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So I have no idea about the quality of the product or seller (or if there is a good seller elsewhere) but the 10 in 1 Spinner and Fidget from Incredible Science looks super cool if it's good. It's basically a fidget cube in the shape of a tiny remote (which seems like a v good size and shape) and it also works as a spinner!

[image description: two 10-in-1 fidget toy/spinners on a white background. The toys look somewhat like a garage door remote control, being a black oblong shape fastened to a round, black metal ring attachment. The left fidget, working from top to bottom, shows four round blue buttons, a notched-edged spinning wheel sectioned into six pieces numbered from 1-6 with a small upwards-pointing arrow at the base of the wheel, a black roller ball and two blue plastic gears. The right fidget, also top to bottom, shows a round blue spinning wheel, the reverse side of the crimped wheel with words written in each of the six sections, and two ridged blue push switches.]

Anon! Thank you so much for sharing with us! I’d seen knock-offs of these toys around before, and there’s a post in the queue, but I hadn’t seen conversations about the original version of the toy or its original name, so I’m grateful for the nudge in the right direction.

The Stick Spinner is listed at $14.95 USD on Incredible Science. I can’t tell if there’s international shipping on offer, as the shipping info page takes me to the customer returns page, so non-US folks who are really excited by this item might have to send them an email to inquire.

For folks who are looking at this and struggling to figure out how this works as a spinner (like me), there’s a YouTube video showing this toy in action.

(It’s kind of loud, there’s annoying-to-me background music, the captions are auto-generated and the presenter takes three minutes to get to the point of demonstrating the toy. Seriously, skip to the 3:00 mark.)

There’s already knock-off versions available: check out this one for $5.26 USD on Amazon (does not ship to Australia, so probably North American only) and this listing for $4 AUD on Wish.

(The search terms “fidget spinner two in one” seem to get me the best results if you want to check out other vendors; “10-in-1” and “stick spinner” got me nothing.)

After checking out the video, I’m feeling the need to want to try this one out myself. This looks like a lot of fun for stimmers who want a multipurpose stim toy that doesn’t weigh down pockets or bags and includes a spinning component.

Again, thank you so much, anon!

- Mod K.A.

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I'm USA based, so I don't know how far-reaching the craft store Michael's is, but I found a variety of slow-rising squishies for $1-3 dollars. It should be a fairly inexpensive stimulation for those on a budget who have access to this store!

Squishies! In an offline retailer!

I’ve said before, I think, how odd it is that squishies hadn’t made it to offline stores, since … well, they’re awesome. I am so glad, though, that there’s now a source for folks who can’t purchase online, even if only US folks. If one store starts, usually the rest follow, so I consider this a good sign for international folks as well.

I couldn’t find a listing on their website. However, while I was searching, I did find an amazing selection of stimmy keychains, silicone spinners ($5 USD) and rainbow 7-point spinners (also $5 USD). I’ve shown the silicone spinners below:

[image description: three tri-shaped rounded-end spinners made from silicone with white circular central caps. The top-most spinner is light pink with streaks of white, yellow and blue; the left-hand spinner is green with streaks of blue, yellow and turquoise, and the right-hand spinner is light blue with streaks of red and purple. All three have a mottled, marbled effect.]

Note: I wouldn’t recommend chewing on the silicone spinner. There’s no listing about safety information, meaning the silicone could contain BPA-containing dyes. This is for folks who like the tactile feel of silicone, not for folks who want to spin and chew.

Thank you so much for letting us know, @afrostycatblr!

- Mod K.A.


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