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Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA by Lucia
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Victorian houses on Millionaires’ Row

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Name: Lee
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hello, I’m Lee.
I’d love to learn about different cultures and parts of the world. My hobbies are reading, writing, crew (rowing), and a bit of theater. I’d love to discuss life and any of the following:
-poetry, literature and books
-mythology, philosophy, and politics
-music - I enjoy many kinds of music and would like to exchange songs or playlists
-various musicals, movies, and tv shows
I’m passionate about the LGBT+ community, gender studies, and women’s rights so please be open-minded. I speak English, some Spanish, and a few words of Russian. It would be great to learn about different countries and cultures, but anywhere is ok.

I’d like to start talking through tumblr messenger or email, and if we get to know each other we could text, Snapchat, or snail mail.

Preferences: Ages 15-18
Open-minded please


you asked me what i wanted once before, and i told you. and then you told me i couldn’t have it… but now i can.

                               - p e a s o n  s p e c t e r  l i t t -


W. Eugene Smith
Untitled: Selected Images
[village scene; woman running through palm trees, rain], 1954
Gabon, Lambaréné
[audience; three musicians with fiddles in the front row], 1947
USA, Asheville - Gelatin silver prints.