el Fillmore de Miami Beach, que tiene capacidad para 2700 personas.

Pues ver aquí el mensaje que Block B mandó a sus fans:

Las entradas están a la venta en Ticketmaster. Los precios van desde $40 hasta $220. De acuerdo con el organizador de los eventos “Jazzy Group US”, todos los tipos de entradas excepto las de $40 dan a las fans el acceso a un evento “hi touch” donde los fans pueden chocar manos

Block B estuvo en el Top 100 del K-Pop por última vez cuando su desvergonzada canción dance “Very Good” llegó al Nº10 el pasado octubre. El septeto también se enamoró de sus fans estadounidenses cuando su primer álbum, “Blockbuster” llegó al Nº10 en la lista “World Albums” en 2012.

Fechas del Tour de Block B “Showcase in USA”:
Junio 22 - Westbury, N.Y. - NYCB Theatre en Westbury (6:30 p.m.)
Junio 24 - Washington, D.C. - Warner Theater (7:30 p.m.)
Junio 27 - Miami Beach, Fla. - The Fillmore (7:30 p.m.)

Fuente: billboard
Trad esp: jaddyus @ 7wannaB


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