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The Redux collection of modern wooden vintage cars by Candylab

Candylab is the Brooklyn based company, that created an awesome range of modern little wooden toy cars, with the style, vibe and character of vintage muscle cars and other iconic American cars. now they created a new collection, the Redux collection. A series of four iconic American cars, that is a must in the home of everyone who has passion for vintage cars and child, or at least a strong inner-child. You can find it here on Kickstarter.


Mad Monster Party?

130 in x of animated feature film history
Release: Mar. 8th, 1967
Country: USA, Japan
Director: Jules Bass

“Baron Boris von Frankenstein achieves his ultimate ambition, the secret of total destruction. He sends out messenger bats to summon all monsters to the Isle of Evil. The Baron intends to inform them of his discovery and also to reveal his imminent retirement as head of the Worldwide Organization of Monsters. 

Frankenstein’s plan is to hand the position and his secrets over to his nephew Felix, a young pharmacist with no knowledge of monsters. Frankenstein’s assistant Francesca wants the title for herself, and she plots with Dracula to take out Felix. Over time, Francesca develops feelings for Felix, after he unknowingly saves her multiple times. Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, and the Monster’s Mate descend upon Francesca, who summons “It”––a gigantic gorilla ape reminiscent of King Kong––who captures all the monsters as Francesca and Felix escape. 

Unhappy that the monsters had conspired against him, Frankenstein drops his secret formula, destroying the island and everyone on it. 

The film was created using Rankin/Bass’ Animagic stop motion animation process, supervised by Tadahito Mochinaga of MOM Productions in Tokyo, Japan. Mad Magazine creator Harvey Kurtzman penned the script (with writer Len Korobkin) and Mad artist Jack Davis designed many of the characters.

In addition to the famous monsters seen in the film, Mad Monster Party also features several celebrity likenesses. Boris Karloff and Phyllis Diller’s characters are both designed to look like the actors portraying them, while Baron Frankenstein’s lackey, Yetch, is a physical and vocal caricature of Peter Lorre.

Mad Monster Party was one of several child-friendly projects Boris Karloff lent his voice to in his final years. It was his final involvement in a production connected to the Frankenstein mythos that had propelled him to stardom some 36 years earlier.”




Haven Lounge Chair by Revolution Design House

the designer of Portland based Revolution Design House have challenged them self to do their own modern interpretation of the classic lounge chair. The result is this beautiful Haven Lounge Chair called creation. A minimalistic combination of powder coated steel, White Oak wood and Jade colored upholstery. The color of the wool upholstery can be changed the customers desire.


6/2/17 | 2/100 Days of Productivity 

Today was mostly focused on Spanish. It’s been rainy outside which always makes me feel lazy, but I was still able to get a few things done c:


Beckman bird feeder by Shift

Beekman is the minimalistic approach to all the needs of a bird feeder by the Philadelphia based Shift studio. It is a simple to assemble aluminium sheet construction, that is completed with a walnut rod and a braided cord for hanging. It is available in white or yellow.


June 14th, 2017

Spent this afternoon working on flashcards for the permit test. I know I’m a lil old to still not have a permit/license, but later is always better than never. Shout out to everyone else going through life at their own pace, I’ll always be proud of you!! 


I’m so stressed at the moment. Deadlines are approching and I haven’t done half the work necessary. I’m spending my Sunday studying and I guess it’ll be good !
I hope you’re all feeling satisfied with yourselves !

ID #99801

Name: Aaron
Age:  15 (16 in September)
Country: United States

I’m a trans boy from Virginia! I’m the team captain of a FRC robotics team! I’m also in a production team for Visual Novels. Soon I’ll begin studying French! I love shows like Criminal Minds, The Magicians, and Tiny House Hunters. I’m interested in robotics and engineering. I’m hoping to study abroad next year in the Netherlands.
I’m interested in a pen pal because I don’t leave the house often and I think that having a pen pal would be a wonderful networking opportunity.

Preferences: No one above 25
No females under 15


Cabin pendant lamp by Visibility for Good Thing

This Cabin called pendant series is inspired by the shapes of a space shuttle cabin. The New York based Visibility Studio designed the lamp so that the frosted hand blown glass emits a diffuse light to its surrounding, while the opening at the bottom casts a bright spot. Good Thing, the producing company, offers this softly shaped piece of illumination design in a warm rose color and a colder white version.

June 27th 2017

A lil late but here’s last week’s spread. I finally had a photo I could use, so I based the entire week around it lol. Meanwhile tomorrow’s my permit test and I’m nervous about it. Wish me luck!!